Sir Jaren Cassomir
Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Jaren Cassomir
Full Name: Jaren Cassomir
Byname: None
Age: 31
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Lohstren
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Cassomir Keep, north of Estermarch
Father: Lord Aric Cassomir
Mother: Lady Mathilda Cassomir
Siblings: Lady Edwina Lohstren (Sister), Lord Marius Lohstren (Brother-in-Law), all others deceased
Spouse: Mishala Cassomir (Deceased)
Children: None


A highly-regarded veteran of the Corsair Wars, Sir Jaren Cassomir's life outside of military pursuits has been a tragic one.

Immediate Family

Lady Edwina Lohstren (NPC) - Jaren's only surviving (and youngest) sister. He corresponds with her as frequently as he is able.

Lord Marius Lohstren (NPC) - Jaren's Brother-in-Law and the current ruling Lord of Cassomir Keep.

Character Features

Physical Features

Jaren Cassomir is a tall, lean, dark-haired man with an intense gaze and a precise, disciplined manner. He stands a few inches beyond six feet, and his thick, wavy brown hair reaches to the base of his neck in length. His eyes are a deeply dark brown, nearly black, and his gaze is quite intense, often seeming to look right through those he regards. Jaren's features are chiseled and somewhat sharp, albeit not in an unpleasant manner. Indeed he would likely be regarded as quite handsome by many. A neatly-groomed beard and moustache covers his jaw and upper lip, softening those stony features just a bit. Jaren moves with precision and athletic grace, displaying the effects of a lifetime of war and military discipline, and wasting very little motion. When at rest, he does not fidget in the least, with often only his eyes moving to study his surroundings in that almost eerily-intent manner.

Jaren is clad as one might expect of a Knight, in a suit of well-maintained plate armor that covers him nearly from head-to-toe. The design is clearly for function rather than style, as the suit is virtually unadorned and has clearly seen a good bit of use. A heavy shield is often strapped to his left arm, with a bastard sword hanging from hip of that same side. A long dagger rests in a scabbard on his opposite hip, and when not being worn, a simple visored helmet is often carried under one arm. The only other adornment he bears is a dark grey cloak lined with dark fur, and then only should the weather make it necessary. While his equipment is definitely not new, it does all appear to be of good quality and very well cared-for.


Stillness - Sir Jaren is unusually still when at rest. He never seems to fidget or otherwise waste any motion.
Stoic - Sir Jaren is highly reserved under most circumstances, tending to show little in the way of strong emotion. He's generally quite unflappable, at least outwardly.
Loyal - Despite the tragedies that have befallen him, Sir Jaren remains loyal and steadfast in his duty. His determination on the battlefield knows few bounds.
Natural Leader - Sir Jaren has a knack for command. He tends to instinctively take charge in stressful situations if no one else has stepped up to do so.
Idealist - Underneath his taciturn manner, Sir Jaren is an idealist that believes in the professed virtues of knighthood. His is not the naive idealism of a youth reading too many fairy-tales, but rather a tempered idealism that recognizes that no one (himself included) will always live up to every virtue, but that doesn't mean the attempt is not worth pursuing.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Eldrick Sir Eldrick Lohstren : He had the strength to shoulder his burdens and the mercy to allow me to divest myself of my own. A good man who would be worthy of following even were it not demanded by circumstance of birth.
Gauvain Sir Gauvain Tarris : A brother in arms from the Corsair War and a friend. He is too talented a warrior to be allowed to languish for so long. I only hope his passions and temper do not get the better of him.
Bethany Bethany Ashdown : Squire and daughter to my friend Sir Gauvain Tarris. A bright and pleasant young woman, if perhaps a bit too free with unleashing her quick wit on her father. I wish her success on her path to Knighthood.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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