IC Board Post - September 2013

IC Board Posts for September 2013

All Hail
Author: Breac
Post Date: 09/14/13

Riders go out across the lands and posting are place in all the town's squares. They read:

All Hail Princess Guinevere.
Be it known on this day Crown Prince Jerric and Lady Guinevere Riedel were married. This joins two houses long steeped in history of trust and friendship with unbreakable ties that are formed with marriage.

Signed this day,
King Breac Rhaedan

Proclamation from the Prince
Author: Jerric
Post Date: 09/18/13

A proclamation has been issued with Prince Jerric's seal. It has been posted all across the North and copies have been sent to both the Queen Regina and Lord Eldrick. It reads:

Be it known that letters have been delivered to the Crown by way of the Temple. Very distressing and yet eye opening letters. They have shed new light upon a situation that now must be set to rights.

What has been found is that devious minds were at work and caused great hardship upon Sir Augustus Auldholme and Lady Collette Lohstren and were trying to bring dishonor on them both while telling them that they were helping the pair. The two at the heart of the matter were trying to destabilize both houses in the North and the South as well as to cause further mistrust between the two Kingdoms.

I must say that I had not taken these letters at face value. But they did cause me to start my own investigations. What was found has shocked me and left me with disbelief. Two trusted members of certain Households were plotting to bring great harm to House Lohstren and Auldholme as well as bring tensions between the two Kingdoms to an even more unstable position.

In order to right wrongs that were done upon these two, and to help calm any mistrust between the North and the South, I here by proclaim that Lady Collette Lohostren shall this day forward be recognized as a Lady of Rhaedan and thus gain all honors associated with this title. As she currently is with no titles in the South, I proclaim that Lady Collette is now a ward of the Crown of Rhaedan.

I also proclaim that Sir Augustus Auldholme is is good standing with the Crown of Rhaedan. That any misgivings that were put upon Sir Augustus is now cleared and full honors shall be restored upon him and his House.

As Lady Collette is a ward of the Crown I also proclaim the the Betrothal of Lady Collette to Sir Augustus. The date for the wedding will be announced at a later date.

Since the betrayal that has been levied against these two innocents by true traitors of both Kingdoms, I will be sending envoys, with directions to provide full disclosure of all information that has been found, to both Queen Regina seeking a full Pardon of Lady Collette and to Lord Eldrick Lohstren asking that he review the material and make the best judgment for his House.

Signed this day,

Crown Prince Jerric Rhaedan

In Search of Loyal Staff
Author: Amira
Post Date: 09/25/13

Princess Amira Anya Rhaedan has officially released one of her personal guards and a handmaiden due to an indiscretion and is thereby in search of another to fill those vacancies. Apparently she's willing to address those who show promise, loyalty, and a certain sense of accountability and responsibility.

"While it is true I do not discount the skills of my former staff, it is improper to be around those with immoral indiscretions. It would certainly please me to find someone suitable to replace them. I am patient and I must consider those who are to be at my side very carefully, as a measure of my worth is weighed by those at my side. It has become apparent to me how easily perceptions can be misconceived, after all."

OOC: If anyone is interested, I'd be grateful for a PC guard or a handmaiden. Amira will be soon heading out for her own exploits and it would be grand if someone out there could protect her! +mail to set up a time to introduce yourself ICly! Or just track me down when I'm IC! Cheers!

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