IC Board Posts - April 2013

IC Board Posts for April 2013

For those wealthy few
Author: Roltoff
Post Date: 04/17/13

Perhaps you've seen the young man, sporting combat leathers and quite a few weapons upon him. Perhaps you've seen him at the Clam, or the Duck having a drink or getting some food, perhaps out in the woods Gathering supplies or hunting game. Well meet Roltoff your newest addition the the lakeview community
This young man is a sellsword, what is that you ask, well put plainly he's a independant fighter, who works for whom ever can pay his wages. Those being men and wemon of wealth and power. He works out a contract for the individual and in doing so is bound by said contract until the employeer decides to cancel it or should circumstances negate the rules of said contract. So if your well off and in need of an experienced blade to cover your assets then please find this man and hire him.

The Most Awesome Cure
Author: Krea
Post Date: 04/24/13

Do you know, that a young talented girl came to the Laketown? She dwadles the streets with a giant dream to implement her father's wish, that his daughter follow his feet and become an honourable knight. But she knows about the world's cruelty. For this reason she just asks: Do you like to get into troubles!? Wounds decorate your body as fancy embroidery adorns gown of the lady? Or maybe the Four Guardians abandoned you and strange diseases knock on your door too often? I know the best cure from this curse. It is me! There is no such wound, that I can not heal! My mother was very well know healer in the town Brivey. She gave me all her knowledge. You can trust me to you and your people health. I will not disappoint you! So, don't miss the bus to spend your money wisely by hiring her! If you are interested, just look for a thoughtful creature in the shadows of the street.

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