Lady Isold Breaktide
Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin as Isold Breaktide
Full Name: Isold Breaktide
Byname: None
Age: 28
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Breaktide
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Captain of the 'River Bitch'
Place of Birth: Aberdeen
Father: Lord Sir Kaidyn (Kai) Breaktide
Mother: Lady Merina (Meri) Breaktide nee Sollinger
Siblings: Lady Isabella
Spouse: Unwed
Children: None


Isold is the second eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Breaktide, and sister to Lady Isabella. Her birth was nothing odd or out of the ordinary, fairly easy if anyone had the proper chance to ask her mother outright. Growing up she was just as easy; calm and perfectly sated with her trainers. Though she grew, and grew quickly into a tall and leggy woman; taking after her father, she grew so tall that she became somewhat of an oddity.

Noticing her love for the open air, Lord Breaktide, having the coin to achieve it, paid for Isold's apprenticeship aboard a trade ship, owned by one of her cousins, to get her seafaring legs. There they schooled his daughter in things she needed to know, from the on deck fighting styles that would save them if they were attacked by corsairs; short blade, bow, and axe; unarmed combat, even how to care for a ship and even some navigation. This pleased Isold to no end.

She spent most of her childhood training and learning from her masters, as well as the things a lady should from her mother on short stays ashore. She loved the folklore and tales she was told as a little girl, and would retell them on occasion to her kin and deck-mates, even the odd shanty she had learned on the decks she worked. She likes to dance, though she is not that good at it, and would pass the time on land by riding her favorite horse through the woods on the island, a black mare named Midnight. Etiquette and things of the like occupied her spare time on the island, — not that she was any good at it or the friendliest of persons, — and when she just wants solace on ship or otherwise, she will happily fix nets, or tie knots to clear her mind.

Character Persona

She is not always the nicest of persons, this Isold, rough around the edges, she can be quite blunt and brash — for what ship mate has time to be pretty with their words, honestly. But she can be kind, if the mood strikes her and no one gives her cause to be otherwise. Her family is most important to her, no matter how the word is manifested. She fears little and hates less, but she can turn sour and quite mouthy if she is given cause, but Isold is not one to care. Sharpest tongue of all the Breaktides, she cannot afford to be anything but a bit of a foul-mouth shrew, she guards herself after all..

Physical Features

Isold goes against the grain of the societal views and rarely wears gowns, but prefers the leathers and riding tunics, doublets, and skirts, favoring belts and blades to rings and shiny objects. Her dress is more befitted for a woman who spends her time on the decks of ships or the backs of horses. Though it cannot be said she is afraid of color, in fact, she wears bright colors a lot, she just finds dresses uncomfortable, even if they're the most proper.

She is not stunning beauty, this much could be said, she's average in every sense of the word; besides being very tall, of course. A fair pale complexion, meet light blue-green eyes, and curls cascade down her back when not braided neatly, deep brown in color, so much so they near black; her lips are full and a deep shade of red. But she is a tall and leggy woman; taking after her father, so tall that she became somewhat of an oddity.


Hates Corsairs
Loves her Family
Ties Knots for Fun

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