Sister Kelaria Thorne
Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander as Kelaria Lucienne Thorne (nee Riedel)
Full Name: Kelaria Lucienne Thorne (nee Riedel)
Byname: - None -
Age: 26
Kingdom: Temple of the Four Guardians
House: Rhaedan Chapter House
Title/Profession: Sister
Position: Chosen
Place of Birth: Brivey
Father: Sir Lukas Riedel
Mother: Lady Kiley Riedel
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None



Born into the House of Riedel, Kelaria seemed destined for a life of politics, marriage, and social maneuvering. No one could have predicted the young woman would one day answer to a higher calling casting all trappings and benefits of nobility aside in favor of a simpler life of service to the temples. Yet one rarely walks away from nobility without some small consequence, whether in service to the Guardians or not.

Immediate Family

  • Sir Lukas Riedel — Elder brother of Duke Neale Riedel.
  • Lady Kiley Riedel — Wife of Duke Neale.
  • Duke Neale Riedel — Uncle and head of the Riedel House.
  • Sir Sammel Riedel — Cousin and heir to Riedel.
  • Lady Guinevere Riedel — Cousin.

Physical Features


Carefully plaited into a thick braid which tapers down to the narrow of her waist, midnight locks compliment the warm sun-kissed glow of her complexion. Her face is punctuated by the classical contour of fine aquiline features. Murky moss-green eyes reflect with a silent countenance beneath a myriad of coal lashes. Elegantly perched above a set of palen rose lips resides a fairly delicate nose, while her chin harbors the faintest hint of a dimple.

Finely honed with a dancer's physique, her form belies a soft curvature in a most complimentary feminine manner despite her 5'7" stance. Utilitarian and simplistic in design, a fitted tunic of somber gray clasps about her gentle form - the hem, of which, ceases a few inches above her knees over a set of fitted black breeches. A dark purple scarf wraps around her shoulders to generate a makeshift cowl frequently drawn about her hair when out in public. Thin black leather boots hug her feet granting a slight dampening of sound with each passing step.

A thick leather belt cinches her waist to hold her scabbard and matching twin hatchets while a quiver and bow remain strapped across her back.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Noble Roots
  • Even-Tempered
  • Divine Fate
  • Merciful
  • Stubborn
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