How To Obtain An Icon

Each icon is a representation for characters and their house. To create an icon, click one of the links below to be shown that base icon. You will place your picture in the gray spot and using Gabriola (click to download this font), you will write your character's given name in all caps, in bold, in white text in the colored nameplate. Please do not exceed 20pt font. The file shall be as follows: '<Bitname>_icon.jpg' Do not forget to start with a capital letter.

You can also place a +request to staff with a link to your picture and House, and we will happily create one for you!

Rhaedan Riedel Auldholme Westmark
Rhaedan_icon.jpg Riedel_icon.jpg Auldholme_icon.jpg Westmark_icon.jpg
Taniford Varghem Lohstren Sollinger
Taniford_icon.jpg Varghem_icon.jpg Lohstren_icon.jpg Sollinger_icon.jpg
Ellowe No Affiliation Temple Staff
Ellowe_icon.jpg NoHouse_icon.jpg Temple_icon.jpg Staff_icon.jpg

If you would like to download the full template png file, click here. Note, this file can only be edited with programs such as Fireworks or Photoshop. It is only recommended that people familiar with using frames and layers create their icons with this file.

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