Kaelea Aleksandra Steele
Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria as Kaelea Aleksandra Steele
Full Name: Kaelea Aleksandra Steele
Byname: None
Age: 18
Kingdom: None
House: None
Title/Profession: None
Position: None
Place of Birth: Estermarch
Father: Erik Steele
Mother: Kaye Leigh Steele
Siblings: Brother, Step-Sister, Possible other steps.
Spouse: None.
Children: None.

Immediate Family

Father: Erik Steele
Mother: Kaye Leigh Steele d.
Step-Mother: Alisynn Miller
Brother: Unnamed
Step-Sister/Brother: Unnamed
Best Friend: Danyel


Physical Features

Long, wavy hair is a vibrant red and frames her features. Arched eyebrows over kohl lined vivid green colored eyes. A pert nose and full lips glossed over. Her chin is slightly rounded, though a little too pointy for her liking. Her build is rounded in all the right places, her waist slim, arms a tad bit too defined to be called thin. Her height is average, around 5'5", weight around the 115 mark. All in all, she's a well put together girl with mischief and spontaneity emanating off her.
Her mode of dress alters between a couple of different outfits. Some days it's a tunic that's dark green in color over brown leggings and boots made from fur with rope tied strategically around to keep them in place. Home made boots. Other days she's in a maids style dress, a white chemise with a peach colored dress over, the corset style that is cinched at her waist conforming to her figure.


  • Defiant: It is a rare occurrence if Kaelea ever offers a bow or curtsy or even a title to nobility. If it is supposed to be done a certain way she does the exact opposite. Commoners are called Commoner. Royalty and Nobility are called Noble.
  • Hot Temper: Known for her red hair and temper, both of which are fiery. She would rather throw a right hook than to talk things out and it's gotten her into a little trouble on occasion.
  • Impulsive: If it crosses her mind to try something, chances are, she'll be doing just that. She's prone to act first and then think later and it gets her into fights pretty often.
  • Straight Forward: She says what's on her mind, bluntly, not really afraid of what people will say or do, or how they react.

Known Associates

Stefan Stefan Rhaedan : He's a great guy. Playful and fun, likes to drink. A bit of a bad boy.
Collette I don't remember. Her ladyship or something. : Very proper, seemed to like flirting with the Prince AND the Vargham noble person, didn't exactly catch either's rank.
Pawel Pawel Vargham : My eyes are up here, Sir.

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