Infirmary Visit

Infirmary Visit
Summary: Prada and Elenore visit Lyam the day after the zoo of the weird.
Date: 15 July 2013
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Laketown Temple - Infirmary
The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.

With serving not only those of the Temple but those of Laketown and any who have been brought requesting aid, there is near always some soul being looked after or tended to within the infirmary by one of the Priests, Priestess or Acolytes of the Temple. There is but a single door that leads to and from the room, though it is wide enough for several to pass through at once, especially for those who may be carrying injured upon stretchers.

15 July 1329

After the events of last night, there was thankfully only one injury. He's been unconscious since his arrival at the infirmary, his leg in splints, one arm bandaged, and more bandages around his torso and head. But at least a sheet protects his modesty. Finally, between parched lips comes a small groan of pain and awareness, and a question.

"…the dragons okay? Everyone else?"

Having been there since not long after his arrival, at his beside in endless worry over her foolishly brave husband, Elenore is out of the chair she has taken to in a thrice to hear the groan and the words. Her hand finds his…that about the only thing she's not dreadfully afraid would cause endless amounts of pain. "Lyam!" A small breathe. "Aye…except of a horse. And we are of thinking the dragons are fine." No one quite followed after to be certain. " But you are of most not being ok, you should have done that."

Born 4 years after his sister, it is certain Lyam could not have known from experience the night of wowling when Prada born. For many claim the Lady has not stopped since first breath was taken. Yet she does remember the night he came to /her/. Her brother, her friend, her toy. And again his self appointed protector enters the same as always, a banging door, a shh from a healer, and the lady narrows her eyes, "Do not shh me. Be gone fool." she hisses as she shoves the lady aside and moves to her brother side.

The eyes of lady stare intently at her brother, traveling from one wound to the next. A hand lifts the sheet to peek under and she shrugs her shoulders, "Its good see nothing important was broken I suppose. Though really, do I need to hold you capative inside a barrel once again to keep you from harm Lyam?" She moves around the man to place a comforting hand on Elenore and sighs, "I should have warned you long ago, he does this. Suffered worse fates at my own hands, though he seemed to enjoy it."

"Hi, love.. I saw your colors when I was unaware.." Lyam murmurs towards his wife, reaching with his good hand to touch Elenore's. "You should have been there. Stilltha. She touched my hand. I am sure she protected me from harm." Wait, what? "My hand touched her and I looked into her eyes. She was grateful. So yes, I should have done it. Noone else was going to…" he starts to explain, and then his sister's voice hits his ears.

She who probably knows him best - the night he came into the world, that long silence before he was finally coaxed into his first cries, the silent child who always seemed to be in his bedchambers with some malady - made worse when his older sister wanted to come play, but he always went along willingly. A smile is given freely to Prada and he chuckles. "I smelled of pickles for a week. Mother thought I had come down with some new form of pox, since I had never left my room." he says with a smile to cover both sister and wife's hand with his own. "I'm really thirsty." he finally admits.

Dark eyes do blink a little at what Lyam takes to murmuring, Elenore whispers with some uncertainty,"You saw…my colors?" No one ever sees her colors. Shaking her head a little bit,"I am of glad she was grateful. Surely…" A sigh slips," I have been or worrying so. I was of certain at first that…." The words simply ending as Elenore chews on her lip with the arrival of his sister.

A little nod occurs to Prada's words, " I am of noticing this…first the joust..then the practicing accident…now this….And it is of getting worse with each. I am of thinking the barrel you speak about might soon be of best. Even if it makes you smell like pickles." A thought that does cause a small wrinkle of her nose. Elenore giving his hand just the faintest of squeezes,"There is some cooled tea here." Slipping to pull the cup from the night stand, before offering to help him with it.

Prada laughs heartily at the memory, "You still smell of pickles." An idle hand is stirred to touch gentle upon his head and she whispers to Elenore, "Do not blame him entirely. I believe I may have innocently lead him to believe over the years he could do anything he wanted. Be all he chose to be. In my guilt, I will gladly provide the barrel again. Stuff him inside myself I must." she continues as she watches the pair with easy affection. It is that between the two clearly seen that turns the lady away amoment in complete silence lost in her thoughts. A shake of her head follows quick upon the heels of those thoughts and she retuns her gaze once again to her brother, "That man." though what man is left unsaid as she takes a seat near her brother.

"So which shall it be tiny one? Pickle barrel? Sailed down the river in a wood crate perhaps? Hung by your ankles from a tree? I suggest the last. You were perfectly safe from any mylady upon the ground and entertaining to watch as your eyes started to pop out."

As his hand squeezes Prada's, Lyam chuckles a little. "And you still look like a pickle." he comments back as he studies his sister's eyes. There's just a hint of that fear he carries with him, and he smiles. "That man will not harm you." he promises her. "As far as tieing me up by my feet.. well, my wife may be adventurous in the bed, but I am not sure she is willing to go that far?" he says with a small laugh, though it's cut short with a small rasp of pain.

With Elenore offering him tea, his attention turns to her. "Aye.. your colors.." he responds, and gives a little swallow of breath as he drinks some of the tea, and then speaks.

"If I could see all your colors,
Would my favorite be red.
The color of passion,
Rose petals on our wedding bed."

"Perhaps I would choose green,
In pastures we could lay.
Being at our land beside you,
Would take my cares away."

"Though I'm inclined to choose brown,
The color of your hair and eyes.
I already love them,
They are gentle and wise."

"I don't think I'd choose blue,
It just sounds way too sad.
I might prefer purple,
If that one makes you glad."

"You bring me the colors,
The ones I cannot see.
You're the unseen child and rainbow,
That can be seen by me."

"My favorite is yellow,
The one color I see.
I bathe in your sunlight,
Every day you're with me."

With that, he settles his hand back over his stomach and closes his eyes a little. "Have you two talked?" he asks. "I want you to be very best friends.."

There is a shake of Elenore's head,"I am of not blaming…and do not mind so much of him being as he wishes to be, Ino more than he is of blaming when I wander. It is just…I am of returning whole and he…not so much." Falling quiet as the tea is fetched and the siblings talk, perhaps about to add something but then Lyam has to go there and Elenore gasps,"Lyam!" while turning a very deep crimson. That tea becomes all so very interesting, though concern is quick to flash when the rasp of pain is heard.

The cup is held steady for him as he drinks, drawing it away when he seems finished for the moment. Murmuring,"None..have ever…of ever claimed to see them." Eyes blinking a little at the words that come from him next, simply whispering after,"Lyam…" But it seems to say it all with the emotion it carries. Those dark eyes simply looking at him, even when she fiannly answers the question,"No…we have not been of talking, there has never been a chance for it."

other would I do this. It should have been giving upon your marriage." she says clearly as she moves from her seat bending her head to his, her voiced lowered to one he has come to know in those moments of captivity at her own hands.

Love and Light walk'd hand in hand
Beneath the warmth of summer sun
And Light, she shimmered in the dawn
And fair upon the hills did run.

And Love, into his heart he took
The shining Light, and did adore,
And pledged that she alone would shine
Within his soul forevermore.

Upon her tender lips he placed
A sacred and eternal kiss
And said, "Dear Light, please take and keep
No Love into your heart but this."

And in his eyes she gazed with joy,
And spoke to him a binding word
For music like the voice of Light
Never else on earth was heard

The lady lifts her head, touches his cheek but once and turns her eyes to Elenore, "If you wish to know me, yet chance and time denies, you need look no further than Lyam. He knows." The moment turning uncomfortable for the lady is met with her footsteps to the door.

"Hey." Lyam says, struggling to sit up. "You're not allowed to leave yet." Complaining slightly. "Come on, it's like when I was littler and ill and you used to come tell me stories.." he starts to say and frowns. "When are you going to tell me about this new person in your life? I have not met this person. I need you to draw me the picture." he says to his sister with a frown.

"I am of knowing, for he sees me when no other has, and is accepting of what he sees, finds in me. I am of giving thanks to the Guardians each day for having bought him into my life." Even on the days he tries to get himself killed. Only when Prada speaks about having no friends does Elenore's gaze draw up from Lyam. The dark eyes settle upon the other woman, seeming to look through her as much as at her for a moment or three. "What is said has been cultivated to be as it is. There are those who are friend but hide it, kept beyond the wall. Those who are seen as friend but never told, never allowed to be. As the storms of another keep at bay for them, so are there of walls, veils of using to be keeping away of those for thee." Blinking before giving a shake of her head and some odd little murmur about storms and patterns and colors.

Simply falling quiet as Prada shares with Lyam as she does, obviously a family trait that exists with the words the flow. But then Lyam is trying to sit up, Elenore is quick to offer support and aid, pillows found to put behind him even as worry and concern color her expression. Her lip bitten as she tries so not to scold him.

"A wolf is a strange creature, love.." Lyam says as he allows the comfort and support of Elenore, even knowing of the look she gives him that is borderline scolding as the young man settles his hand on his wife's side and then smiles at her, "We do not make friends very easily, but when we do, we tend to take them for life." he points out quietly. "Though you have taken me into your family, you have become part of my small pack. Prada has always been there for me, when noone else has." he says quietly.

"A muse is of being strange….perhaps of more than wolves…" comes a rather soft whisper from Elenore. Some faint fussing done with the pillows that were arranged to help Lyam, though it ceases when his hand settles on her side, dark eyes rising up to look at him. "We were of becoming friends with ease, Lyam," does she point out in return. "I am of glad she was, and I am of certain she shall yet be. As I will of always be there for you, my husband. And for those of your family, for they are of my family as well now, know or not so know. "

"Well.. you are sisters…" Lyam responds with a small laugh, trying to keep from going too far with his words as he settles against the pillows again. "But as she can tell you, sisters do not get along all the time. Don't need to look any further than Carisse. Always so grey and doom and gloom.." he murmurs, shaking his head slightly. "I wish she would find someone who brought you light like you have to me - and this new ray of sunlight that my Prada seems to have found to bask in."

"I full well heard you demand for me to tell all of this man. Yet for once I cannot give you an answer." As Prade returns she carries a wooden box of paints she places near her brothers bed and turns to her new sister, "You may want to have a healer standing by for this next admission will certain cause him to faint." her cheeky grin turns toward her brother as she lifts both palms upward, "I am for once speechless in description. The man drives me to distraction. Invades my every thought waking or dreams. Challenges my every word and worse, cause me to challenge myself. Though I find I rather like the distracting invasion of the challenge presented."

Elenore frowns a little bit, noting softly," Carisse is not always grey, is not as of you speak. She has many colors and she and I have been of speaking at times, and I have not of been finding her quite as you speak, Lyam. Even if she has not perhaps found as of we have in each other." Her head drawing back up when Prada returns, carrying the box of paints. Elenore gives a slight smile,"I think a healer would be of easy to get if needed."

Lyam mimes fainting for a moment and then blinks owlishly at his sister, and then he grins. A sly grin. "By the Guardians.." he says, amusement coloring his voice. "It's finally happened. Someone has made your heart find what you said was never there." he teases her. "And does this man feel the same, or does he challenge that as well?" he asks, though he doesn't go prodding too deep.

"We are perhaps too much alike. Both a challenge enjoying the challenge. As for what he feels I will not say, perhaps Elenore can coax it from him seeing as she has the right of Carisse. She could tell if he is true." is the teasing comment back to her brother. "Carisse is grey though not that of a brooding storm. I prefer to see as the grey of a dove. Gentle and frightened all in the same. She brings comfort to others yet seeming afraid to take comfort for herself. Give her time, she will find one that does not send her flight. Perhaps she has?"

A cant comes to her head as Prada speaks about coaxing this answer from the unknown man. "There is lightness sometimes about her, a flicker of other coloring. And laughter. Pawel is the storm, of many kinds." Giving a faint smile,"Complicated is of the best way to say, but I am of seeing though it sometimes." Her dark eyes flickering to Lyam as she notes,"He and are of talking sometimes….now." As if that somehow explains everything. "Perhaps she has, as it is sounding you have perhaps been of finding who is perhaps possible for you."

"As long as that storm does not come to encompass all around him…" Lyam responds, and then feels a yawn, coupled with another wince of pain. "Beloved.." he says with a wince. "Can I have some more pain medication and some rest, please. I do not want you to have to sit around here watching me.. I know you wish to wander.. and I accept that." he says, a smile as he leans over to kiss Elenore on the cheek. "Perhaps you can join my sister and enjoy the festivities? I guess I will not be jousting this time." he says with a small snicker, then another wince. "Yeah.. pain herbs. Need now." he mutters, closing his eyes tightly as one of the healers is summoned to tend to the young man and give Elenore and Prada a respite.

Prada turns her attention to her brother, her brows drawing together in concern and the lady lifts her hand to run a single finger lightly across his cheek, "Found it I have. Keeping I believe I will need all the help I can get in. I have a habit of driving most away." she tells Elenore with a slight twinge of regret to her voice, "Yet such is me I suppose. Once he is settled you are most welcome to join me at the field. Although there is no event planned one of my mind needs little planning to stir up some form of entertainment." Nodding to the Lady, as she drops her finger from her brother cheek she once again takes her leave.

"Of that, I can only be of watching, it is of his place to master the storm," worry again coming as she sees the wince, Elenore already raising a hand to beckon one of the healers to dispense such things. "You know that is not of true, love. To wander…is never as of important as you and I have promised before, I would of always be here for when you were of being sick or hurt." The kiss to her cheek does bring a smile, though she shakes her head at the matter of jousting,"No, I am not thinking you will be of jousting of anytime soon, my wolf. " Leaning and placing a gentle kiss to his forehead after brushing a lock of hair away,"They are here with the herbs, you will rest peacfully soon." Reluctantly withdrawing as the healers do their thing to ease his pain.

Elenore nods a little to Prada,"It is a scary thing to find it, aye? Especially when one is not of looking for it, or even of thinking it possible. More so, it becomes, when found and there is fears to lose what was once of being impossible." Elenore suggests softly,"Some habits are of worth to try and change, if the reason for changing is to have such a thing." A glance goes back to Lyam and his rather bruised and battered being,"Perhaps, I admit I am of yet reluctant to leave, I was at first…in the after of it all…of thinking him gone…."

As the medications are administered, Lyam gives a small growl of pain, but soon enough his mind becomes awashed in the herb incuded colors and he settles against his pillows. After murmuring something about jousting with Ellie in private and such, the young man slips back under into his slumber, allowing him to be still as the healing of his body continues.

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