Countess-Palatine Katarina Westmark
Mary McCormack
Mary McCormack as Katarina Elyse Westmark nee Rhaedan
Full Name: Katarina Elyse Westmark nee Rhaedan
Byname: N/A
Age: 36
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Westmark
Title/Profession: Countess-Palatine
Position: Advisor to Prince Jerric - Head Advisor
Place of Birth: Rhaedan Castle
Father: Lord Darien Rhaedan
Mother: Lady Kerianne Rhaedan
Siblings: Lord Kristopher Rhaedan
Spouse: Count-Palatine Paule Westmark
Children: Baroness Coriaria Westmark
Lord Castor Westmark
Lady Lilium Westmark (d.)
Lady Laurel Westmark

The third cousin of the Rhaedan King, Baroness Westmark dreamed of being a knight and ended up in an arranged marriage to a besieged Baron and helping him free his lands and becoming his greatest supporter.

Immediate Family

  • Paule Westmark (39) — Royal Advisor
  • Coriaria 'Cricket' Westmark (19) — Baroness of Westmark
  • Castor Westmark (19) — Surrendered Title to become Chosen
  • Lilium 'Belladonna' Westmark (d.) — Lady - Died of White Fever in 1318 at age 5.
  • Laurel 'Foxglove' Westmark (16) — Lady - Heiress of Westmark

Physical Features

Dark blonde hair that is streaked with sun whitened strands cut in a layered style that allows the subtle curls to frame a face that is striking, her hair is currently swept up in a sleek coil, the heavy weight of her hair pinned in place and held with a pair of gold edged combs. The play of light and shadows accenting the strong bone structure and deeply set eyes that hold more than a hint of amusement and sublte challenge, slender eyebrows arch in a subtle curve over pale blue eyes that are framed by nearly invisible eyelashes. Full lips are set in a straight line beneath a rather noteworthy nose, a nose that would have been patrician at some point in the distant past but has been broken and reset a few times which lends her profile a bit of a rough but still elegant line. Her delicate jaw line compliments her heart shaped face and sun warmed complexion. At 5'2" she has a wiry and lean build that is only softened by the gentle curves at hip and chest, she is lean waisted and long legged, the sure strength of her hands and shoulders suggest athleticism instead of delicate grace. A slender band of white gold, intricately edged, encircles her left ring finger, one half of a matched set. A delicate metal choker rests around the base of her neck, small but fine gems catch the light, the clasp hidden by the fall of her pale hair.

Her attire is elegant in it's simplicity, sleekly tailored to accentuate her slender and wiry build without edging the line into fashion faux pas. The gown that she's wearing, a deep flawless obsidian edged with fine seams of gold, is made of a light weight brocade that flows gently around her feminine form. The bodice of the gown curves gently along her shoulders to dip to a subtle 'V' at it's lowest point over the center of her chest. A pin shaped into the profile of a stags head is tucked in place along the edge of her gown along her left shoulder. The bodice is delicately embroidered and the gown is laced tight along either side of her chest, accenting the lean length of her waist before the subtle flare of her hips. The sleeves of her gown rest along her upper arms, the wide cuffs folded back to reveal the intricate but exquisitely patterned embroidery worked in gold entwined with brown, the same embroidery edging the bodice, the seams of her gown and in wide panels along the hem. A pair of soft leather boots are worn with her gown, the boots adding several inches to her height.


  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Loyal
  • Poet
  • Vengeful

The Rules

Rule 1 - Know where the weapons are at all times.
Rule 2 - Know where the exits are at all times.
Rule 3 - Keep your wallet guarded at all times.
Rule 4 - Never command someone else to do something that you, yourself, would not do if you had the skills.
Rule 5 - Fight smarter not harder.
Rule 6 - If the choice is yours, pick your battle ground.
Rule 7 - Decide what you're willing to fight for, die for, and what you're willing to send others to their deaths for.
Rule 8 - Never pick a fight over stupid shit.
Rule 9 - No touching or infringing of personal air space without express permission.
Rule 10 - Never underestimate your opponent but encourage them to underestimate you.
Rule 11 - Chaos and confusion to the enemy - at every given chance.
Rule 12 - Cut AWAY never TOWARD your body.
Rule 13 - Know where the first-aid kit is at all times.
Rule 14 - When in doubt be bold.

Rule 15 - Get a shot off fast. This upsets him long enough to let you make your second shot perfect.
Rule 16 - If it cant be expressed in figures, it is not science - it is opinion.
Rule 17 - Place your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.
Rule 18 - No one will rescue you — Standard operational mind set.
Rule 19 - You live and you learn, or you don't live long.
Rule 20 - Never borrow more than your IQ.
Rule 21 - Never drink anything with a higher alcoholic proof - in public - than your actual age in human years.
Rule 22 - Always carry a knife.
Rule 23 - Make use of the terrain when at all possible - everything is a weapon, even the weather.
Rule 24 - Arrange your weapons in order of what can be thrown first and what must be used as a cudgel last, when in doubt - use the rifle as a club.
Rule 25 - No such thing as having too much ammo - what ever you don't use you can put back.
Rule 26 - There is always a plan B - a contingency plan for every scenario.
Rule 27 - If you're asking yourself if you're doing the right thing, you already know the answer - stop making excuses to yourself.

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