Jerric Rhaedan


The first son of Breac and Arwydd, King and Queen of Rhaedan. Jerric has been trained to be the next King since he could walk. So now in his 24th year his station in life comes as natural to him as breathing. Strong and confident. He's had the best of everything that the Kingdom could offer. The best trainers, the best horses, the best weapons. The best teachers in reading, math, and other scholarly aspects. Now, released from Rhaedan Castle, he is the voice of the King in the lands.

The oldest of the siblings much of the leadership responsibilities has fallen on his shoulders. Perhaps the hardest decision was to send his eldest sister to the Tanifords as Ambassador. His younger brother brings him to laugh while the youngest sister is the one that brings him the greatest joy.

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

Tall, nearly 6 feet 3 inches and weighing about 235 pounds the man posses an impressive figure. Blond hair falls past his ears and deep blue eyes peer from wayward locks. Square jaw, high cheek bones and a small scar on his right cheek just below his eye. Broad shoulders, a trim waist, large hands all round out this fellow.

tHe wears a brigadine of the finest quality over gold colored chain maile. Over this is a deep red surcoat with the family sigil upon the left breast. About his waist, cinched tightly is his sword belt and a sheath that holds an ornate sword hangs on his left while on his right is a matching dirk. Black leather pants tuck into nearly knee high boots that are polished to a deep shine.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Known Associates

Kerilyn Kerilyn Rhaedan : My sister. The one that can calm me when needed. Though at times she pisses me off to no end. I would protect her at all costs
Stefan Stefan Rhaedan : My brother and twin to Niniane. Though I love him and he does a fine job with Rhaedan Castle, I wish at times he took his duties more seriously.
Amira Amira Rhaedan : the baby of the family. When all else fails Amira can make me laugh. I want to keep her as the child I have always known though now she is grown, I worry about her.
Niniane Niniane Rhaedan : Held in the clutches of the Tanifords, my thoughts are always on her well being.

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