It All Comes Apart

It All Comes Apart
Summary: A messenger arrives to share the information that Savaric and Talia have discovered in their investigation and the response is rather explosive.
Date: 30 May 2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Garden Court
The garden court is a large area housed between the curtain walls, the main keep, the temple and the barracks. The cobbled main walkway links the temple to the main courtyard, circling around a tiered fountain carved into the shape of four wolves holding up a bowl. Well-kept dirt paths lead into various directions, winding amongst the trees and flowers and topiaries that decorate the courtyard. Stone benches found along each path serve as resting places for visitors.

Following the cobbled main path takes one to the arched doorway leading into the temple or back between buildings and into the main courtyard.

30 May 1329

Arriving in the castle is a messenger. A royal messenger at that, in Rhadean colors. Under escort of the guards, he's being led to where he was told where he could find the Prince and Princess of Rhaedan. The satchel he holds he keeps tightly to him, refusing to let it go as he walks, or allowed it to be search, claiming diplomatic immunity.

Amira has only just arrived in the garden court, unaware the messenger was due to arrive. At her side is a Prince, her hand taken to the bend of his arm as he escorts her. Following along with the two nobles is a small puppy bounding after their heels, nipping and making little yipping sounds. The Rhaedan keeps looking back and laughing as it makes sure to stay right with them. "Duke is happy, my Prince. Do you think so too?"

Having been further into the gardens, Pawel is making his way out of there again now, whistling a bit to himself, as he looks around. Pausing a little as he sees the people present now, the whistling never falters.

The messenger, noticing Amira, immediately arrows his way over in that direction, before he offers a full and formal bow. "Your Highness." the messenger offers to the young woman. "Is the Prince around as well?" he asks as he looks around, and reaches to finally break the seal on the satchel that he carries around his side. "I have a message from Ranger and Healer Ashlan of Sipdon. Do you wish for it to be read here?" he asks the Princess, lifting his eyes to her.

Today the Iron lord is escorting his beloved Collette into the castles Garden. She is curently wearing a new riding outfit, Done in the finest of leathers and the fringes of her riding outfit are done up in her How lohstren colors, with her house symbol upon the left breast. She is also sporting new knee high riding boots also done up with the house Lohstren symbol. Around Collettes neck is a newly hand forged pendant, that when open reviels house lohstren on one side and House Auldholm on the other. Completeing this emsemble for Collette are a pair of mother of pearl earings wrapped in a copper band.

Augustus marvels at how stunning his love looks as he is dressed in his armor and today only has his Gladius strapped to his hip, his guards as well as that of Collettes are following them at a descrete distance.

Carisse has been in the gardens as well, and now she's returning, with a basket of cut flowers to decorate the castle. Her maid and guards trail behind, appropriately. She comes across the group there, and pauses, her gaze moving over each of the folks she spies, as she looks a little bit thoughtful.

Stefan is around somewhere, wandering around the garden but not really doing much. Spotting the people around the area. Not really ssaying much though, just seeing what is going on.

"I certainly think so, Your Highness." the Prince by Amira's side answers very pleased. "Duke wasn't too loud last night, we even had a walk outside. I love this little one." he does, it is clear.

As they walk a blue cloak waves. Royal blue, a clear sign of someone from the Taniford's royal guard. A silver-washed armor with a the sigil of the ruler House of the South is are a clear identifier to recognize him, Samwell Taniford. Though the presence of a messenger, wishing to speak to the Princess, takes him by surprise. Understanding the man is asking for a Rhaedan Prince, he quietly asks his companion. "Do you want to receive the message in private, my lady?" but, given all the recent events, he is most curious of the motifs of such news.

When she is directly addressed by the Royal messenger, Amira bows her head respectfully, offering him a smile. "My brother is here, yes.." Motioning him over, making a general announcement. "Stefan, Pawel, there is news and as I nor my brother have nothing to hide, would you all please join?" Including Carisse, Augustus and Collette as well. Samwell is already at her side, so he is certainly included. "Yes, please. I would certainly appreciate news of my sister." Almost imperceptibly her hand tightens on Samwell's arm, afraid to hear the news, that it would be bad… Or that it would be incriminating despite hers and Stefan's innocence. "Thank you for coming so soon.." Bracing herself for the news.

The messenger considers for a moment, but nods. "As you wish, Your Highness." the man offers, and then breaks the seal on the message. First he hands over a folded parchment that contains a rubbing of the cojoined seals of Taniford and Rhaedan on it. "Your Highnesses," he begins to read. "We are preparing to cross the northern side of Haven Lake to continue our pursuit of the party that may have instigated this situation. We have had eyewitness reports that Princess Kerilyn is not only safe and hale but in the company of a Southerner. We believe this Southerner, based on the descriptions that we were given, to be Prince Darrin of Taniford. There were three red-haired individuals with them in their travels. We are only a few hours behind them and hope to catch up with them soon." The messenger pauses for a moment to let that information sink in before he continues.

Pausing a little as he hears that, Pawel makes his way over now, nodding a little bit. Studying the messenger for a few moments, before he offers Amira a smile. Pausing for a few moments as he hears the news now, he looks over at Samwell for a few moments rather carefully. Taking a few deep breaths as he listens.

Collette smiles widely, walking besides the lord Augustus. Though, her sparkling eyes runs through all the nobles around a little bit nervously. An ellegant blush adorns girl's cheeks. Somettimes she peeks on the man close to her, but quickly turns her russet look away, resting it on trees or somewhere. However, when Princess Amira invites all closer, lady Collette whispers to the lord "Maybe finally everything willl be known… all these horrible things will end up?" and she curiously glances at the messenger and listens him intently. With each word her eyes widen and she squeezes a hand of the lord.

The tighten on his arm is soon noticed, and Samwell reaches for her hand to hold it. No good news have arrived so far, making it a mutual fear. He doesn't speak, but his fingers trail slow and carefully through her hand, while awaiting for the messenger's words to be heard. As many other nobles arrive, he offers courteous nods and the proper greetings. "Cousin Pawel, Your Highness, Lady Collette, Sir Augustus, Cousin Carisse." before returning his gaze to the Rhaedan Princess and to the northerner emissary.

And as it happens, the Taniford Prince's eyes narrow a bit. Calmed, he returns a look to the Varghem Duke. "Haven." he echoes, knowing his own suspicious about the Ellowe-close places had been already made public before. "I will ride there, personally. Tonight." no hurried judgments on his thoughts about the validity of the information are spoken, but every of his words are firm and clear.

After a few moments, the messenger continues the message from the northern ranger and healer. "It is our belief that the Princess and Prince are attempting to go the long way around towards Rhaedan castle in an attempt to overthrow her father and make Kerilyn Queen with Darrin as the King of Rhaedan, which will then force the lands of Taniford and Rhaedan together." he reads, his expression paling as he does so. "As such, we have sent a missive ahead to King Breac to suggest that he immediately demands the release of the holding of all royals from Rhaedan and to continue to hold them is to suggest that the Queen of Taniford could possibly have known of this plot as an act of war. We hope that in good faith that you will be released soon so that Prince Stefan can step into the hole left by Kerilyn's sedition. We will have travelled from Haven by now and are heading into the Blasted Fen and around to continue to track after the party that could be plotting this treasonous actions and we will attempt to take them in alive. Take care, Your Highness, if this action was indeed sanctioned by the Family Taniford, then you are not safe in Wolveshire castle. Sincerely, Talia and Savaric Ashlan." And with that, he rolls up the message to hand over to the Princess.

"Princess Kerilyn with Prince Darrin?" Several implications are forming already in her mind as Amira lifts a hand to press it to her forehead briefly. Of course he could have taken her or.. they could have run away together… or.. or what? Three red haired people? How odd.. Grateful for the hand that holds hers, she nods to the others as they arrive over, not greeting them by name immediately. With her free hand she reaches out to collect the folded parchment as she awaits more of the news, should there be any.

When it comes… the new information, both her hands drop to her side and her eyes seek Stefans, then those of Pawel even as she garners a strength from a reserve she was not even aware she held. "I am leaving here today. None of you will not stop me." Pressing her lips together, her face takes on a grim expression. "Sir Augustus, you will accompany us." There are no options given, the Princess has given an order.

Soon enough Stefan does venture towards his sister and the group. Somewhere in the background being followed by a blue guard. Watching the people curiously. Listening to the words from the messenger. Nodding a bit to the given words. Keeping his silence. Looking to the others and does keep near his sister. Studying Pawel in turn then. Waiting to see what he offers.

Collette just runs with her worried look from one person to another. It is quite hard for a girl to understand everything clearly, when so much information reach her ears and mixes with some of her thoughts or guesses about what might happen and what was happening. Girl relives the past in her mind and runs somewhere in the future too, what makes her frown and turn a little bit scared look down for a few heartbeats. Later her wide amber eyes stop near the lord Augustus, when she hears an order from Princess. Though Collette does not say a word.

After his announcement to ride at the night, the continuation of the message leaves Samwell speechless. At least for a while. "Darrin would never attempt that… and I can assure you," talking to everyone around and no one in particular, "The Taniford Army and Blue Guard are not following him. Whether he is implied or not. Even more, I just got news from the Queen, releasing me from my stay here and encouraging me to lead the hunt for the ones who did everything. They killed my sister, as well. So, whatever the case, we will face anyone behind this horrid actions, and the South is certainly not behind such a /foolish/ action." the flame of his gaze burns a little, but he quickly glances at Pawel to hear what he has to say.

"There is a small admendum, Your Highness." the messenger says and pulls out a small note. "Mistress Ashlan asked me to add that she believes that the diary that was delivered by Priestess Tylon was Princess Kerilyn's, and that the markings in it are her ideas for a royal crest combining her family with the Tanifords." and with that, he's done. "Is there anything else that you needed Your Highness?"

"WHAT?" The words come out with a roar as Pawel takes a few steps over towards the messenger now. "If I ever get hold of that man, I will…" he begins, before he turns in Stefan's direction now, eyes narrowing a bit as he studies the Rhaedan Prince intently. "How well do you know that man, Prince Stefan?" Words a bit calmer now, perhaps deceptively so. "To implicate that the Queen would have any part in something like that, when it includes the murder of her most beloved child…" Turning to Samwell again now. "Your mother tasked me with keeping them here, Sam. What would she do if we let them go?" Spoken a bit quietly now, before he adds, "I was always a bit worried that Darrin might do something, but this?"

Anger is foremost in her eyes.. anger, then worry for her parents… and then betrayal. Turning the fiery gaze from Pawel it lands squarely on Samwell. "My sister had nothing to do with the death of yours. Perhaps you should look to your brother, Your Highness as he has convinced my sister to turn even against her own family. Her own father… My own father and mother for the gain of the Tanifords." Stopping before she says something she will regret, the sense of betrayal is swift and like a hard fist to her stomach. It takes her breath. So many more things pour into her mind now and none of them are nice. Looking back to the messenger, she hears about her sisters diary. Looking between Pawel and Samwell now.. her expression darkens. "Who holds the diary. I demand it now. Why was I not told of it?" At what she considers well acted rage from the Varghem, she studies him at his rant only to remain calm herself. "I am leaving tonight whether you allow it or not. I am leaving whether Stefan comes with me or not. You will have to kill me to keep me here, and if you do, you will find yourself in a war larger than one you could ever imagine. You cannot keep me any longer, nor do I wish to be here." Anger makes people say things.. "Sir Augustus, gather your forces and guards. We are going home. You may bring your betrothed with you."

Augustus is listening and blinks at what he's hearing and when he's addressed by Amira he disengages from collette and salutes his princess. "By your command Princess" as he looks To Amira and Stefan and then pawel and Samwell. He turns to face Collette and leans over to give Collette a kiss on the cheek. He Glances up and smiles, "Princess my troops are still at Malgrave I came down here with just a few retainers to maintain peace ties. Though I shall at once Dispatch a courier to have the Malgrave troops martial and be ready to move upon our arrival or at a destination of your choosing."

"We /don't/ know if Darrin did something." Samwell clarifies to the Duke and the Princess, talking about his most beloved sibling now. "Does anyone here objects if I ride there? I will go with Sir Augustus if you wish, if it helps you to trust me…" the last words are clearly for Amira. "That will be dangerous and we are going to fight, most likely. No matter who did it. And I never had that diary, I don't know who has it." his words are very calmed, but mostly sad, and seemingly disappointed. "But Duke Pawel is right. Though it is his decision, the Queen's orders were clear. And it will be dangerous, very dangerous. I only hope you trust I won't go to kill Rhaedans, or start wars. If that was our wish, Your Highness, we would have done it before. Stefan and you are safe, we kept our word." even sadder, he looks again at Pawel - who right now may be his only support around.

His voice kept neutral and emotionless through it all. "Your grace, you do as you please. An attack on the north means another war. Release us and we can at least stop the attack. Keep us and the war will continue past the next corsair raid." Turning to Augustus. "We have other not far away. Have them meet us if so." Looking to Pawel again, followed by looking to Samwell. "You do realize that if this is true your last sister is a pawn to be dealt with in order to gain the throne for themselves. Darrin is the eldest son." Still being quite neutral, not the usual emotional and happy Stefan. Only trying to be logical for now. "As for the diary, I never got word of such." Looking between Pawel and Samwell again. With a glance to see if his sister or Augustus knew about it. Seeing as at least Samwell either lies or knew nothing. "Darrin or not, we deal with it." Looking to Pawel once more. "In other words you will wait for when the queen says to execute us. Will you follow even if no reason is stated?" He asks and raises a brow, with a glance of that to Samwell again.

Hearing all the parts there danger and lord Augustus is mentioned together, amber eyes darkens. Collette crosses her hands on abdomen and listenes for what people are talking. Her lips are slightly opened in surprise as she couldn't believe what is happening and what is told. "It sounds just worse…" mumbles she under her nose "Worse and unbelievable…" she shakes her head, but does not interruped any conversation.

"No!" Amira answers swift and immediate to Samwell. "You cannot go.. Samwell. You cannot, it would be too dangerous for you especially now. They will treat you as a hostile since your brother is there to overthrow my father as king, my mother as queen. It would be the worst thing for you to do. I am not worried about you killing Rhaedans, you could have done that at any time while myself and brother were here… I am worried the news will have them killing you." That said, Amira falls silent enough for Stefan to talk and once that is said, she reiterates her previous conclusion. "My brother and I are leaving. To not allow it will be a call for a war. So if you will excuse me, Stefan and Sir Augustus and his betrothed, we will walk out of here and hopefully meet you again in the future." Looking towards the messenger, she nods. "Thank you for your news, tell them we are on our way and to expect us. If we do not arrive, to send troops."

Augustus tursn to Collette and slips his arms around her protectively. "It'll be fine dear one. We shall make sure this doesn't happen and that no wars are started if it can be helped. " he looks to stefan " My prince if you wish I can send a second dispatch to Rhaedan and alert them to the situation and send half my men to the castle to bolster its defenses while the rest come to meet us, and join us on the way."

The messenger nods to the Prince and Princess of Rhaedan and bows properly at the waist. "As you wish, Your Highness." he says as the young man in Rhadean colors turns to depart and head back north to deliver Amira's message.

"We don't know anything, apart from the observation of one man," Pawel offers to Samwell, before he adds, "If you go there, bring enough men to make sure trouble are kept at bay. And you should most certainly bring Sir August with you." A brief pause as he looks back to Amira. "Perhaps your love for your sister blinds you a bit too much, Your Highness. Because it might just be so that it was her that turned Prince Darrin away from his family." Taking a few deep breaths as he seems to fight an inner battle now, he nods a bit as he hears Samwell's words, before he looks to one of the guards nearby. "Orders to the Captain of the Guard. Nobody leaves the Castle without my permission right now." Turning to look at Amira again, he says, "If you do not trust me, Your Highness, trust him." A gesture to his cousin, before he adds, "I am not saying we will not let you leave very soon now, but we should all calm down before anything is done."

Carisse listens, her brow knitting as she hears the story that is brought forward. That gets a blink, and then she takes a step back, but still she remains quiet, watching and listening through the whole thing. Eventually she glances at Amira, and she says, "Your Highness, Princess, please. If it makes sense to leave, and it sounds like it might, perhaps you might best be served to wait until daylight? The sun has set, it is evening already, and one more night cannot mean so much trouble? Then you might leave in daylight, not hidden by darkness? And time to think through and make sure that we are not - any of us - jumping to conclusions?"

"And you will walk through Southerner lands expecting no hostility? You are in worse danger, Your Highness, you and your brother. At least here no one will harm you. And I won't walk to the North alone, or with a Taniford sigil." Samwell answers Amira, turning quickly to Augustus. "You can order your troops to do as you please, sir, but no army will march through the South. War has been mentioned here enough, and I will simply not allow it. Any hostile act, such as that, will not be tolerated. When the Rhaedan royals are to leave this castle, they will be properly escorted by our own forces, as it has been so far, and we have not had any trouble." clearly, the Taniford has taken offense by it. "We are going to go and protect the Rhaedan castle /if/ that is true. Anyway, these are only the suspicions of two people. I don't doubt of their good intentions, and even if they are right, we still don't know it, but we /will/ act."

Frustrated, he listens to Pawel and nods. "It is your decision, cousin. And I am with you, whatever it is. I agree, we should calm down before doing anything else. You will leave soon, perhaps very soon. We just need to think about it first."

With a look of barely tamped anger, Amira takes a few deep breaths as she listens to Pawel. It takes a few breaths before she can steady herself enough not to just draw HIS blade and stab him with it. For the first time in her life, she looks at someone with disapproval that borders on dislike, though does not cross that line just yet. "You assume your brother would allow me to leave tomorrow? He has no intention of us ever leaving. He is playing puppet to others around him, unable to make his own decisions." The words are biting and directed more towards Pawel than Carisse. "I assume one of you are holding my sisters diary, since Prince Samwell said he does not." Without another word to any of those around, she turns on her heel and walks towards the main courtyard and if able, towards the gatehouse.

Stefan shrugs and rolls his eyes as he listen, "Who cares who turned who? IF anyone is turned. Prince Darrin was not made the heir and also sent away as an ambassador. Enough to want to either take over the north or betray the Tanifords. My own sister is ambitious and does what is needed." He shrugs after that. Turning to Augustus and nodding. "Use trusted people." He offers and being sure he knows where to go. "And yes, if you are going to go to Haven bring Sir Augustus with you. Let my sister head on back to the north. I'll stay behind until then." Nodding to Carisse as well. "Indeed. First light would be better. Unless she is to leave with sir Augustus. You only need one Rhaedan I am sure. Also, you have one more Rhaedan. Our last sister." As for jumping to conclusions, he shrugs. "We deal with the threat, no matter who it is. Easy as that. If it's not them, great. If it is, we do what we have to." Turning back to Samwell then, as well as Pawel. Looking to his sister. Gesturing for Augustus to see to her. "Prince Samwell, if you and sir Augustus are leaving then that is the best time for her to travel. Escorted by you and your guards along with Augustus and his guards, along with any other northerners still in the south."

A silent and rather bored it seems Lady has sat listening and watching from the shadows. Occasionally she has chuckled, more so simply rolled her bright blue eyes until at long last she ventures forth with an odd comment. "Chickens. Have you ever noticed how they flop all over when their heads are cut off? Spewing their blood and filth to all near? Even unto those who did them no harm." The voice which has been missing since the night of the Princess's death is heard at last. Having only recently returned with Sir Marla Mentros in returning the Princess to her Mother the often brutally honest young lady is no mood for bickering. As she moves foward a gentle hand is placed on her brothers shoulder as she steps around him toward Samwell, "Your mother deems you to leave and lead. The situation does not progess fast enough."

Then she steps back, silken fabric ruffling against the ground, "Carisse is correct. What do you know from the message aside from the assumption it is Kerilyn and Darrin and a greater assumption the Queen is involved. The facts of message are none. We know only what has been known. One is dead, two are missing. And the Queen has bid you brother to keep certain persons here for the good of all. Samwell is to lead, put aside his fancy many gossip of and do his duty to his family. Nothing has changed."

Collette's eyes examine the lord, while he tries to convince her, that everything will end up good. However, obviously young lady does not trust his words. she just leans closer to him and whispers something. After that she just observes all the people around and sighs, just turning her gaze at the ground and mumbling somthing under hoer nose and shaking her head a little bit as she would disapprove with everything or just still is in a shock.

Augustus looks to samwell and sighs. "My good sir I have no intention of marshalling my forces on your doorstep. I will merely have them marshall in Laketown as its a neutral site and then as your troops get us there, mine will continue to carry us on. This way neither side has enemy troops in the others land." as he tries to be diplomatic about it. " Half my tropps will head for Rhaedan Castle with word and help defend it. "

"I know nothing of any diary," Carisse says. If Pawel does, she certainly does not. And she then glances briefly at Pawel, and then back to Amira. "Yes, I am assuming that the time to calm down is for us as well as you. While I understand you are upset, please - tha messenger has just told us that our beloved cousin might well be responsible for the death of his own sister. And that doesn't seem to be registering with you, with as much upset as you have and worry for your own family - " Her words trail off as Amira heads for the gate so blythely willing to trust her own safety to - nothing. She glances at Stefan, watching him as he speaks, so reasonably. She takes a breath, and then she says, "Now that is also a point, if Prince Samwell and Lord Augustus are leaving, then would it not be acceptable for Princess Amira to go with them?" she asks, softly, now turning her attention to Pawel.

"I was planning on gathering us all so we could look at that journal together, I'm sorry. It fell to the back of my mind with the news of Duke Riedel sending his forces in this direction," Pawel replies, words a bit quiet now, before he looks to the guard he instructed earlier as he sees the man is a bit slow in leaving to get the orders taken care of. "You've got your orders, now GO!" The last word a bit of a roar now, as he starts moving forward a bit again. Pausing a few moments at the hand on his shoulder, he takes a few deep breaths, before he moves forward as he sees Amira starting to head off, moving to try restraining her by putting both hands on her shoulders, pulling her closer. Thankfully he's not wearing any weapons that could be used to stab him yet. Lowering his words to a whisper as he speaks to her now.

"This is not a celebration they are leaving for. There is naught of romance to found. It may be war. Does it seem acceptable for either of Samwell or Augustus to spend their time worrying over her safety when their focus need be on solving this situation? If you are earnest of the dangers there maybe you will not hinder Samwell with your safety as well. My Queen does not keep you here for her entertainment. Perhaps you should consider a moment her own daughters death and what may come to you if leave the safety of Wolveshire." Prada's voice is steady and certain as she moves in front of Amira, a decided scornful stare given to the Princess, "Or perhaps that is your plan? Plan of the North? You are not an ignorant woman. You full well know Samwell cannot defend you while seeking the truth. Perhaps it is his death you also wish for?"

Samwell nods in agreement to Prada, a cousin he had not seen in a long while and is happy to see again - but given the circumstances, he can't make it clear right now. "I will lead. I only stayed here under direct orders from the Queen, and of course I will continue following it, as I have always done. We were talking about that, cousin. Tonight I will depart. With Sir Augustus or without him, but with our forces. With the Taniford Army." he clarifies. "And no, I don't think Amira is planning on that. I know it. But I care for her safety and for the good of us all. That, regardless of what can be thought…" a final look is given to the Princess, "I have always done."

Turning to the Auldholme, he agrees sourly. "I hope they don't cross Laketown, sir. We have kept your Prince and Princess safe, and one little Riedel army in our territory is more than enough. We only want peace, and I hope you do as well." not as a threat at any point, but he is being very serious about it.

"Lohstren!" the Taniford Prince finally calls. Not the present lady, but to her brother and member of the Blue Guard. "Go and gather the army. As soon as you are done, we are out of here."

When the only thing to greet her actions are words tossed about by the most unlikely sources, Amira does not linger except to look back at Pawel with an accusing look. "Do you hold my sister's diary?" That is all she asks. The reasonable words of the others just washes over her as she awaits his innocence or guilt. When he finally replies about her sisters journal, it is as if he has confessed his guilt to a question she never even asked. As soon as his hands land on her shoulders, she visibly flinches but does not move as he speaks to her in his lowered tone. Her shoulders drop slightly and the look on her face softens marginally…

Until she is faced with Prada. Her scornful fglare means nothing to her, and taking a deep breath, her shoulders stiffen again, whatever progress Pawel had made had just left again. "I wish for you not to speak to me. I never asked for Samwell to accompany, if you were truly listening it was the others who had suggested it, not I. You should mind your manners when you speak to nobility, my lady. I asked Samwell to refrain from going to the north for his own safety. Do not assume to know me well enough to think I want anything from you or your southerners." The last word is spit out like it is an epithet. "I have asked for nothing from Samwell. I understand that your Queen has lost her daughter. Your Prince is attempting with my own sister to take the life of my father and mother and you hold me here, impotent, unable to do anything to help my parents? Who could ask that of someone? Were your parents in trouble, would you be able to sit idly by without attempting to assist them in any manner possible? I care not for my own life when compared to theirs! I need to get to them. I must!" Tears spring into her eyes and she tries to break free from Pawel and Prada before the flood comes and she falls to her knees when she is unable to get away, burying her face in her hands.

Lady Collette takes a few steps back, as she would like to leave this hot spot and get back to her room in the Inn, but mentioning her family name makes her stop. She glances at her brother Blue Guard, when at Augustus and she nervously mumbles "I will go too, yes?" her eyes stick for a few seconds to her brother and slips to the lord Augustus "My brother and you will be there… I… I will go and be where you two will be, yes? I can't just sit here or something…." the young Lohstren lady is too much worried and still surprised and everything, that her words hardly makes sense, but her eyes full of hope stares at the lord and sometimes turns to the Blue Guard brother, hoping that they understand what she is asking.

Augustus chuckles softly , saying "they will not breach the neutrality that is lake town sire. Though why, if I may ask should your troops do what you ask of mine not too. Fair is fair after all and if you wish to bring troops to lake down as a transfer point so that mine can then continue to escort us north I will abide by that, but I can not and will not allow your troops into our territory any more than you wish mine into yours. " he keeps his tone quite civil and matter of fact. Then looks to Collette and whispers something softly to her.

"Because, sir, the enemy is moving to the North. If you want any help, we /have/ to move there. And last time I checked, Haven is closer to Rhaedan than to the South." Samwell shakes his head, now visibly irritated. "I don't know what you want. Help? Well, then let us do it. I have a brother to recover, and probably question, and a sister to avenge. I don't have time to discuss these things." a last glance to Augustus is given. "And no, we will not harm any of you." an unnecessary, or perhaps not, addition.

"Princess Amira, it is clear what you want. But please understand us. We all have lost in the last moons. My sister is dead, yours still has a choice. We all have the same goal. You are safe and your father will. Northerner or not, we have a common enemy, and we will deal with it before they get any close to your lands. Trust me, that's all I ask."

There is complete lack of emotion from Prada as Amira speaks, deadpan to be certain. "There is no time for tears, it is long past. You speak of nobility as if I were ignorant to it, do I appear to be a commoner? You wish to aid your family, do so here. Has Pawel stopped you from using any information you may gain. Use the study, take what it is known of the travelers. Plot where they have been, where information has been gained, what information has been obtained. Your messages are not being kept from going out are they? If you know of healing take the time to teach others, it is certain before it is said and done it will be needed. Armies will need to be supplied from time to time, find ways of doing so. Yet your focus is singular. You continue to claim it is my cousin Darrin who leading this. How do you know that? From a information containted a message, of the source to have given the information we know naught. For all gathered here, the most we know is they obtained some form of information but from whom? Truth be in facts. For all we know they are both guilty of this or neither. How do we know it was not your sister who seduced him? Perhaps they both seduced one another from nothing more than a typical rutting heat of man and woman beneath the skins. We do not."

Carisse takes a breath as what seems to be calming is raised to flames yet again. She moves to stand in front of Amira, and she says, softly. "Princess Amira. If you go, I will go with you. If it is not dangerous for you to walk through our lands, then how can it be dangerous for me to walk through yours?" She pauses, and she reaches a hand out sympathetically to Amira, though she pauses short of touching the other woman. "I would do as you - try to help my parents in any way possible. But - if you are taken on the road, would you not be used against them? Please - stop and wait just a bit. Or else you take me with you."

Augustus holds onto Collette for moment and conciders the words of Sam and realizes that while he hates this he has really no choice. He doesn't know the enemy strength, nor its cababilities and With only a third of his own forces comming to meet them at laketown before they return to Rhaedan. He just dosen't like the odds one little bit. "Very well Samwell, Though you and I will work on joint protection for princes stefan, princess amira once our two forces join up. I can't abide them being protected solely by souther forces. Should we run into Reidel troops, it'd look better if my men were also protecting them. " he looks to stefan and Amira and then to his love, " Besides if were lucky we'll pull the dukes forces into ours to strengthen our numbers. "

Stefan raises a brow to Prada. "Of course the queen holds us for a reason. Be it the death of her child or not. But she has all but two Rhaedan children. As of one is missing and might be a traitor. Keeping us much longer would not benefit her unless she is planning an attack. Also, they are heading for Haven. Before such they are not on a mission to attack anyone. Which means there are several areas where Northern men can meet her." Raising a brow to Samwell as well, "If you ride without him you are most likely not going to make it. Also, neither of you seem to grasp that you need to actually ride through the entire north, or take a boat from Laketown, to reach Haven. Our safety lies not within the kingdom of the south and you already made that clear by saying that you will do anything the queen commands. So it is for that reason and not the safety. There will be war if nothing changes. Because the main line is in danger in the north." He says and shrugs. Nodding his agreement to Augustus as well before he sighs and shakes his head. "Escort my sister out. There are several to continue to protect her until you reach the northern lands. From there even more can assure in escorting her. Just like you have been making sure that your own royal ladies have been kept safe. You can not say that a northern lady stuck in the south is safe. When anything can change that. When we do have a good point to send her with guards which will do nothing but travel where she usually travels with her guards." He shrugs. "Well. You deal with that. I am taking a taking a walk." He offers and runs a hand through his hair. "Your grace, if it is not too much, can you meet me to read over the dairy as soon as time opens up?" He asks. "You all know what to do already. So instead of standing around, get going." Starting on his own way, towards the stairs.

Letting out a sigh as he sees Amira's reaction, Pawel's hands remain on her shoulders for now, as he goes to his knees as well in front of her. "There, there…" he offers rather quietly, before he lowers his voice to whisper something to her again. Blinking a bit at Carisse's words, he opens his mouth as if to say something, but goes quiet again now. Nodding a little bit at Prada's words. "She's right, there's too many things we do not know. But now at least we know who to look for, and where to look." A brief pause, before he adds, "Let Sam and Sir Augustus find them, and then we can all get the answers we seek." A brief pause, before he adds, "And as you all know, the guards have their orders…"

Prada listens to Stefen speak and oddly for her does not seem to disagree with his words even if slightly. Moving silently toward her brother the lady drops a whisper to him, the only words heard "One…return…Queen…Stefan." Lightly she pats her brothers shoulder again and leaves toward the stairs.

"I never said that my sister was not guilty. "I said your Prince and my own sister. You seem to hear only what you want. I have no use for you." Amira looks to Samwell when he speaks to her. "If my sister is a traitor to my family, then she is dead to me just as well and truly as yours is to you." Shifting her gaze to Carisse, she uses the backs of her hands to wipe away her tears and shakes her head. "No my lady, I could never allow you to risk yourself… I understand the danger to myself though I do have family in the Inn. All my family has right now is Jerric and he has been so terribly busy looking for my sister. Niniane is ambassador to Taniford, so she is held probably in the Citadel. Stefan and I are here, my parents are vulnerable to whatever it is Kerilyn and Prince Darrin have planned."

When Stefan speaks, she lifts her eyes to rest on him and nods.. "I do have family here. Baron Paule, his children, Augustus, they are all Northerners such as I." The mention of the journal has her looking back at Pawel and she sighs at his words. "I would not, nor could not cause harm to you nor any of the others. I have made true friends in my time here, I could not allow you to do that either, Your Grace." With grace she is far from feeling, she rises once more, clasping her hands together and looking at Samwell as she moves towards him. "If you go.." she tells him hesitantly, "Please… send word of your safety." Lifting a hand to touch his face gently. "I will worry until I hear from you."

Samwell is shocked at all sights. Not only for the messenger and the letter, but for the discussion between a cousin he cherish very much and the Princess who he loves. And, though he understands Amira's reasons, it doesn't hinder the fact of the discussion with Prada. Breathing deeply, and trying to get his thoughts straight while listening to Stefan, he finally comments on it. "This is enough. Lady Prada is certainly part of the nobility, she is the Duke's sister and advisor, and sent from the Queen herself to bring us news. And she isn't disrespectful, probably would act different to a Southern royal," a glance is given to the named Varghem, "But she is just plainly giving us her opinion and Her Majesty's words." that said, he nods and continues talking to Amira. "You are one of the strongest people I have ever met, Your Highness. And I share what she said. We need you, we can't do it without you. But, as difficult as it can be, it is not your tears what we need. You will hear from me, and I will hear from you. Your father and Kingdom will be safe, and so will ours. So keep standing, keep being strong. Fight by our side, not in the battlefield, but in every way you can. There won't be more tears for us." nodding very solemnly, and smiling just as much as he can, everything considered, he offers a farewell courtesy to the Rhaedan Princess before she leaves. A quick look slips to the Duke and stays in him for a while.

Augustus listens to sam talk and says. "It's only right that we have one of them with princes samwell, should Amira stay then we need prince Stefan with us on the journey north. " having already heard what stefan wants. "this will ensure to those we come across the north isn't being invaded. I know we have some hot heads, just as you do the more we can work together to keep the peace the better. " he walks over to Amira after gently disengaging from Collette to look At amira and says. "My princess, you have my sollem word that He'll remain safe. I shall see to it that no harm befalls him. " as he places his fist over his left breast to slaute the princess. Then as he's away he says to both softly. " collette wish's to come on the trip and I do not have the heard to say no… I will make sure she's part of the rear guard for her own safety."

Pawel nods a little as he hears that, letting out a bit of a breath. "We'll need to compose that letter, cousin. I'll be at my sitting room whenever you are ready, and then we'll make the final decisions on who goes where as well." A brief pause, before he looks to Amira again, offering her a quiet smile, although it looks a bit sorrowful, before he heads off towards the courtyard, and the main keep.

His words may as well have been a slap in the face when he disregards her feelings out of hand. Dropping her hand from his cheek, she looks down at the ground. "No one can stop me from shedding tears for my family, Your Highness. I worry for them and until they are safe and I can see for myself they are, then I will continue to worry for them." When Augustus approaches her, she turns to face him and hearing his words of comfort, she bites her bottom lip to keep from crying again lest she offend others. In an impulsive move, she throws her arms around Augustus, giving him an impromptu hug… "I want to go home." After a moment, she releases him and looks to Pawel, repeating those words. "I want to go home."

Disconcerted, confused, sad, and angry, that is Samwell right now. For different reasons and to different people, but it is a mix of emotions he can't easily handle, or not handle at all. But still, he has to do something, it is expected of him. Looking around in evident grief, he just turns to head out. "I am sorry. Everything will be good again." without being specific on what is he sorry about, he looks directly to the Princess' eyes. It is clear he wants to say something, the internal fight is just as clear, but, in the end, he just whispers farewell words and departs.

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