Master Johan Grimson
Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel as Johan Grimson
Full Name: Johan Grimson
Byname: Grim
Age: 32
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Guild / Commoner
Title/Profession: Master Metalsmith
Position: Weaponsmith
Place of Birth: Rhaedan
Father: Gunnar Grimson (Deceased)
Mother: Hiegli Grimson
Siblings: Sisters. To the last. Gods help him.
Spouse: Mistress Bryony Fearn
Children: None


Johan is a commoner who was born in Rhaedan in the time of a new born peace between Rhaedan and Taniford, in the time of banding together to drive the Corsairs away. His entire life has been one knowing war in some form, as generations before him, and this new found fragile peace leaves him feeling, if it is at all possible, more uncomfortable than the war would. Any day now…it will all fall through.

Immediate Family & People of Note

  • Gunnar Grimson - Father (Deceased)
  • Hiegli Grimson - Mother (Aging)
  • Bryony Fearn - Wife
  • Unnamed Sisters - Older and/or Younger (Open to Play)
  • Landros Belmont - Apprentice
  • Second Apprentice - Variable (Open to Play)

Weapon Smithing

Grimson Arms

Laketown - Grimson Arms

The heated air in this room smells of fire and iron. A forge dominates the rear of the room, coupled by large bellows and flanked by a sturdy anvil. Barrels filled with water stand by the anvil, and others stand along the walls filled with the materials of the craft. Counters and benches are home to well-kept and cared for tools. Examples of the wares, weapons ready to be taken away on the spot, hang along the walls and from the rafters of the building. Despite every available space being put to work, it doesn't feel cluttered in the forge. The floors are well swept, everything is organized, and everything has its place. Two wide doors, wide enough to pass a cart through, open under a swinging sign reading Grimson Arms, with a hammer crossing the G, back out to the street.


  • Weapon Repair - Healer of the steel! Johan can repair what ails them.
  • Custom Weapons - Johan can work with you to create exactly the weapon you want.
  • Weapon Sales - Occasionally Johan creates special, unique, one of a kind weapons that remain in stock. If you want something special, but don't know what, you might check what he has collecting dust at the forge.

Available Weapons

  • Bornas Falchion

Character Features

Physical Features

Johan is rough around the edges, as one would expect of a man that spends many, many hours of his life hammering iron at a forge. He dresses in a practical manner, in soot-blackened stitched hide and leather that will stand up to his work. Sometimes there is a smithy's apron and tools in his belt, other times only a pair of axes. His body is hard, his skin is scarred, and the smell of smoke lingers in his clothes. His blond hair is shorn down to the scalp on the sides, but is otherwise left long to be braided and tied back down the center of his head. The hair on his face is left to it's own devices. His eyes are blue, the glacial blue of Northern ice, and watch the world so very closely.


Iron Gut - It's been said that Johan could eat like a vulture, and still get by. Which is good, because everything he cooks for himself comes out charred and bloody at once, and what he drinks is uniformly alcoholic. The ends to which he could drink and still find his way home on his own two feet have not yet been found.

Observant - Very little slips by Johan. It might be an imperfection in his work, or something out of place in his shop. It might be a twitch in another's expression. Sometimes, though, it makes the man come off as cool or distant, socially reserved, while he watches the world go by.

Perfectionist - Johan holds his craft to an exceptionally high standard, spending hours alone at the forge at the cost of the rest of his life. He holds his apprentices to the same, making him a somewhat difficult Master to study beneath. On the other hand, his mark is one of those synonymous with quality in Rhaedan.

Religious - Johan is quite devout in the Faith of the Guardians. His apprentices will attest to his frequent lectures equating smithing and the forge to the Guardians and the honor of them. They will often do this with a roll of their eyes or a weary sigh.

Soft Spoken - Johan rarely raises his voice, in humor or outrage, more than its rumble needs to be to be clearly heard. It keeps him out of trouble, but it also leaves him over looked at times for the more boisterous. It might have something to do with why he hasn't started a family yet despite being successful and having plenty to offer.

Steadfast - Johan's resolve does not shake easily. His temper is on a rather long burning fuse. Fear is something that if he feels, he does not easily show. Once he has put himself on a path, there is very little that will sway him from it.

On the Grid

Known Associates

…Because no man is an island. Nor is his forge.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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