IC Board Posts - July 2013

IC Board Posts for July 2013

A Lohstren Decree
Author: Eldrick
Post Date: 07/04/13

At sunset of the fourth day of July, A herald carrying the Lohstren banner emerged from the castle Wolveshire before a solemn nobleman on horseback, who made the following proclamation in the Estermarch tradition:

"Before you stands Sir Eldrick Lohstren, Lord Protector of the March.

On behalf of Count Dedrick the Lord Equis, be it known to all and sundry that the Lady Collette, who had been my sister, is henceforth regarded as traitoress to Lohstren and Taniford.

She is hereby disinherited in the eyes of Gods and Men; stripped of all claims to the Lohstren name, deprived of all noble rights and lineage, and forsworn as traitor by all true subjects of Her Royal Majesty Regina Tanisford, long may she reign.

Thus do I declare on this, the fourth day of July, in the year one-thousand three-hundred and twenty-nine. Thus let it be written, and thus let it be done."

Chosen Defeat Bandits!
Author: Darrin
Post Date: 07/07/13

In other recent news, the so-called bandit king of Rhaedan and his men were soundly routed by a group of Temple Chosen and Rhaedan nobles. Captives were taken, hostages rescued, but it seems the leader has escaped again. What does this mean for the future? Noone knows, but the Theives Guild is insistant that they had no part of this Bandit King and that they are innocent of any association with them.

Laketown Circus and Tournament
Author: Darrin
Post Date: 07/10/13

_ _
/\ \| |:::\::;.. Hear Ye Hear Ye! .,;::|::::\::;.. ;:: \::::\::; The Annual Laketown ..,;:: ``` \::;,… ..;:: |::;. Circus and Tournament ;::|
… ..;::/
.. Tournament Prizes ..;::/
.. ..;::/
.. Archery: Altheara Bow .;::|
.. ..;:: \::;.. Battle Royale: Choice of ..;:: \::;.. ..;:: \::;.. Ravas Dirk or Full Plate Armor .;:: \::;. .,,;:: _\::;;.. Joust: New Mount from House ..;;:: /::::::\::;;.. Lohstren ..;;:: l:::::::l::;.. …..;::l
l:::::::/::;;.. Enjoy the Circus, Zoo and other ..;;::/
\:::::/::;;,… events too! June 12-20!!! ;;::/
\::/::;;,……. ..,;;::/

Tournament in terms of North and South
Author: Whatever
Post Date: 07/12/13

Howdy folks this isn't written IC because I am silly and rushing!

So since there is tension between the north and south (obviously) the northern people have taken over the Blue Duck Inn while the southerners have taken up at The Drunken Clam. These are just general sleeping arrangements and by no means are to limit your RP outside of these establishments. This is just meant to give the south and north separate areas where their enemies would not be.

Of course I am fully expecting someone to try and disguise them self and sneak in, in this case I fully expect a disguise roll and those in the room who wish to roll it versus perception. However if it is a private room in the Inn, then if you are asked to leave, please do so. Of course entering the wrong establishment while not in disguise, you can fully expect to be asked to leave since Laketown has requested both regents to respect their neutrality. Going against this without valid reason you can expect to be in trouble ICly with your respective regent.

Thanks folks and please try and enjoy the festivities!

~Whaty What

Southern Borders Closed!
Author: Morla
Post Date: 07/29/13

By order of our sovereign, Queen Regina Taniford, effective immediately the Southern Border is hereby closed officially to any and all citizens not of the South. Any unknown person seeking passage between to and from the Southern Kingdom is hereby required to submit proof of citizenship and identity through guild registration papers or property deeds.

In accordance with her earlier decree ejecting all citizens of the North from our fair borders (bbread 18/19), any unknown Northerner found still in residence shall hereby be subject to incarceration pending charges of potential treason, and subject to judgment by Queen Regina, herself.

Any and all business establishments and homes are to be swept for Northern spies and any Citizen bearing witness to any strange or unusual activity or persons is requested to make a report of such to guards of the patrols.

By royal hand and seal, in the name of Queen Regina Taniford, thy will be done.

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