IC Board Posts - August 2013

IC Board Posts for August 2013

Nice Try
Author: Regina
Post Date: 08/03/13

Rumor starts with a trickle leading to a mass rush from the mouths of Guards searching the Southern homes and business as to why. Word of spies in the form of Prince Stefan and a certain invited lady as his courier are found on every tongue of the south. Rumor would have the pair meeting in the inn and the poorly disguise Prince attempting to hide his identity none too well. Could this be true? Why would the Prince need be in disguise unless it is for the purpose of spying? And what of the invited Lady of House Auldholme not reporting this straight away?

But one must ask what of Lady Cassia? Sir Alek? And most, Princess Niniane? Will the bargain be fulfilled now that the North has sent a spy? Is it too late to undo what Prince Stefan has set in place with his willful disregard of Southern law? Will Lady Cassia and Sir Alek find themselves set out of the South without their Princess or perhaps worse, taking up new residence in the dungeons?

All that can be for certain is the Queens recent bounty placed on the discovery of the Prince and any information to be found at 5 gold pieces is a sure hit with the commoners in Wolveshire and Lake Town. And those in Wolveshire as guest of the Queen? All three are rumored to be commanded to separate private audiences with the Queen to determine their roll. Innocent or guilty, matters little. The return of the Northern Princess lies jeopardy at the hands of her Brother and those who were trusted with her protection. Who will turn on whom?

Pearls Before Swine
Author: Regina
Post Date: 08/03/13

A recent visitor to WS brought an interesting propsal before the Queen of Taniford. An exchange. Or rather marriage. An offer of Prince Stefan to marry one of the Queens favored ladies of the South. The response was swift from the Queen liking it to casting pearls before swine, a rose for skunkweed. Other words were spoken, laughter was heard and the Queens words of Lady Cassia were clear. While Princess Niniane and Sir Alek are free of guilt, Prince Stefan and Lady Cassia are not. As such a edict has been issued to bring Lady Cassia to the Queen and further restricts the Lady from leaving WS with or without her Princess.

Author: Breac
Post Date: 08/04/13

Around all the towns and hamlets, in every village of Rhaedan and to Laketown as well parchments are put up and they carry the sigil of Rhaedan and King Breac himself.

Be it known on this day that after deliberations with Duke Neal Riedel and Count Myrik Auldholme I, King Breac Rhaedan, announce the betrothal of Sir Sammel Riedel, Heir to Duke Neale Riedel and Lady Victricia Auldholme, daughter of Count Auldholme.

The marriage date will be set by the families but it will be with in 60 days and will be held at Brivey Castle. This marriage will join two noble houses and strengthen both of them as well as their ties to the Kingdom of Rhaedan. Let all rejoice at this news!

Signed by my hand this date
King Breac Rhaedan

Grimson Arms: Grand Opening
Author: Johan
Post Date: 08/06/13

Guild criers, merchant word, and notices around Laketown, and neighboring settlements send word around of the opening of a new forge in Laketown:

Anyone who has wielded one, or has been wounded by one, can tell you there is nothing to match a Rhaedan forged weapon. Now, they are available in Laketown! Master Weaponsmith Johan Grimson has moved his operations from Rhaedan to Laketown at the Guild's behest and will be taking custom orders for everything from throwing knives to battle axes, service weapons and ornamental.

The grand opening of Grimson Arms located in the Craftsman Quarter of Laketown will be held Saturday, August 10, 1329. From the time the doors open at noon, until they close at sundown, any commision will recieve a ten percent discount. A raffle will also be held among those who place orders have their order moved to the top of the list, and done at cost.

The Northern Brigade
Author: Paule
Post Date: 08/09/13

Rhadeans and Tanifords,

For many years, along the northern most expanses of the Rhaedan frontier, there has been a border patrol that is made up of both Rhaedan and Taniford men and women that protect the border of the kingdoms and are prepared to lay down their lives not in defense of Breac or Regina, but because if there were to come a threat from Ellowe, they would be the first line of northern defense of both of kingdoms. I have recently completed a tour of these defenses, not as a member of the Rhaedan court, but as a man, a father, and someone that is uniquely qualified to check such perimeters. I share my findings with both Taniford and Rhaedan as a reminder that we are both to be concerned with the continued threat from the East. Such defenses existed before Darrin and Kerilyn's treachery. And they should continue to exist. I ask that both the Taniford Queen and Rhaedan King allow this join cooperation to continue to exist. In light of the recent order of the Queen and King recalling all troops, I request that for these men and women that this request be withdrawn. It is not because Rhaedan cannot replace the Taniford troops that leave the northern frontier - but because those of the northern frontier are trained in the threats of Ellowe and have the best chance of defending both Kingdoms and will continue to be a stalwart of defense and a reminder that there can be cooperation despite the current circumstance.

Count-Palatine Paule Westmark

A Princess Returns
Author: Cassia
Post Date: 08/12/13

A few days past, and without usual fanfare for the threat of war has soured the stomaches of common folk and nobles alike, Princess Niniane Rhaedan returns to the North. Her small cadre, consisting of companion and appointed escort, Lady Cassia Auldholme, and her Royal Guardsman, Sir Alek, followed her dutifully across the bridge and into Norther lands.

The Iron Lord's heir, Sir Augustus Auldholme, was on the other side of the bridge to receive the host and welcome them back to the North. Sir Augustus came with a 20 man detachment of Ironclad knights, and a 10 man detachment of Malgrave calvary, to see the Princess and her escorts across safely and to see the Princess safely to her family.

There was no issue, no need for any man to bare steel, all in all it was a fairly dreary and solemn affair. Quiet, to say the least, and happily uneventful. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come, or perhaps it's the calm before the inevitable storm. Time will only tell.

Author: Azrael
Post Date: 08/17/13

Word has begun to trickle in, out laying homesteads have been raided, everyone found dead. All signs point to Corsairs. But would Corsairs be so brave to actually attack half way to Laketown up the Rothim river? But the signs are not mistaken, so the word says, it has to be corsairs for the attacks are both on Taniford and Rhaedan lands.
— Azrael —

A Wedding!
Author: Victricia
Post Date: 08/18/13

In a beautiful ceremony beneath sun kissed skies, Lord Sir Sammel Riedel, Heir to the ducal estate of House Riedel and the Lady Victricia Auldholme, chosen Ambassador of Prince Jerric Rhaedan were married today, with the Mother Superior herself presiding over the union.
In a stunning move that shocked many of those present, the Lady Riedel nee Auldholme not only pulled off the ceremony without a single scandal until the end, at which point she took on the surname of her new house - Riedel. While there was some bluster over it and the gossips still speculate wildly over the reasons for the hasty marriage, it could be said that the pair shared a kiss that held no small hint of passion, which may add fuel to the fire.
While friends and family joined them for the celebration, it's noted that the pair were…only slightly late to the feast that went as well to mark the celebration. But showed up in good humor and in easy comfort with one another.

Author: Sammel
Post Date: 08/20/13

Word is out in Laketown and beyond that Sir Sammel Riedel has demanded honorable satisfaction from Sir Xander Lohstren. During the Horse Race that marked the start of the Festival of Altheara, the Lohstren knight brazenly and publicly insulted various persons of the North, King Breac and more personally Sir Sammel himself. Rather than be drawn into a tit-for-tat, as the insulted party Sir Sammel instead declared that he would give answer by action rather than word, by means of sword and to the ultimate conclusion. Though Sir Xander fled the scene with his Lady Companion of the day without answering, a public notice was given that if the Lohstren knight does not answer to the call, he will prove that cowardice runs thick in Lohstren veins. That the boy is no true knight at all but instead a disgraceful blemish on the name of whoever made the mistake of tapping his shoulders. The gauntlet has been thrown down and the only question is whether Sir Xander will keep on running.

— Reply by Xander at Tue Aug 20 14:48:34 2013 —

When approached about the challenge from Lord Sammel, Lord Sir Xander Lohstren only replied, "Sure, if he wants to issue a challenge, go for it. As he issues the challenge, I will chose the weapons - bows at paces. He can let me see his skill at the Archery contest tomorrow and decide at that time if he wishes to carry on with this foolish folly."

Author: Breac
Post Date: 08/30/13

Riders have been sent far and wide from Rhaedan Castle. Even a special envoy was set to Taniford and a letter delivered to the Queen her self. Notices were made and now hang in every town, be it from the smallest hamlet to the largest of towns. The message written by King Breac Rhaedan reads:

Be it known that on September the 14th of this year Crown Prince Jerric Rhaedan shall wed the Lady Guinevere Riedel at Rhaedan Castle.

Everyone is invited to this Royal event and those of the Southern lands shall be granted safe passage through Rhaedan so that they too may attend.

The wedding will be followed by a grand feast and then for one week there celebrations, feasts, contests and other merriment. There will also be a Tournament the likes of which has never been seen.

By my hand
King Breac Rhaedan

Kharnas Is Come
Author: Ravos
Post Date: 08/30/13

"I have seen the signs of the Arch-Fiend," A lone priest howls through the streets.

"Right here in Laketown!"

"IT walks in the guise of man. IT walks in the flesh of woman. IT wears the appearance of innocence. Yae be not dazzled by the vagaries of this phantasm, for it is illusion. Nothing more than the worn robes of a specter, easily discarded as one might toss away soiled garments."

"I name IT thus, Kharnas! Vile Fiend, you have made your work in Laketown. You dare sink your fangs into the Temple? The Covenant will stand against you. Cloaked in the infallible armor of Bornas we raise the shimmering sword of righteousness borne in the crucible of Ravas' flames."

"And. We. Cast. You. Out."

"Be not afraid, Laketown. For though the Choas has broken upon the shore, it shall not break us. The wild men come to sow the seeds of corruption, but Kharnas is not of The Four, and his cleverness pales in the light of our Guardians' protection."

"So let us stand together in these times. In the times of the Fiend. Let us stand before the mark of the vile. The 'X' in the stone. And smash that sigil with the hammer and the chisel. For what we make today is an everlasting house. A temple carved in stone, bound in temperance. A place where we shall come together as one people of the True Faith and by our bonds shield each other from the iniquities within our hearts and the wickedness cast upon the world as dispersions in the name of that Foul Fiend. That wicked thing. Kharnas!"

The priest lowers his green hood, revealing a young, pale face.

"These be not rumors. But the Truth. That all men should come now to tithe before The Four. Ask for a fortified heart. And seek the guidance of the Covenant. Come. Come now."

"Only justice can protect you from the injustice of the Foe. Kharnas can dress in the skins of man, loved ones, children. Only the righteous can know his sight. Only the righteous can withstand his vile summons. Only the covenant can protect you when you have not the means to protect yourself from IT's treachery. Do not let Kharnas take your shape. Steal your heart. Destroy your immortal spirit, born to be reborn through all time. Come to the Covenant."

"Come to the True Faith before Kharnas comes to you."

"Come and SUBMIT to your Temple."

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