This is where the major houses of Rheadan and Taniford can be located. For more detailed information, click on the links for each house to go their own page. It should be noted that there are small vassal houses in each kingdom, but for now these are the only only houses that are open for application.

The North

The north is ruled by the Kingdom of Rhaedan, it's ruling house of the same name. Named after Prince Rhaedan Eikeren, the kingdom of Rheadan boasts a hardy people, known for their array of ore mines and survivability, held to order by it's ruling patriarchy.


House Rhaedan

The ruling royal house of the Northern half of Eikeren. Ask any true Rhaedan and they will tell you were it not for the Corsair incursion they would have won over the Tanifords and brought the two Kingdoms back together under the rightful King. Rhaedan is known for the exquisite weapons the produce as well as the matching warriors. Pride borders on arrogance yet both the men and women can back up their words.


House Riedel

The duchy of Rhaedan was the forefront of the Eikerenin Civil War, with the lion's share of the battles being fought on their territory. They are known as proud, boisterous people, fierce in a fight, and always ready for a tilt — in the lists, in a drinking hall, or in the political arena. Their hatred for the people of Taniford is legendary.


House Auldholme

The Iron Lords of House Auldholme are disciplined and controlled. Some might even call them uptight, but anyone who would do that has never seen one of their Festival Days. They make excellent arms and armor, and their heavy infantry is considered the best in Rhaedan. They are loyal to the core.


House Westmark

Coastal Barony of Rhaedan. The majority of Eikeren's naval trade comes out of Sipdon, Westmark's seat. A younger seat by most accounts, they bought into their wealth through trade and expensive wines. Known for conspiring against each other and jockeying for positions within Rhaedan, the Merchants of the West are not beyond employing any means to getting what they want.

The South

The southern half of the continent is held in check by the royal House Taniford. Someone expand on this.


House Taniford

The ruling royal house of the southern part of Eikeren, having settled their base in the Citadel. Someone expand on this.


House Varghem

From their castle at the top of the highest hill outside of the town of Wolveshire, the Duchy of Varghem rules the Eastern rolling hils and farmland. An old House, since before the split of Eikeren, like it's animal namesake, family is very important to them. They're also one of the southern Houses with the most balanced military forces, able to provide the weight in any shield wall of Taniford forces.


House Lohstren

The county of House Lohstren is a considerably old House in comparison to most. It is settled in the topmost region of the Southern mountains, and claims much of the foothills and plains as its own in an area known as the March. Its seat is the Summit Halls of Estermarch, nestled in an alpine valley. Once the ruling tribe of Horse Lords, it still maintains a rather aged and old world demeanor. Still rooted in their equine heritage, some of the best stocks of horses are bred in the March and their cavalry is unsurpassed.


House Sollinger

To the far west at the port city of Tharnham lies the isolated House Sollinger. Commanding Eikeren's largest navy, Sollinger is a house of pragmatic workers, who tend to keep to themselves than be occupied with the political affairs of the rest of the kingdom. Which tends to be noticed more than their urge for exploration, rather choosing be outside than in discussing matters that they feel have little impact on them.

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