Sir Kadlin Locke (Royal Guard)
Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst as Kadlin Rae Locke
Full Name: Kadlin Rae Locke
Byname: Blue
Age: 22
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Locke
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Royal guard (Archer)
Place of Birth: Riedel
Father: Left open for potential App
Mother: Deceased
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None


The daughter of a Knight who represented the Riedel family, Kadlin showed at a very young age an affinity for the bow. After squiring at age 11 for a while with a well-known Knight known for his archery ability; she became a Knight. Proving herself it various encounters, Kadlin was selected to be a member of the Royal Guard, a position she takes very seriously.

Read her full background for specific details of what was hinted upon above.

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

Flaxen hair is tied back into a tight fitting pony-tail that still manages to fall below her shoulders and below the back of her leather helm. Despite the casual appearance, it would be able to deduce that it could be quite lovely and full if let down. Occassionaly, a rebel strand will escape its restriction and dangle down before her icy-blue eyes. Those eyes; a glance that has been said possesses a feeling of comfort one moment, but intimidation in the next. Her complexion is quite clear, a hint of pink around her well-defined cheekbones, and when she smiles, a small dimple appears in her left cheek, only enhancing her obvious beauty.

It is quite obvious that the woman before you is dressed in the outfit of the Royal Guard of Rhaedan. She is armored in full chain, a tooled leather brigandine and her surcoat, yet the most impressive piece of clothing she wears upon her athletic frame is the Red Cloak. This cloak bears the color of House Rhaedan, and is clasped by an elaborate and special brooch only issued to the Royal Guard. The brooch is only a few inches in length, but it's golden shine of the regal lion with claws extended is a work of art. Add to it the small red gem in the place of its eye and you have a piece of extreme beauty and significance. Completing her outfit is a pair of leather gloves and hard leather helm with an open face.

On her left shoulder a long bow hangs; a quiver of exquisitely crafted arrows on her right, the feathers are red with golden tipped accents.


Sarcastic: Some say her mouth is as sharp as her arrows, and delivered just as fast.
Stubborn: If she knows she is right, give up. Rumor has it she stared down a donkey.
Loyal: No questioning about it. Kadlin is loyal to those she loves and represents.
Feather collecting: Loving to make her own arrows, she is always on the lookout for bird feathers.

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