GoK Wiki Help

A How to Guide for the Game of Kings Wiki

This is just a quick little how-to on how to do some of the standard things that players of Game of Kings might want to do around on the wiki. If there is anything else you'd like to see some step-by-step instructions for on how to do on the wiki, please do not hesitate to submit a suggestion via the +request system in-game.

Before doing any of these things, you will need to make sure that you have created an account here on Wikidot and put in a +request in-game with the account name in order to get access to edit/create on the GoK wiki. Once you have done this and are logged in with your account, proceed on-wards!

Step by Step on How to Create and Add a Scene Log

Step by Step on How to Create and Add a Memoir

Step by Step on How to Create and Setup a Character page

How to Create a Character Page

Adding Images to a Page

Updating the Character Box

Filling out the Background and Character Features Sections

Filling out the On the Grid Section (Or Tabs and You!)

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