Captain Javan Emrick - NPC
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell as Captain Lord Sir Javan Emrick, Esquire
Full Name: Captain Lord Sir Javan Emrick, Esquire
Byname: The Uncontested
Age: Awesome
Kingdom: Unknown
House: Wherever I Lay Down
Title/Profession: Too Awesome for One
Position: Anyway She Wants It
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Eikeren
Father: Awesome
Mother: Awesome MILF
Siblings: Chinless
Spouse: Haahahahaha
Children: Not Sure


It is rumored that Javan Emrick was the only man to successfully adventure in Eikeren and return with the proof of his travels.

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

That. Is. One. Mighty. Package. And a Nice Chin too.


His hobbies include women of all shapes and sizes, including a threesome with Stilltha and Altheara, as well as occasionally hunting dragons, for sport.
He also enjoys fighting various demons and the undead. He prefers to convert harpies using his mighty chin, rather than killing them. The harpy/MaRonite nuns mainly reside in a convent somewhere in Ellowe.
He also enjoys eating vegetarians.
He once stared at Kharnas. Kharnas blinked.

On the Grid

Known Associates

You want to be associated with me. - Javan.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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