IC Board Posts - June 2013

IC Board Posts for June 2013

Letter to Duke Wolveshire
Author: Paule
Post Date: 06/03/13

An official missive posted around Westmark and delivered to Wolveshire:

Duke Pawel,

During our recent visit to Wolveshire, my daughter, the Baronet Coriaria, was poisioned through her clothing. While the Baroness and myself appreciate the threat that you percieve in our daughter, the future leader of Westmark to have taken such a mesaure, we also demand retribution for this action. It was in your Duchy this attack occured while under your promise that all foreigners will be protected. If this is how you treat the Baronet, I can only imagine how you are treating the Rhaedan royalty you currently hold hostage.

So. In retribution and payment, I demand that you provide one of your sisters, either Lady Carisse or Lady Prada for betrothal to Lord Castor of Westmark. If this is not acceptable, then I imagine you will find a proper land or monetary payment to make in order to recover for the attack on the Baronet Westmark.

We look forward to your response.

Paule Westmark
Baron of Westmark

Two Armies Finally Meet
Author: Samwell
Post Date: 06/03/13

The Taniford Army has finally assembled, for first time in many years. The Sollinger ships helped part of the Lohstren Cavalry to arrive, while the rest marched East as soon as the banners were called. The Taniford contingent in Wolveshire was escorted by a moderate force from the Varghem men-at-arms, and a second battalion has been deployed from the Citadel.

The gathering has occurred in no other place than Laketown. But they are not alone.

Surprisingly enough, another army has joined them. A northern one, and it is said they follow Sir Augustus Auldholme as their leader. Prince Stefan himself has been seen among them.

Rhaedan and Taniford united. Side by side. Who can be the common enemy who was worth of such unlikely and powerful fighting force?

About the Rhaedan and Taniford Armies
Author: Samwell
Post Date: 06/03/13

Good day/night,

I want to do some little clarifications about the troops that have been deployed. Perhaps you have already noticed it in the IC board, but if you haven't, I will point to +bbread 18/7.

1) First, and most important: All players who want to join any of the armies (Rhaedan or Taniford) are free to join. More than that, you all are very welcome to do so - be it with your chars, your alts, or the provisional alts Whoever is giving to those without a combat-ready character.

2) As of June 1st, both armies have gathered in Laketown. When they move a pertinent IC post will be released, so the involved characters can act accordingly.

3) Though I (Samwell) will have some busy weeks, I will be hosting scenes for those in the troops. But everyone is encouraged to do the same and RP freely to enrich the situation, conflict, and the overall development you want to achieve with this TP.

4) If you want a visual reference to the movements to this day (June 1st), you can check this map: http://i.imgur.com/umn5aYl.jpg

5) Feel free to contact me via pages or +mail for any IC or OOC question about it. I will be happy to help and I will do it as soon as it is needed. For any question or suggestion that involves the TP, you can contact the game staff. They rock. No flattering intended.

That said, enjoy the ride and I hope to see many players in there. :)

A return letter…
Author: Pawel
Post Date: 06/04/13

A reply is deliveredA back to Westmark by the courier they sent to Wolveshire, who looks slightly beaten up:

Baron Westmark
Let me start by telling you that your attempts to get your son married into a better house are admirable. But, as you should know, trying to do it by outrageous demands and lies are not the way to achieve such goals. If what you say about a poisoning is indeed true, I offer to do my best to find the one responsible if you supply us with more information about the incident. And I also wish your daughter a swift recovery. But to think you can bully us into giving your son a better future without providing any evidence of what happened is not just an insult to my intelligence, but to your own as well, Baron Westmark.
I would also like to mention that your current course of action would make you seem a bit desperate to get your son married off. Might I suggest you try asking the Lohstrens or the Sollingers if you want him to go to a House in the South, since those Houses might be more willing to take the Head of House's desperation to their heart, after all.
As for that alleged poisoning, might I suggest you look to your own family for the culprit? After all, which House is known for most usage of poisons and similar deeds, when they lack the power and strength of certain other houses? Perhaps a disgruntled cousin, or something like that?
But in the end, as I am a man of patience and reason, I offer to invite your son here to see if any of my precious sisters would like to get to know him better. Which would give him the chance, at least.
I hope that this letter finds you and your family well, Baron Westmark. And I wish you luck in your continued hunt for someone to marry your son off to.

Pawel Varghem
Duke of Wolveshire

A Westmark Response?
Author: Paule
Post Date: 06/04/13

It's not in words or letters that the Westmarks seem to be acting these days. Instead, it is heard that the Baronial family is preparing to return to Westmark. In advance of their return, already caravans of merchants are being called to the border and shops being set up hastily to sell supplies and comforts to the armies of North and South as they are being marched around. If anything, a Westmark merchant knows how to make a quick coin or ten off of a threat of war.

Off of the coast of Westmark, at the small island only known as Maiden's Point, a Corsair warship captured during the siege has been floated into position. Oddly painted in Sollinger colors, and flying similar flags, small units can be sighted in the dark of the night practicing boarding and war cries ring out in the night of the war games that must be happening. Large trees are being felled in the woods just inside the coastlines, picket spikes and anti-ship blockades being set up as Trebuchet practice occurs during the day and night, with the flaming shot lighting up the sky in colorful fireballs before they slam into the water with large pillars of steam.

Signal fires flash and flare during the night and long closed coastal forts start to come to life again, watching warily over the waters as Sipdon prepares as well, the entire Barony gearing up for.. something.

The Army Leaves Laketown
Author: Samwell
Post Date: 06/07/13

The drums of war resound one more time. The armies of Rhaedan and Taniford have left the city, but no longer divided as two different Kingdoms. They are bound by battle wishes and victory dreams.

The Stilltha's Dagger, the fast vessel property of Cap'n Syd Stormpride, has joined some of the Sollinger ships traveling north. It is said that Sir Augustus Auldholme, Lady Prada Varghem, Sir Peronell Savage, many mysterious people of the Faith, and the infantry of the joint army, are aboard.

Riding through land, the commander Prince Samwell Taniford has leaded the cavalry out of the town. But by his side another Prince can be seen. None other than Prince Stefan Rhaedan.

The remaining ships of the Sollinger fleet have moved to take defensive positions. Reinforcements from the northern Kingdom, as a second battalion from the Citadel, are moving as well. Through both North and South there is one song that is heard, and no one can stop it. The drums of war resound one more time.

About the armies after Laketown
Author: Samwell
Post Date: 05/07/13

Good day/night,

The ongoing TP keeps moving, and now the army has left Laketown to engage the common enemy of both Realms. Though it is surrounded by natural mystery, I will do my best to enlighten it for the players, as best as I can.

1) The army is not anymore Taniford's or Rhaedan's, but a joint force of both. Your characters can know it ICly, since it is of public knowledge, and many soldiers may have been spreading the word across Laketown, and from there to the rest of the Kingdoms.

2) There are two groups traveling to the North. One leaded by Augustus and Prada, traveling by sea, and another leaded by Stefan and Samwell, traveling by land. RP will happen in the following days in both of that groups as they move.

3) If you want to join any of them, and you couldn't attend the scene in which the split happened, you don't have to worry. There is still the chance of getting your character involved. All you have to do is talk to the staff members and they will guide you through the process.

4) RP, yes! The group that is traveling by sea is aboard The Stilltha's Dagger, captained by Syd. You can find a general description of the ship in the first part of Syd's story (http://gameofkings.wikidot.com/syd). Feel free to interact with the NPC crew, and if I (Sam/Syd) am not online, don't hesitate assuming Syd is wandering around or sleeping. If you have any question about it, don't hesitate to page or +mail me.

As for the ones who are traveling by land, they are guiding the cavalry force. So they can be riding, exploring, investigating, talking, or making stops around. If you have questions, you can ask staff about it, and I'm sure it will be handled quickly.

5) The map, of course. My drawing skills have not been leveled up through XP, but here you can find a visual reference of the main movements of the troops as of now: http://i.imgur.com/IrANfjS.jpg

And, that said, I hope it has been clear and we all have a good time and some interesting and uncommon (yes, do uncommon things!) RP.

Have a good day, and thanks for your time.


Rhaedan Address
Author: Darrin
Post Date: 06/14/13

Citizens of Rhaedan,

For the last several years I have had the distinct honor of serving as the Tanifords ambassador to your King and family. However, the movements made by my family as of late have brought shame to the Taniford name, and this current hunt is only a massive cover-up for their own planned invasion of Rhaedan that is occuring at this very moment.

Consider this, fair citizens and nobles. The death of Princess Aliynora occured in Taniford lands. This now makes my beloved sister Fayre the heir of the Taniford crown unless the older brother, Samwell, married a lady of royal standing and has the Queen recognize her as the heir. Who better than a Princess that he has held hostage for over a month now? Yes, I said hostage. It was the Baron of Wolveshire and my Queen mother under the suggestion of Prince Samwell that your Prince and Princess be held. Duke Wolveshire's reward is paid already in the betrothal of his youngest brother to a landed Taniford lady.

It was your Crown Princess, Kerilyn's concern that I would be hunted down in retribution, which is why she has taken me under her wing and away from the situation. If you do not believe me that the Tanifords are attempting to undermine your King and Kingdom, consider this: With your Princess arrested, what is preventing him from convincing the Queen of Taniford to take your Princess Amira as a bride. Even if your Princess has been seen in the company of a Southern Duke, who's to say that my brother doesn't wish to put her on a pedestal and make her a Princess of Taniford?

And to make sure that your King agrees, he has marched his army onto your lands. Is this the type of person that would not go below murdering his own sister to get what he wants? What he wills? He attempts to paint me, his brother as the villian. In truth, it was because Kerilyn feared for her life at the march of the Taniford army that she has had me in protection.

Do not allow the Tanifords to continue this farce of a hunt to force what he wants. The people of Rhaedan must rise against my former family as the King's family has been unable to. The Varghem woman acting as Steward must be removed. Demand the army and navies of Taniford to leave. The heir of your stalwart armies, the Auldholme, is with a woman of questionable reputation and reasoning from Lohstren - perhaps the Auldholme's reward for their cooperation in this folly? If you force these issues, and drive them back, only then, can a peaceful negotiation be considered.

If the Tanifords continue this mad expedition to seek out only two people? Then you should draw your own conclusions about who the children of the King support now. Amira is giving her favors to a Southern Duke and Lord. A Lord who is now betrothed to a Taniford. And Stefan? I have heard he is courting a Southern as well. Are our lords and ladies not good enough for the Royals now? Will Jerric break his own commitments to Guinevere to pursue a Southern love as well? Where does this madness end? Are you Rhaedans, or are you lapdogs to the Tanifords?

Trustingly Yours,
Prince Darrin Taniford

Queens Decree
Author: Whoever
Post Date: 06/15/13

Offical Decree Of Queen Regina Taniford

To all Whom Hear. Be it known that I Queen Regina Taniford do hereby establish my true and faithful daughter Princess Keldra Fayre Taniford as an adult. To which all rights and privileges of adulthood are given from this day forward.

Having proven herself trustworthy and honorable to the Kingdom of Taniford, her Queen, and family in deed, word, and action she is further deemed the one true heir of the Kingdom of Taniford.

This is my word and beyond contestation.


Taniford Response
Author: Fayre
Post Date: 06/17/13

A few days before the final encounter that is to decide so many fates, a response from the Taniford Princess and Future Queen is spread throughout the lands. In taverns, by word of mouth— any way possible to ensure that it reaches Darrin and a many people as possible.

"In the words of Princess Fayre Taniford :
In One months time I will achieve my 17th year. I had thought that another year of childhood awaited me. However, grief and betrayal, so long alien to me, have arrived in my life in a double blow.
I was once beloved of all my family. Two doting brothers and an affectionate sister. Now the latter has been stripped from me by one of the former, and as I stand newly appointed sole princess and heir to the Taniford Legacy, I wonder - did this once-beloved brother mean to take my life as well, since he must have known I would stand in his way?

This I mean to ask you, Darrin. Face to face. I wish to know— to what lengths would you go to attain the crown and power for which you lust? Already you have slain our sister. Now you drag our name through the muck. Is it worth it? If I stepped aside, refused what mother wishes and insisted you take the crown, would it then be worth it, the price of only one sister instead of two?

My heart will be heavy all my days. I accept the faith and trust her royal highness has placed in me, but I would a thousand times rather dear Ayla remained. As poor a replacement as I am sure I will be to her, I say this with certainty— you will never sit the throne of Taniford, nor of anywhere else. Nor will the South ever accept a Northern Queen. We are Southerners. We have fought many years for our legacy. The South will never yield this legacy to the North, nor to any traitor who conspires with a Northerner.

Kerilyn, Darrin— soon you will face justice for the murder of my sister. Until then, let it be know, you are outlaws in the Taniford Kingdom.

What happened next…
Author: Fayre
Post Date: 06/17/13

With the epic conclusion of the battle between the united North and South against the united Darrin and Kerilyn, the wounded Soldiers of the South are left to recover, while the Southern amy mobilizes and begins to move with haste back to th Summer Citadel.

A smaller and much fleeter group comprising the Southern Royals, the Blue guard, and anyone who thinks they can keep up, has also left. This smaller group is making for the Summer Citadel at a breakneck speed. Three messengers have also been dispatchd separately to carry news to the Southern Queen. Nothing is being left to chance.

(ooc: I suggest TP room 3 remain the battlefield/place where the wounded have retreated to recover. I'll suggest TP room 5 for the small group who is speeding back to the Summer Citadel. Fayre, Dalyros, Roltoff and Samwell for sure at present. Otehrs who believe their characters would be able to keep up can join us there too. Hopefully we can do a little more rp on the road before arriving home.)

The journey home
Author: Augustus
Post Date: 06/18/13

The following days after the major battle in the north against the Rogues Darrin and Katilyn have ended, both troops have withdrawn to patch up their wounded and assess the battle damaged inflicted. As the Southern troops slowly head back to Taniford lands, those of the north return home. The detachement of Malgrave units under the direct command of Sir Augustus Auldholme, have been given the pleasure and honor of escorting their beloved princess and prince home. Nearly two hundred Ironclad (heavy infanty) surround the Royals, with over Eighty of the finest Malgrave archers to add defenses while the Calvary rides escort both in front as scouts as well as to the back of the formation to make sure no enemy closes with them.
Calvary also lines both sides to create a buffer Zone as well as act as lookouts for the royal company. The Malgrave wounded are stil back with Sir Augustus as he wont depart for home until all his men are underway. Leaving his sub-commander in charge of the troops escorting the prince and princess. (who are currently wearing Iron clad armor - to blend in with the troops), until such time as they are before the Rhaedan gates when they are then able to dress as per their station it seems Augustus doesn't wish anything to go wrong on his country mens journy home.

North Closed off
Author: Jerric
Post Date: 06/25/13

By Decree of the Crown Prince:

In light of the unsubstantiated rumors of Northerners being taken on Northern Land, it is hear by decreed that from the tip of Westmark to the edge of the lake north of Laketown shall be sealed by Rhaedan. Any Southerner that crosses over into Rhaedan shall be considered an enemy, no less that the Corsairs, and will be dealt with the harshest punishment - death.

Signed by my hand on this date,

Prince Jerric Rhaedan
25 Jun 1329

OOC: While it will take some time to close off the border and even then the lands are so vast there will be holes, figure that Rhaedan men at arms are now starting to flood the river banks and close off any bridges and landing places along the river.

A Taniford Decree
Author: Fayre
Post Date: 06/25/13

The message is simple, and clear. It is delivered in taverns and village squares throughout the borderlands, in Lake Town, and wherever such news can travel. A decree from the Crown Princess of the South.

"All Southerners are required to return from Northern lands. From this day forth, all Northerners are expelled unless given express permission from the Crown, with no exceptions. In five days' time, any Northerner found within the Southern kingdom will be detained and delivered to the crown, down to the lowest whore or peddler. The slaying of any southerner by a Rhaedan will not be twice visited back— it will be thrice.

Decreed this day, June 25 1329 By Crown Princess Fayre Taniford under the authority of HRH Queen Regina

Rumors and Rumors of War
Author: Whoever
Post Date: 06/26/13

Rumors of late from Wolveshire have a Queen wearing armor and advising the heir on tactics. Such perhaps is true in light of the noticable placement of Taniford militia along the borders of the kingdom. Oddly enough one such group was seen leaving southward with a destination of the shore. Question arise at the reasons as the Northern military is clearly not in that direction. What could the Queen and Heir be doing? Perhaps a new route into the Ellowe is being researched. Perhaps the armor clad Queen herself intend to bring her Son home at all cost. All that can be known for fact is the heir has been given instructions to prepare for war and her orders are to be followed as if they were spoken by the Queen herself.

A Royal Birthday
Author: Fayre
Post Date: 06/27/13

Word goes out in the South and gradually into Laketown. It is known to many that the 17th year of Princess Fayre Taniford is to come on the 6th of July. This 17th year is to mark her arrival into adulthood with the official announcement of being named Crown Princess. While normally such an occasion would be a chance for celebration and revelry, the circumstances surrounding this occasion suggest a degree of restraint.

So to herald the young lady's step into adulthood and her role as crown princess, the people are requested to do as follows.

During the festivities in celebration of our Guardian Ravas, pause but a moment and drink a glass to Princess Aylanora and the Queen she would have been.

Drink next a glass to Princess Fayre as she steps forth into womanhood, and give prayers that she may have the strength to carry forth victory from the shadows.

In celebration of her 17th year, Princess Fayre would like to gift Laketown with the early Summer bounties of fruit and crops, to help soften the blow of a loss of fish. To all who fought against the Traitor Darrin and his harlot bride, a gift of double pay for the month of July. To all newborn children who come into the world on the day she did, the crown offers a set of clothes fitting their station, when the infant is presented to the town or village magistrate (for practical purposes, vouchers will be given which can be redeemed when the child is old enough to actually wear clothing).

Lastly, Princess Fayre Will be at Wolveshire to receive guests following the sixth, and at Laketown to celebrate the Festival of Ravas, where a small celebration will be held.

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