Incriminating Evidence

Incriminating Evidence
Summary: Just relaying the same message twice, along with a bit of the rumor mill.
Date: 12/May/2013
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Solid iron and wood gates stand at both ends of the long the tunnel running between the main courtyard and the main road toward Wolveshire. An iron portcullis can be lowered behind the gates, adding a second obstacle that can be only be raised by accessing the mechanisms from the floor above. Both arrow slits and pitch holes dot the ceiling, allowing the guards above to attack invaders throughout the tunnel. A handful of paces away from the courtyard-side gate, a door in the wall leads to a winding stone stair accessing guardhouse above.
Sunday, May 12 1329

Kaelea hadn't left town after all, instead, she'd been hanging around asking questions. Since she'd met with the Duke and the Prince already, she decided to make sure Stefan heard first hand, after all, she'd been working for him the longest. So arriving at the Gatehouse, she has someone tell him she's out here and will be waiting for him. Holding the reins of her horse currently, she's just waiting.

Coming along from the guest rooms comes the Rhaedan prince, after having gotten word that someone wished to meet him at the gatehouse. Coming along with Deidra following him. Wasters and leather armor with them so they can spar. Seeming having been about to do so before getting word about KAelea waiting.

Followed by a few guards, Pawel comes in from the direction of the town. It would seem he's had some business to take care of there somewhere. So now he comes to a stop as he sees the people present, remaining quiet for the moment.

Hmm. Her again. Deidra's green eyes narrow as she recognizes the redhaired commoner woman and she shoots a quick glance in Stefan's direction, the captive Rhaedan prince whose safety she has been entrusted with. Patting the hilt of the wooden sparring sword she carries in a absent-minded gesture, she watches Kaelea intently, apparently eager to catch any word that is said between her and the Rhaedan.

"K." Comes Stefan's calm voice with a smile and giving her a brief hug if she allows. "I was getting worried. I hadn't heard from you in awhile. Is everything alright?" He asks her before glancing to Deidra. "It will only be a moment." He assures her before spotting the Duke and giving him a polite bow of his head. Turning back to Kaelea. "So. Offer all you know." He tells her.

Her business is with the Rhaedan, so Kaelea doesn't spare the others more than a passing glance. As Stefan walks out, she closes the distance between them. "Stefan. I couldn't leave without speaking to you. I know you're probably aware of what was found near the ruins already, since I was.. detained by Eldrick and questioned by Pawel and that other noble man. Samwell I think? I just wanted to report to you first hand."
When he mentions being worried about her, the redhead offers him a fleeting smile. "Everything is fine. I just wanted to let you know we found a clasp, too large to come from a ladies dress, it has the faint markings of a horse on it. Also, there were long strands of red hair caught in the brush." Lifting her chin as if expecting looks from the others, she pointedly doesn't look at them for the moment.

"Nothing that's conclusive one way or the other," Pawel remarks as he steps a bit further over in the direction of Kaelea and the Prince for now. "Have you found anything else?" This is asked towards the redhead, a bit quietly now. Offering a polite nod and a smile to Stefan as well, "Prince Stefan." And Deidra gets a nod and a smile too. "Sir Deidra."

"Your Grace," Deidra offers in greeting with a bow in Pawel's direction, before her attention is back on Kaelea. Her demeanour looses a little of the slightly disapproving look while she listens in silence. Most attentively. An eyebrow is arched at the mention of a strand of red hair, though. A great many readheads have been around lately, among them the mysterious Kaelea herself.

At the question from the Duke, Kaelea arches a single brow in an almost cocky gesture. "Of course nothing is conclusive yet. Such small clues lead to obvious answers that seem false. So as I said, Pawel, I've been asking around and questioning people, and it seems there are rumors among those who work in your castle that incriminating the Lohstren. I don't know what the evidence is or where it came from, all I can find out is what the servants are talking about. And the clasp… with the horse, could have something to do with them as well. There is nothing further from me, no other news, yet I wonder if the kidnapping of Princess Kerilyn is something different entirely." Giving Pawel and the guard a speculative look. "I wonder if it's revenge from misplaced blame."

Stefan raises a brow as he listens to Kaelea. "Ah, good. And from a horse? Red hair? Any idea from who?" He asks, since his sister is blonde. Curious who else it might be from. WAtching Pawel as he draws closer. "True enough. But it is something." He offers with a studying gaze. "Either way, it is quite well. We need to know as soon as we can. Also…" Looking to Pawel now. "You said that you would bring me information as soon as you got it." Glancing to Deidra as well.

"I thought that my cousin had sent you word," Pawel replies, before he adds, "When we left Sir Eldrick's rooms at the Inn, I was in a… troubled state of mind. For this, I apologize. I should not have assumed my cousin would see to it, but taken care of it myself." Pausing a bit as he hears Kaelea. "Rumors incriminating the Lohstrens?"

"And indeed I will, Stefan, when Lohstrens aren't holding me as a guest and I'm not being questioned by Eldrick, Pawel and Samwell at the same time." Kaelea's whole demeanor shows she was not pleased with that, at all. "When I have anything new, I'll come back and tell you or send word if it's nothing that has to be relayed by word of mouth. Would you like to send a message from yourself to anyone? I can pass it along. Will you be detained here much longer as a guest Stefan?"
Lifting her chin, she looks back to Pawel. "You and Eldrick seemed to have a few.. differences. And yes, but as I said, I don't know any of the details. Something about a package arriving at the castle. Your castle."

Stefan nods to Pawel in a slow motion. "It is quite fine, your grace." He assures PAwel, although with a studying gaze. Turning to Kaelea with a kind smile as well. "I thank you for it. I will make it up to you." He offers and smiles. "As for how long I am to be detained. That would be up to the duke and his cousins." He explains and gives her cheek a pat. "I could suggest that you assure my brother that I am fine, if he is starting to get hot headed."

"He shouldn't have detained you like that, without any real proof," Pawel offers to Kaelea, before he adds, "And those differences boils down to him being an arrogant little boy, really." A brief pause, before he hears that part about a package. "Did they say anything about who the package was delivered to?" A brief pause as he looks back to Stefan, offering a quiet nod. "Have you heard anything about this?" Another brief pause as he hears the last parts, but he doesn't say much more right now.

"I'll let Jerric know you're fine, and then I'll continue… doing what I do." Kaelea assures Stefan. After a moment, she smirks, looking back to Pawel. "Red hair near the scene of the murder and me admitting to being there both before and after is stronger evidence than what you hold Stefan on. Think about that." Lifting her shoulders, she shakes her head. "No one gave a name. If you'll both excuse me. I'll be on my way."

Deidra has been quiet all too long, keeping to the back but close enough to overhear everything. And so the redhead woman's last comment doesn't escape her notice. "The House of Rhaedan is not yet proven innocent, woman. And as soon as that is the case House Taniford will need to hold Prince Stefan as a 'guest' - for his protection and ours.", she can't help but remark in Kaelea's direction as she is about to depart.

Stefan listens and seems curious about the package as well. But not saying much about it. Though as Pawel asks him if he has head any of it, he nods. "Bits and pieces. Not all. Not the package for example." Turning back and nodding to Kaelea. "I thank you and if you want anything then I will try to offer it." He assures her with a wink. Though to her next words, he nods. "Be well." He offers and then he turns to raise a brow to Deidra. "Perhaps so. Although our princess is gone as well. Will you admit to being wrong if she is found in the same way as your own?" He asks coolly. Though then sighing. "Either way, I will just wait here. I do think I have a spar soon."

"The difference is that I actually *need* you to be out there finding things, Kaelea," Pawel replies a bit quietly, before he adds, "And if I didn't make sure the visit of Prince Stefan and his sister, I have a feeling that my dear aunt, the Queen would have made sure I was no residing in a cell somewhere myself, or in the worst case scenario, that I would be about this much shorter." Holding out his hands at about the length of his head. A brief pause as he hears Deidra's words. "Actually, it's not House Taniford holding them as guests, but House Varghem, with the support of the Throne. Keep that in mind, Sir Deidra."

Deidra opens her mouth, ready for a quick retort of some kind, but decides against it at the last moment. "How shall I know?" she replies with a light shrug to Stefan as if not really caring much about it anyway. Her green eyes though remain wide awake and attentive as she is addressed by Pawel next. "You owe the Tanifords your allegiance, do you not?" she retorts with a forced calm. "No offence. It was not you that assigned me with the task of guarding Prince Stefan, Your Grace. But Prince Samwell Taniford." And then Deidra falls silent, shaking her head as if she has finally realized that holding her tongue would be wisest for one of her position.

"Such courteous hosts, so worried about his protection that you hold him against his will and label him guest. Curious… curious indeed. It's no small wonder why more from the North chose to leave." Kaelea returns her attention to Pawel. "I expect you do, and so I will return to the home of my birth and investigate there." Looking at Stefan, because he and one other alone knows where she was born. When Pawel clarifies who is holding whom, Kaelea shoots a triumphant glance to the blue guard before slipping her foot into her stirrup and mounting her horse. "I think his allegiance isn't called into question by anyone but you, guard." Lifting her shoulders, she gives Pawel and knowing look. "Stand up for yourself, no one else will." Before she rides off.

"I do, but the last time I checked, I still have the say about what happens within my walls." Pawel replies, before he adds, "But anyway, it was my call, but my cousins received a letter from their mother with the support of it." He then looks to Kaelea again, offering her a smile. "Good luck," he offers, quietly, before he looks towards the courtyard, "Now, if you all will excuse me, I have some business I need to attend to." And with that, he heads inside the courtyard.

Muttering something about Southerners treating Northerners like their own kind, Deidra shifts her weight from one leg to the other, bows to the Duke with little enthusiasm, "Your Grace.", until her gaze comes to settle on the Rhaedan prince.

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