It's Raining Man

It's Raining Man
Summary: A body Drops from the sky, some Harpies arrive and a warning is issued but was the warning taken as the harpies meant?
Date: 27/10/2013
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Laketown is a series of dichotomies laid out in the open. Grand cobbled stone boulevards feed into winding and cramped dusty alleyways and muddy side roads. The shimmering gleaming halls of polished stone that the merchants, guildmasters, local gentry, and nobles have built hide the dilapidated and grimy hovels and dirt and mud that seems to pervasively linger in a town always under construction. Even at night, the beating heart of the Laketown market square is filled with spectacles and merchants and the constant flow of money, although not always between buyers and sellers. All roads lead to the gold and marble pillars and bright cobalt tile roofing of the Blue Duck Inn, the unofficial hub of the business in Laketown set just across the way from the large, glittering temple.

The town tapers towards the Deep Woods and Wolveshire to the south, the fertile Open Field to the west, Brivey Keep to the Northwest, and the expansive Docks to the east. Laketown never sleeps, the constant clang of blacksmiths, shouting merchants, and the thunder of heavy carts constantly moving about town.

Oct 27, 1329

The air is crisp as the autumn settles its way over the neutral town of Laketown. The sun is shining today leading more out into the market place where the last of the harvest is being picked through for canning and preserving. The central area of town is bustling despite the sad backdrop of the burned out temple. Work has started on the Temple of the Four but it is slow going still leaving a sad, torn gash in heart of the town.

Prince Samwell Taniford is waiting for a summons from his lady mother and while he has little to do, he can as well grace the harvest festival with his princely presence. He likes being given free pies by the local women and have local girls trying to catch his attention. And so the prince is standing by a pretty stall at the moment, munching his way through a sweet blueberry pie. His blue guards, for once, are absent.

Cordelia strolls through the market, an apple in hand. There seems to be no true direction as her path zigs and zags, carrying the woman to whatever might catch her eye at the moment. She munches at the fruit as she watches the bustling.

Prince Samwell may be temporarily bereft of his Blue Guard, but it's not long before he isn't exactly unescorted. Having been making his way through the crowds, Sir Jaren Cassomir had been simply re-acquainting himself with the town after several years away. He'd looked upon the barely-rebuilding Temple with a pensive frown, and had perused some of the stalls, somewhere along the way acquiring his own apple, which he just finishes munching upon when he spots Prince Samwell. With that, he moves through the crowds to the Prince's side, glancing about with mild curiosity before bowing towards Samwell and querying, "Good day to you, Your Highness. I'm surprised to not see Sir Deidra and the others about."

"Sir Jaren, good day.", Samwell greets the man with a warm smile - a smile with a twitch at the corner of his lips when the man asks about Deidra. "I believe it was rather cruel of me to take her away from her husband so soon after her wedding, so I've given her some days off now until we ride out again.", he explains, "How are you liking Laketown so far? Like the scenery?", he asks, his eyes coming to rest on the lone woman strolling around, munching an apple.

Without the usual oh so recognizable uniforms of the Blue Guard surrounding him, Cordy doesn't recognize the man immediately. She gives the prince a nod when she sees his gaze drift her way, grinning widely. Well, until his features trigger her memory. A small sigh escapes the lady and she pauses, still quite a few feet away, to offer a bow for the prince and his companion.

"Aside from the state of the Temple, Laketown seems as lively as ever, your Highness." Jaren replies to Samwell, keeping a respectful distance away, though his dark eyes do travel to take in the lady Samwell happens to be looking upon, and to his credit his expression remains impassive besides the polite smile that has already spread across it. "Sir Deidra is married? I was unaware of that." He does sound a little tiny bit surprised at that, but doesn't seem inclined to pursue the matter further, "I should not take up your time, Highness, I would not wish to interrupt your leisure." Sir Jaren's smile turns just a touch towards a bit of warm humor. "But I hope you will not take offense if I just so happen to remain a short distance away in the meantime." Just in case.

"Yes, she is. Roltoff is a very lucky man.", Sam confirms lightly before he finishes his blueberry pie and licks his fingers in a decidedly un-royal fashion. "Ah, do stay with me, Sir Jaren, I enjoy some company. Do you know the Lady Cordelia? Should I introduce you?", he wonders, "She's a cousin of the dear Lady Claire who did wonders for our health during our recent sojourn. Lady Cordelia, good day.", he greets, returning her bow with one of his own, "Are you enjoying the festival?"

Cordelia makes her approach once the prince greets her. "Your Highness," she utters before knocking out the last bite of her apple. Dark eyes drift towards Jaren and she inclines her head respectfully. "I am, indeed. But then I always find a way to enjoy myself. Where are your guards? Do not tell me that you have given them the slip… Between you and Duke Pawel, one has to wonder what guards are even for though, I daresay that your companion appears as though he might manage to swing a sword a bit." Her tone as well as her countenance is nothing but jocular, her smile wide and easy even as her arms lift to cross over her chest. "And how are the two of you enjoying the day, hmm?"

"No, your Highness, I've not had the pleasure." Jaren replies to Samwell in regards to Cordelia, turning to face her more squarely and inclining his head in turn towards her, but allowing Samwell to make any introductions. That touch of humor to his polite smile re-asserts itself at Cordelia's words and manner, and he can't help but interject just a bit at her comment:

"I usually manage to avoid running myself through, thankfully."

The sunny sky doesn't give much opportunity for clear sight when looking upwards, so the sudden body that drops out of nowhere takes the people below by surprise. Thankfully whoever it is must have been dead a while, so a sickening thud is all that is emitted. Closer examination would reveal a carved up face, dried blood and what looks like chewed on limbs. However right now that is not what anyone is look at. Right now woman scream, children cry and some are exclaiming their surprise while others scan the skies or back away under shelter.

"My guards are enjoying themselves somewhere.", Samwell explains to Cordelia with a smile, "I have this man to look after me, apparently. Sir Jaren Cassomir.", he introduces, since the man didn't. He looks like he might say more, but suddenly there's screms and a mutilated body coming from nowhere. "Heavens!", the prince gasps, staring with wide eyes.

"A pleasure to meet you, Sir Jaren," Cordelia returns. His own response has brought another measure of humor to her features and she is just on the verge of making reply when their new arrival appears. The woman takes a step back, spinning on her heel to face the body, clearly startled.

"What in the seven hells?" Cordelia demands, her hand reaching for her weapon just in case.

No exclamations from Sir Jaren, though there is very clearly an expression of shock that briefly crosses his face. Still, instinct takes over, and he steps forward, attempting to reach an arm over and gently yet insistently urge the Lady Cordelia back towards the Prince, and keeping himself interposed between the body and the pair of them. Also? Hand goes to sword, but it's not drawn just yet, instead he takes a moment to look upwards, scanning for the source of this more-than-a-little-disturbing interruption.

Sam doesn't move for his sword. The dead body clearly isn't going to fight back. "Where did he come from?", he asks no one in particular and moves closer to Cordelia to be all protective and gentlemanly towards her. A small crowd is assembling around the dead guy and Jaren who seems to find himself in charge of the situation now.

A silent lull passes over the crowds as the expectation of more bodies is not fulfilled. Many faces look towards the knight then catch sight of the prince. A woman is shaking, clutching her baby to her chest near the body, "Phillip…by the gods Phillip!" An older woman takes the baby from the younger as the woman turns hysterical, clutching at the decaying body, down on her knees.

Cordelia arches an eyebrow as an arm begins insistenting, even gently, what she should be doing. Still, the woman is not one to shirk her duty. Sam makes it easy when he steps in to protect her, however. Dark eyes lift to the heavens, studying the sky and their surroundings. "Perhaps it would be best, your highness, if we were to find you some shelter for the nonce…"

It's not a common occurrence, that's for sure. The people gathering and the shouting are more than enough to draw Claire's curiosity further towards the front of the group. Guard in tow, even though it's the older man who has something of a frown marring his expression. It's not a place for his lady. Then again, that's a well used argument that hasn't been handy.

Sir Jaren's hand slowly moves away from the hilt of his blade, having been less concerned with the body itself and more the "where did it come from" side of the equation. However, not spotting anything above to mark as the responsible party, he shakes his head, "I don't know, Highness, but given some of the rumors surrounding the Temple, I don't like where the speculation leads." He nods, albeit not looking towards Cordelia when she speaks, "I believe the Lady is right."

Jaren moves forward now, crouching down beside the body, looking over towards the hysterical woman in sympathy, but not doing anything to prevent her from expressing her grief. He's fairly sure it wouldn't do any good just this moment anyhow. He does, however, make note of the woman's appearance and the man's name. Now may not be the time for questions, but later they may be necessary. His eyes then look over the body, looking for anything aside from the obvious wounds that might seem out of place. His eye is untrained, though, which makes him grateful when a familiar face appears in the crowd. He meets eyes with Claire and nods, though he does not beckon her forward. That's her own decision to make.

Samwell's eyes follow Cordelia's eyes up to the sky, but when she suggests shelter, he chuckles. "I don't think it's raining bodies, Mylady.", he points out, "Though it seems strange… where did this one come from?" He looks around for potential sources and also spots Claire approaching. Having less qualms than Jaren, he lifts his hand to get her attention with a wave and a call. "Lady Claire! Can you check if anything can yet be done for the unfortunate? Or at least find out how he died?"

The woman continues in her sad sounding howls until the older woman who looks like she could be her mother says, "Enough Patricia, we need to move him." Others from the community seems to be joining together in solemn silence as they look to the nobles, waiting for permission to move the obviously dead man.

A laugh sounds over the quiet gather however, echoing from the direction of the burned out Temple of the Four, "Your puny gods could not protect that one!" The silky smooth voice is music to most men's ears, soft and sultry.

"I am not worried for rain, your highness. Rather… other perils of the sky," Cordelia replies, her lips pursing ever so slightly. The voice draws attention and Cordelia's weapon clears the scabbard as she places herself between the voice and the prince. "Shelter, your highness. We should find it for you. I fear I will have to insist…"

Meeting Jaren's eyes in acknowledgment, it still doesn't change Claire's forward progress. And Samwell's acknowledgement further ensures that she's drawn into the information collection with the guard behind her closing the distance to ensure her protection, if nothing else. "Your Highness." It's not quite that simple? One of many things that she could say, given the situation. "Perhaps in a better location than the middle of the street?" Spoken with a pause and a glance to the woman who is sobbing over the body, it doesn't change the press of her lips together into a thoughtful line as she approaches the woman, mindful of those awaiting such direction. "Is there anywhere indoors that we can bring him? To at least be seen to by one of the priests or priestesses."

Leof is quiet as she enters in, carrying her bow and a large rather shot rabbit. "Oh hey a crowd." she mumbles, looking like she'll stroll right on past. The voice catches her attention and in a rather smooth motion her dinner is dropped and an arrow and her bow are in hand. The short haired blonde knocks an arrow and stands perfectly still, ready to open fire at the slightest of provocation from the Harpy itself.

The gathering crowds start worrying Samwell. He's young but he's not a fool. And that not everyone loves the Tanifords. "I will hear from you later what transpired.", he tells Jaren and Claire and nods to Cordelia, following his sudden protectoress meekly as a lamb out of the danger zone.

Shouts and wailing tends to bring forward a little more attention from those representing the Temple these days, considering the string of events that keep befalling Laketown. Merrick is one of those who seems to be drawn from his perch near the Temple toward the masses gathering. Or maybe it was the body falling from the sky that prompted his appearance. No matter, he's arrived dressed clearly with the surcoat of the Temple's signal on his dress, assessing the situation upon each step of approach, telling those at the back of the crowd to disperse. Although he is not the town guard, he gets enough people wary of recent events scurrying off in every other direction. The voice from the Temple has him looking over his shoulder, visibly seething that such a thing would be said from that general direction.

"A sound idea, Lady Claire." Jaren notes to her as she arrives, reaching over to place a hand lightly on Patricia's shoulder, "Good woman, the Lady here is a healer, and we should-" HIs words are interrupted by the voice, bringing a frown to his face as he rises to his feet, drawing his blade from its' scabbard and turning to look in the direction it appears to have come from. "I think that may answer the Prince's question…" His eyes remain wary, focused in the direction of the temple, before giving a quick look to Claire's armsman, hopefully he's already working to do his duty. Times like this make him wish wearing armor all the time was practical.

Merrick notices that people are reaching for their weapons as the situation seems to become tense, looking over toward Jaren as he seems to be one amongst the crowd itching to pull some steel, "Tell me what has happened? Quickly." The tone in his voice suggests they may not have time for long stories but that they should get him up to speed incase this was to turn into another attack on the Temple.

Cordelia escorts the southern prince to a safer spot, her pace hurried.

"Little woman, do you honestly think I am afraid of you?" The voice chimes in it's clear, beautiful tone. The laughter that follows is from more than one source as hooded figures rise up from the temple roof, large and lovely golden white wings spread out behind the figures. Despite the wings the figures all share the same look, grey hoods pulled low over their faces and the obvious body of woman. "Do not send your men to poke about our lands, or more bodies shall just fall your way." It's a definitive statement from the weird women as they rise up above the crowds.

In hindsight, it may have been for the best that Cordelia has seen to the Prince's safety. Pausing with a look over one shoulder towards the hooded figure, the presence of more already has the guardsman blocking her view with a deft step and a sword drawn. It's not just in case, but rather he sees them as a potential threat. Still, Claire's view is not impeded by their flight into the skies. Silent but not forgetting of the man that remains nearby and very much dead, she first glances to Jaren, then Merrick before turning towards Patricia and those with her. "I think that we may need to speak with you, Mistress. Of course, we need to see him well seen to," she offers softly, trying to stay unnoticeable as possible.

Leof snorts at the hooded figure "Do you think I'm afraid of you?" she shouts back, her little falcon perching on her shoulder. "I sent no men to investigate sky whores. I couldn't send them if I wanted." she isn't a little woman being both meaty and a bit on the above average side. "Mocking our guardians in the sinders of our temple probably isn't the welcome here." She cracks her neck causing her falcon to give a loud cry. Adjusts her stance and aggressively pulls her hunting bow tight, sharp hazel eyes focused on the cloaked figure that is goading her. "I should have brought Giselle or Azalea." she comments to the little falcon with a lopsided grin. "They love playing outside." she quips to her falcon.

Jaren's sword lowers, though it's still held in his hand as he looks up towards the other figures that rise from the roof of the temple. His expression switches to one that might be a bit of confusion, and a hesitant step is taken towards the temple. He answers Merrick's question, but his tone and manner seem deeply distracted:

"The body fell from the sky." He tilts his head towards the body (apparently of a poor fellow named Phillip) lying in the street, with face clawed up and limbs gnawed upon. "And now this…" Another step is taken towards the temple, and then Jaren simply begins continuing his walk in that direction, albeit at a somewhat leisurely pace.

Merrick has not yet reached for his sword or any weapon for that matter. He takes a step forward to look more visibly up at the roof of the Temple where the voices have come from, sweet perhaps to the ear of those who have not taken the Four deep into their hearts. Merrick frowns as he sees the number of them spread out upon the roof, wings vast and large, bodies beautiful. He shakes his head, looking hard over at Jaren who is telling him in a distracted tone of what happened, eyes flicking back tot he body mentioned, then the way that the man is starting to walk toward the temple. It doesn't click in. Still, the formal demand that men should not be poking about the lands of the harpies has Merrick call up to them, "Who claims that we have sent men to your land?" He presents himself to the leader by asking that question, though at Leof's words, he turns to her, hand up to plead for her to wait, "Mistress, calm yourself. If they wish to declare terms to the Temple, I am the most relevant person here to address
them." He eyes the bow and then shakes his head, still his hand held up to prevent her from shooting off an arrow, hopefully!

A small laugh comes from the leader as she glides down to the ground to land in front of the temple, fear obviously not in the forefront of her mind. Looking to Leof, or at least the hooded face seems to be looking in her direction, "Listen to your priest young one."

Her attention is then directed to Jaren for a moment, a slender hand is raised and a finger beckons the young knight towards her before the creature seems to be focusing on Merrick, "Your man did not just wander into our territory on his own accord." A long nailed finger, hands half human and half avian in appearance, points towards the body and Patricia sets herself in front of it, "That was not our doing, but we assumed you needed to know what happens to those coming where your guardians can not protect you."

Patricia's protective movements even over her dead lover are quick but the commoner does not her head to Claire, "Of course my lady, I want to help." The poor woman's eyes are still overflowing with silent tears as she tries to compose herself.

Reaching out a stilling hand along Patricia's arm, Claire's pressure of such a gesture tenses in the instant that the winged creature points in the grieving woman's direction. The healer is just present beside her. "Later. I promise, once we see Phillip seen to properly at the temple," she murmurs, pausing finally with a full look at the woman to offer a handkerchief with a look of sympathy. "Here. Use this. I am willing to presume that the Guardians can and do protect us here, even though those.. creatures appear to be leaving." They are airborne at least, it seems.

Leof shakes her head "Only out of courtesy do I lower my arrow from someone who casually tosses around dead bodies." she quips towards Merrick, lowering her bow but not unknocking her bow. Her string tension still tight. Her head cocks twice up, causing the little tiercel on her shoulder to flutter off rapidly. Whatever command she gave obeyed for now. Her fingers shift, feet shuffling to walk side to side, back towards the docks, as if she's just going to abandon the gathered people. She's still tense though.

Jaren doesn't visibly seem to react to the beckoning of the Harpy's crooked finger. His sword remains in hand, held downward and to the side. His pace, however, quickens, carrying him further away from the crowd and closer to the Harpy. At this point, it's hard for the others to see his face, but it look determined. The question of course would be: Determined to do what?

Merrick's eyes widen as he realizes that it's much too late to help the young knight from getting too close to the leader of these winged-women, though the man carries a blade and could be hoped to defend himself? Let's just hope not cause more trouble. All were quick to their weapons under such circumstances. To Leof he nods appreciatively, telling her in a quieter voice, "Violence only begets more…Though keep it ready all the same." As it would seem to be then, he's no longer focused on Leof, eyes turned to the front and toward the winged creatures.

He takes a few more steps forward, following Jaren's path closer to the temple, to address himself to her, "Many men do wander and we cannot keep them all from their curiosity of what is beyond our borders." He tells her, show his hands freely at his side, no threat apparent, "We do not send men into the world where the Four cannot touch," now this is making sense to him. The lands east. Could it be? He positions himself humbly toward them, "If men had gone where they should not, it is only because their hearts were empty of the Four and they yearned to find something more that their lack of faith could not give them. They are often the most deseperate and foolish of our kind. Your point has been made…" He pauses, "How should I name you? You are a… lady…" that seems the best he can do, "…of the skies that is unfamiliar to mine eyes." Another moment, adding "Cause no more trouble here."

Cordelia hies her way back to the scene of the crime, having deposited the prince with a couple of Blue Guards. Leather boots scuff along the ground as she skitters to a halt, weapon drawn and at the ready. The woman hesitates, not willing to swing her blade until she has had the chance to assess what is truly happening.

Cocking her head to the side the creature continues to focus on Merrick and his eloquent words, "We did not cause trouble…merely thought your kind needed a warning." She looks back to the knight and steps towards him, hand outstretched to rest on his arm if Jaren does not stop her. She says though as a trill from one of the 'sisters' still in the sky breaks her attention away from him again, "Sent or not, do your best to keep them away. Things to the east are not the same." The woman's words sound like they are attempting to sound bitter, despite the natural charm of her tone.

Patricia's head bobs to Claire, "We need to move him yes." A woman comes out of one of the nearby shops with a sheet in hand to cover Phillip's body from sight.

"We can move him to the secondary location that I have heard of since recent events," Claire says to Patricia, moving to assist with the spreading of the sheet before looking towards those men who are still present. Accessing which ones are strong enough for the task ahead. "We need at least two men willing to carry." She'll leave the negotiating for those ahead of her, even though the glance over one shoulder draws another one of her fleeting frowns. They're not to be getting closer. It doesn't make sense.

Leof eyes Claire "Lady Sollinger, if you need a place to work, you may use my Eyrie." she offers, voice low towards Claire "Just move any crap in your way and help yourself." she offers, her bad section of lip twitching enough to show where it had previously been split by way of a small trail of blood. She looks agitated still and like she wants to shoot for safety's sake.

Some glimmer of instinct causes Jaren's hand to tense on the sword, but it doesn't come up or lash out when the Harpy reaches out and places her talon-like hand on his arm. Indeed, it relaxes almost as quickly as it tenses, and his expression shifts to a…smile. Quite a warm smile at that, though his eyes look somewhat unfocused. Almost as though he'd imbibed a considerable quantity of booze somewhere in the midst of those couple dozen steps that brought him to the Harpy's side.

"Then it is a warning and it shall be heeded as one," Merrick tells the harpy leader, watching carefully as Jaren is ever seemingly closer to the odd creature of the skies. Her mention of the east and it not being different has his back straighten, hoping to ask with another word granted, "Why is the east not the same? If we knew more, then your warning here would be granted further weight than an … unfortunate man could ever be worth." Merrick tells her, his hand lifting up to gesture at the young knight, "Do not harm him. He is not one who has crossed your borders," he stops as his hand falls by his side, but he's taking a defensive stance, "If you take another life, your point will be lost, for men will hope to hunt you simply to avenge their brothers. And it will never end." He gives a quick look back to see if anyone is around to help if this turns ugly.

"What in the seven hells?!?" Cordelia demands, her dark eyes darting everywhere. With Merrick talking to the beastie, she seems less inclined to simply rush in. Her advance slows somewhat but is steady until she is only a few yards from them (assuming that's possible with the layout).

"Such violent creatures you are." The voice is soft and sultry again as the 'woman' caresses the side of Jaren's face, not even leaving a mark for now since it's more the touch of a lover. "The east is the east priest, it is none of your concern." Her back straightens as she looks up to her sister's who seem restless. "You talk to much sister." One finally says and adds, "take him or leave him, we are going home." The seeming leader of the harpies in the air start back towards the lake and off towards the east (keen eyes may notice they are heading north east of Laketown). The one left behind sighs visibly, her shoulder slumping as she looks over Jaren and clicks her tongue, "You have a strong soul, too bad." With that she leaps back into the air and starts after the other creatures.

"Sir Jaren!" It's not as if her voice could or would be able to cut through whatever is affecting him, but Claire might be the only one who could call him friend and therefore get through. Maybe. But the idea of explaining this disappearance is enough to cause her to try. Looking back to those preparing the body for the temple's temporary location, it's clear that she may be staying for the short term. Right where she kneels or stands, her guardsman still remaining close. Almost too close for her tastes.

Leof 's bow is pulled up and drawn in agitation although she unknocks the arrow when the harpy begins flying off. She lets out a breath and move towards Jaren, moving to attempt to get attention. She does stop to pick up a few of the feathers, holding them with her bow and the arrow she hasn't quite put away yet. If able she's going to try to pat his shoulder, body language going non hostile and calm for the task.

Jaren frowns as the Harpy's shoulders slump, and lifts up a hand as though to protest when she lifts into the air, his expression growing to one that looks quite despondent, deeply hurt that so lovely a creature is leaving him behind. He keeps watching as they dwindle towards the horizon, heedless of any calls or even Leof's pat on the shoulder. Only once the avian women are out of sight does he look back towards the others, expression shifting once again towards confusion as the enthralling effect starts to fade.

Merrick observes the way that the harpy caresses the young Knight's face with her talon like hand, frowning as he's unable to really do much for the other unless they invite some sort of all out attack against the creature. And what would that do but invite further deaths? Still, the answers of the east go unquestioned. "It is our concern if you insist we stay out of it," spoke to the harpy, as if man should be privy to the dangers to further keep their people from it, or as he hoped, prepared for it. Alas, there are no answers other than being shut out. His attention stays focused on the harpy on the ground, despite the affair above them all. So if there were keen eyes tracking the harpies, he was not one of them. His focus was on getting the young knight free of danger. It would seem that violence is avoided however, when the final harpy makes the decision to leave Jaren where he is. At that point, Merrick heaves a sigh of relief, observing the flight path for only as long as it takes to ensure she's gone.
Then, he approaches the knight, so enthralled by the harpy, saying to Jaren, "I believe it best if you speak to the Mother Superior before you leave Laketown."

Cordelia waits at the ready. Having no experience with harpies, she follows Merrick's lead, her attention shifting from the man to the beasties. As the thing caresses Jaren's cheek, her grip on the hilt of her sword tightens. But then the winged creature takes flight. Her head tilts back, following their retreat and then continuing to watch the skies for a few moments longer while Jaren's friends attend to him.

Relieved that Jaren remains on the ground, Claire turns her attention to the body and the woman to assure herself that they are transporting the body. When not distracted by the harpies, which she'd understand. Looking to Leof, she suggests, "Let us get him to the temple first and then proceed from there. I may be able to assist, but he must be properly seen to for his soul's sake. Thank you for the offering of your building, Mistress." Setting her attention on Cordelia, she asks, "Is all well with His Highness?"

Leof smiles to Claire "Anytime." she taps Jaren once more, plucking an especially pretty feather from his person. She proceeds to pick up a few more of the feathers - damn bird beasts molt all over. She offers Jaren her hand after slinging her things aside.

"What?" Jaren blinks at Merrick's words, then looks between Claire and Leof, still seemingly somewhat uncomprehending. "I…." He frowns, shaking his head a bit, trying to clear some of the fog, though it only seems to limited success. He seems to notice now that his sword is drawn, though, and finally re-sheathes it. As Leof offers her hand, he again looks somewhat dazed, but he does reach and take the hand, still not quite seeming himself, though his eyes -do- look to be getting less glassy by the moment. Still, for now, he's relatively easily led to wherever Leof cares to take him.

Merrick regards Leof carefully, though his attention is still on Jaren, "I cannot allow you to leave without speaking to the Mother Superior." There's an edge to his voice that suggests he is serious on this matter, eyes turning then to Leof, "Mistress Leof, if you would care to escort him to the Temple with me, I mind not, but I need to take him there all the same." Merrick proceeds to stand rather near the two, his hand settled on the hilt of his blade, adding, "The Temple will see to it that he is well."

"What?" Cordy glances Claire's way. Her words take a moment or two to sink in. "Oh… Yes. Yes, his Highness is in good hands. I found a member of his guard to watch over him. A far better protector than I, no doubt, but I could not in good conscience remain within when there was trouble without. Sir Jaren will be well?" she asks the other woman, still not completely certain what had just happened.

"I would like to say yes, that he would be eventually," Claire replies with a final glance to those already seeing the body on the way to the temple, Patricia undoubtedly along with them before turning towards Cordelia. "Will you come with us, my lady? I can at least tell you what happened while you were not present," she says, the guard beside her sheathing his sword once satisfied that nothing else will threaten his charge. Even from the skies.

Leof reaches up and pats Jaren's shoulder "Lets get you in the temple and see about getting you some hot tea and a looking at, okay?" she asks, with her softer voice. "Hand off your sword, please." she gestures at Merrick. "You could startle him." she whispers. Her expression is a little dull "Come on now, Sir Jaren, lets get you inside. Are you hurt?" her voice is a lot sweeter than normal "Are you hungry or thirsty?" she asks, starting into the temple quietly, squeezing the knight's hand through her thick leather gloves. She seems pretty content to lead Jaren.

"All right…" Jaren notes to Leof's words, then shakes his head, "No…no." He's neither hungry nor thirsty, but at least he's responding to the questions as the falcon-trainer leads him towards the temple. He doesn't seem alarmed by Merrick's hand on his sword at all, really. Though about halfway there, Jaren's hand does slip from Leof's, though he still follows along of his own accord, occasionally shaking his head a bit, closing his eyes tightly, trying to fight off the haze.

Merrick doesn't remove his hand at all, he simply frowns at Leof and follows in behind the pair.

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The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.

With serving not only those of the Temple but those of Laketown and any who have been brought requesting aid, there is near always some soul being looked after or tended to within the infirmary by one of the Priests, Priestess or Acolytes of the Temple. There is but a single door that leads to and from the room, though it is wide enough for several to pass through at once, especially for those who may be carrying injured upon stretchers.

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The Temple was slowly recovering from the desimation that the dragon had sought to bring down upon the establishment. Or on the street had it, the attack was orchestrated by the hand of th eonce Prince, now pretender King Darrin. The main chambers had taken the brunt of the assault and were yet in th eprocess of being restored. The doors to the infirmary were patch worked at best, but the rest of the area seemed to have survived more intact then the rest of the building. Some scortch marks yet remainded, a bit of melted bricks to remind of the event, but one could almost…almost forget what happened beyond the room for a little while.

Most tended to be focused otherwise anyways, with the many staff of the Temple seeing to the injured that had come for aid that day. the few yet lingering on and recovering from burns and other injuries from that attack and other accidents or incidents about the city. Tylon herself was about the room, her arm no longe rin a sling though it was yet recovering in strength and some fuction it seemed.

It would be into the infirmary that the rather large grouping of Merrick, Jaren and Leof are followed by Claire and Cordelia. The latter two attending rather than clearly in need of anything particular. Though, that's not to be said for the other grouping of people bringing in a body wrapped in a white sheet that follows them, perhaps. For Cordelia, Claire murmurs, "I do have to wonder what he thinks of the entire situation after all. Embarrassment or no."

Leof is quiet, leading Jaren in. At Merrick's frown he's given a rather stern look of disapproval in return. "Alright Sir Jaren, I'm going to get going, I need to make dinner and deliver some to a close friend unless I'm needed here." she looks at Tylon with concern, hoping to take off. Jaren's shoulder is given a gentle squeeze before she backs up, starting to wander away from Jaren and if possible the hell away from Merrick. "If you need something, you can come by my Eyrie after supper." she offers to Jaren before smiling softly to Claire and giving her a small bow.

Jaren nods to Leof, murmuring a "Thank you" as she goes. He still looks a little dazed, but his eyes are more clear than they were even a couple of minutes ago, and he's frowning for more than just confusion at this point, if the tinge of pink in his cheeks is any indication. He looks to Merrick, then Tylon, blinking a couple times, then inclining his head towards the latter, "I…my apologies for the interruption, Mother. My head's in a fog. Your man here thought it wise to bring me…." So at least he seems aware of what's transpired, "I…" His face reddens a bit more deeply, "I…" He glances to the others present, then shakes his head, "Perhaps another can better explain."

Cordelia gives Claire a knowing look as conversation continues around them. It's all she can do to keep her eyes from rolling. "Longing, I would venture. I've heard sailors tell stories of something… similar, let us say. There is longing, even though they know that they are better off." Her voice is pitched low and for the other woman only. Arms cross over her chest as she lets her gaze wander over the gathering. "What is it that you do hope to find from poor, dead Phillip?"

Merrick continues to keep his hand on his hilt, it's comfortable that way. He follows behind Leof and Jaren at a comfortable distance, armor giving each step a bit of weight to it as plates and maille shift and move. He doesn't see the disapproval on Leof's face, since after all he is not concerned with the Mistress taking the young Knight any where now that a Chosen has frankly put Jaren under his care. He keeps by Jaren, regardless of anyone else interferring, until the Knight has had the chance to speak with the Mother Superior. To which, he gives her a salute in the way of the Temple, "Mother Superior," is all that he says, allowing the knight to speak for himself and when the words seem to be at a loss, the Chosen slips in, "Creatures with wings and women's bodies, from the east, were able to enchant the good knight here. I assume you've word on what transpired already?" He's not the only Chosen in the Temple that would've seen the harpies, after all!

And in comes that gaggle of people to draw Tylon's attention, stepping to greet them. And of the group, Tylon does look to Jaren first trying to note any actual physical injury and giving Leof a simple,"Thank you, we can take him on from here." All business when it comes to the infirmary. "And there are never any interuptions in the infirmary, Sir." Or just everything is. Green eyes go to Merrick for what further explanation might be coming. Giving a incline of her head to his salute," Harpies then." Her lips tightening just slightly. Oh she was familiar with the birdies. "I had heard some words. I take it then this poor lad got a little to…close in tangling with them?" Looking to Jaran as she speaks about this. Already seaking to guide him along.

The body wrapped in white likelt to get directed to some 'back room' away from the live and injured patients. death tends to unsettle those…worrying about dying form sickness or injury.

"Oh." Murmured softly in return to Cordelia, Claire's understanding of the words not lost on her with a carefully schooled expression in turn. It's fortunate that Leof takes her leave with a bow that is given a nod in return, delaying the remainder of her thoughts with regard to Phillip and Jaren, alike. Thankfully, with the latter being taken to one of the back rooms, her attention is more for the present. "While it is clear what caused the poor man's demise, I wonder about the circumstances of his travel." Speaking softly, she doesn't immediately approach - yet she does nod to Tylon respectfully with the implication of not getting close. This is business. Not social hour. So, she continues to the Sollinger beside her, "Whether or not it was known to others. It is a talk that we can investigate later, if you are willing to help me? His Highness wanted to know about the situation and I wonder if Sir Jaren will even be able to report thusly."

Leof smiles at Tylon "Just do let me know if you need anything." she offers, waving as she heads out. She's headed out to go back to her own home. She'll talk to Tylon or get checked later since she touched Jaren. She doesn't look to worried about it for now though. Her fingers pull up her pants a bit as she heads out, loosening her archery guard as she walks.

"They said they didn't kill the man…just brought him as a warning," Jaren notes towards Claire, "I…remember most of what happened, I just…" He shakes his head once more, face nearly the color of a freshly-pulled beet by this point, "That -voice-. It…" He shakes his head once more, a bit vigorously, "It's shameful." He looks…rather crestfallen, all told, though whether from shame of having been enthralled or the lingering longing to have been taken along is difficult to say at this point, though from the color of his face, perhaps a bit more likely the former.

"It's an enchantment, Sir Jaren. Everyone knows that." Cordelia's brusque words are meant to be encouraging and consoling, even as one hand lifts to wave away his worries. "According to the lady we should be attempting to discern the journey of the man from here to there and back again." Dark eyes look to Claire to make sure she got that right. "Evidently random forays into their realm by some of ours is warning worthy but dragon attacks are alright…"

"And I will, of course, assist if it is needed," Cordelia assures Claire.

"Yes Mother Superior," is Merrick's response, finally learning the name of the creatures, "Harpies…" he seems to know of the term, though at this moment the pieces are connection, as he's not well versed in the history of Ellowe like some. "The one touched him and he looked," he peers over toward the said young knight, "at a loss when they left." And that's as gently as he can put it, standing back a few steps, "I was able to convince them to stand down, but their message was clear Mother. They warned against our people, our kind, trying to venture to the East. The one had said the east was changing. I could not convince them to tell us how." He points toward the women, "I assume they may have more to say on how it all started, as I arrived in time to hear these women… harpies, speak." A pause, "It could be that the unfortunate victim has some clues to how he died, or perhaps where he was, before he passed on." He considers Cordelia though says nothing, his opinions are for the moment, irrelevant.

Claire spares the faintest look towards Jaren, frowning as if he sounds far more coherent than she had expected. Befuddled indeed. Revising her thoughts of the knight, she looks to Cordelia with a brief nod. "Thank you. My name is Lady Claire Sollinger. I think that we have not had the time to exchange that much, at the very least." And even that is briefly given in return to the other's own. "But, it does make me interested in how one man from here made it to the east if on his own and without help. Or if there were others with him, who might be very well missing." The latter statements said with a look towards Merrick, she adds as an afterthought, "I believe that the commotion drew my attention as the murmurs were of a man falling from the skies. Not that he was dead, which I saw firsthand on drawing closer."

A faint smile is offered to Jaren,"Nothing to be ashamed about, it's a hard thing to resist. Many others haven't been as lucky as you to get away. Even if you're not yet certain the sort of luck it is right now." Tylon guiding him towards one of thebeds to settle to,"It'll pass though, just be a few days of taking ease and rest," and watched. "I've had witness to the effects a few times, so don't fret about it." Though her atteniton is divided to the others as it is further explained about what the warning was about. "Ah, so warning against putting foot in Ellowe, granted most who think to are fools enough. " Noting for what some might be new news," The dragon attack was because someone felt insulted about being uninvited to the events at the time."

Tylon gives a bit of a nod to Merrick,"Then he was perhaps not as enthralled as some, there were a few that actively tried to follow after." Giving a slight shake of her head at the memories. "Thing are changing?" Green eyes look towards the the pair of women, giving a slight incline of her head to Claire as the noble steps foreward,"A pleasure, Lady Claire. If not for their message, I would say it possible he had not gone on his own. For I have witnessed them…selecting new men for their uses."

"I…did want to follow." Jaren notes rather quietly, "At first. Rather glad I've neither wings nor fins at this point, however." Jaren notes, attempting a brief, self-effacing smile. He moves over to the bed offered, unfastening his sword belt and setting the weapons aside for the time being. "I do feel…out of sorts, though. I…" He shakes his head once more, "Well. Not something to be discussed now."

News travels around the Temple about things like falling bodies, enough that Breanna has wandered over to the Infirmary to see what might be up. While this might be strange for one such as her to go and wander in to figure out what sup, though she has helped out with things dealing with the Temple in the past. For the moment the Ranger peers into the room, her pale gaze drifting over the few she catches sight of, her gaze settles on the form of Merrick whom she watches for a few moments before she starts to wander on towards the little group, bits and pieces of the conversation getting picked up as she goes.

Cordelia arches a brow once more, her face tilting towards the healer. "Claire?" She takes a step back, taking more of the woman's appearance in. One corner of her mouth twists upwards. "You have not grown an inch since last we did see each other. That was.. what? A decade now? At least. Cordelia…As in Corwin and Cordelia," she reminds. "Good to see home folk." Recalling that there is something bigger at hand, she turns to face the rest of the group. "I was speaking with Sir Jaren and Prince Samwell when … suddenly…" She gestures in the direction of the dead body. "Meat from the sky. I took the prince to safety so… I could not tell you what happened after that."

A knowing look gets sent towards Jaren,"No need to try and explain further, unless you're wanting to. I quite understand what you're talking about. Take some time, let your mind wrap around it all." To that end, Tylon does seem to know well enough to see one of the male acolytes brought along to watch after the man for the evening.

Nodding to the added bit that Cordelia adds in along with a faint smile for the mini-family reunion that seems to occur. Tylon gives a nod towards to Merrick,"We can work on that and we'll…talk later, Brother." Some stories just weren't meant for so many ears. Claire gets a slight nod,"It is not the first time harpies have been in Laketown, and they do not always come to the west so openly. So it is entirely possible that they do not always take from the more distant locations. "

The words from Tylon are enough to make Merrick give another crisp salute, fist thumping against the maille on his chest. With his task complete, the man moves toward the ranger, "Mistress Breanna," he states formally, nodding toward the exit of the infirmary if she was so inclined, leaving with the weight of his armour chinking with his every step, announcing his departure as much as it had announced his arrival.

Breanna takes in the comments that are caught, a curious glance is sent to Merrick at the talk of Harpies bring the problem of the day it would seem. Dragons, harpies, its all go at Laketown it seems. The Ranger pauses once near Merrick, a faint smile sent to him along with a nod of her head to the others that send and acknowledging motion towards her. There is a slight pause before she glances over to Merrick once more, a nod is seen while she turns following along with him towards the exit. "Busy day I see around here." For once she wasn't around to join in the crazyness.

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