IC Board Post - October 2013

IC Board Posts for October 2013

Going South For The Winter
Author: Amira
Post Date: 10/06/13

On the fourth day of the tenth month of year 1329, Princess Amira Anya Rhaedan has officially travelled South to Wolveshire Castle on a diplomatic mission, taking up the role of Rhaedan's Ambassador. She is anticipated to arrive there on the sixth day of the tenth month of year 1329. It is no secret that agendas need to align to deal with the threats rumored to be hitting all across the land. Open communication is needed to ensure the true enemy is dealt with, that borders can remain open and secured in this growing time of uncertainty.

OOC: That's right, Princess Amira and her entourage is officially invading the South! I look forward to Rping with all you Southern folk!

Betrothal Broken
Author: Setekh
Post Date: 10/08/13

News from Auldolme floods down much faster than the rumors that caused it trickled in…Count Myrik Auldholme, sick of rumors of the Lady Collette's misadventures whilst noble…and all the ramifications thereof, the haunting whispers that the lady is now impure…or that if she turned up with child soon it might not be Augustus'…has elected to terminate the betrothal contract that bound the lady in question to his son.

House Lohstren, of course, had long since given up the responsibilities of its end of the contract, and they had been assumed instead by the Crown of the North when Collette was named its ward, so very judiciously. But no amount of good intention can survive the onslaught of a questionable reputation, and so while the Crown is now off the hook for paying Collette's dowry, all eyes turn to King Breac now to see what the Crown will do with this.

Archey Contest Decided!
Author: Amira
Post Date: 10/16/13

It was a brisk fall day, the perfect day for an Autumn archery tournament. The clouds scuttled across the sky, the sun broke out in bursts, and the air was filled with the soft decay of drying leaves and golden grasses. Noble banners were in attendance on the open field; a variety of flags and ribbons drifting from spectator to spectator, for there were cheers to urge on their choice competitor.

And what a grand display of sport was witnessed. The lists were full, the competition fierce and in the end, Lady Cassia walked away with the title of Champion at the first ever Princess Harvest Archery Tournament. She wins the lucrative prize of a 100sp, a favour from her choice of Princess, and of course bragging rights! Many notable faces were participating as well as in the crowd, from Westmark to Taniford, the crowd cheering for their prospective favourite, including Guild members who went to show how it's done.

As for the final duel of the day, it would see that the luck was on the Northern Princess, as she bested the Southern Princesses in a head to head duel that tested speed, agility and distance. With a flourish from them both, they ended the ceremonies with a bow to the crowd and several good natured waves.

Stay tuned for the feast to follow!

OOC Thank you to those of you who showed up and let us run our first event! It was awesome to get the experience and I hope you all enjoyed! We look forward to seeing your pretty faces tomorrow night for the feast! The log will be up shortly! Cheers! - Ami

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