IC Board Posts - May 2013

IC Board Posts for May 2013

Troops Dispatched
Author: Augustus
Post Date: 05/30/13

Augustus has sent out couriers, to Malgrave with sealed dispatches from him to be delivered to the commander of the Malgrave forces and one for the Commander of the Rhaedan Garrison. One third of the Malgrave troops are to move on to Rhaedan for its added protection While another Third are ordered to move to Laketown to awaie Augustus and those in his company. While the remaining third remain at home to its own defenses. They are on High alert and have been properly briefed on the situation.

The Taniford Army has been Summoned
Author: Samwell
Post Date: 05/30/13

Word has left the Wolveshire Castle. Prince Samwell is summoning the Taniford Army as its commander. All the gathered troops already settled in Wolveshire have been called to ride at night to the North, while help has been requested to other cities and towns as well.

Riders have left to search for the highly trained knights of the Citadel, while others have been sent to speak to the Sollingers, whose ships should cross the Rothim River to meet the main force in Laketown. In their way, part of the cavalry from the March will be assisted in their travel, while the rest will march by land.

It has been years since the whole Taniford Army was gathered to fight. Any man or woman capable to stand in front of the enemy without fear, and willing to serve the Queen and her lands for freedom, peace, and glory, is now summoned to join the Prince.

Westark Military Mobilized
Author: Paule
Post Date: 05/30/13

It is no mere rumor that the Westmark and Sollingers despise each other - so with the first arrival of Sollinger ships coming into the river crossing that seperates Taniford from Rhaedan, it is little wonder that the Barony of Westmark has mobilized to the southern and western shores. Forts that had been set aside in times of peace are now abuzz with new life, as Trebuchets are aimed out towards the sea and watch the Sollinger ships warily as they pass through. Even the small Westmark navy, mostly formed from captured Corsair and a few ships of dubious design has been readied, making sure that the Sollinger's have an 'escort' that does not allow them to travel too far north.

A glance of a patrol or a glimpse of one of the Shadow Baron's knights is seen on occassion, but to be sure, the order is to protect their lands and if there is to be an invasion, make the damned Southerns pay with their blood.

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