Queen Kerilyn Raethkin
Miranda Otto
Miranda Otto as Kerilyn Raethkin
Full Name: Kerilyn Raethkin
Byname: N/A
Age: 24
Kingdom: Raethkin
House: House Raethkin
Title/Profession: Queen
Position: Queen
Place of Birth: Rhaedan
Father: Breac Rhaedan
Mother: Arwydd Rhaedan
Siblings: Jerric, Amira, Stefan, Niniane
Spouse: King Darrin Raethkin
Children: None


Kerilyn was born and raised a princess to House Rhaedan, the ruling royal family of the Rhaedan kingdom. Growing up, she was close to all of her siblings due to their proximity in age, and although she endured tutelage under both of her parents, she considers herself a "daddy's girl." At the age of 24, she is chomping at the bit to do something more useful than riding and hunting.

Immediate Family

Father: King Breac Rhaedan NPC
Mother: Queen Arwydd Rhaedan NPC
Siblings: Jerric Rhaedan - knight, oldest and closest sibling PC
Amira Rhaedan - Ambassador to Taniford PC
Stefan Rhaedan - younger brother PC
Niniane Rhaedan - twin to Stefan PC

Character Features

Physical Features

Smooth and shiny waves of golden hair are left free to cascade in lightly curled tendrils down about this young woman's shoulders. The locks near her face have been shortened, and they curl around to echo the gentle curve of cheek and jaw. She has wide, round eyes the light, watery blue of an afternoon sky, a petite nose, and full lips. Unlike many amongst the nobility, her sunkissed skin serves as testament to the hours she spends out-of-doors.

Although slender, her form could most adequately be described as lean and hard-edged. What she lacks in assets she makes up for in height, emphasized by the long lines of her pale green silk gown. The garment hugs her torso tightly, cinched by strings hidden underneath a stretch of white linen for accent. The sweetheart neckline is augmented by a simple gold brooch fitted with emeralds meant to draw the eye toward her cleavage. The floor-length skirt stretches downward from an empire waistline, loose enough for free movement by not excessively so. Beneath the skirt, one can catch glimpses of a pair of brown leather boots.


Quirk Description
Devoted Daughter Kerilyn's relationship with her father is a close one, and as such she is devoted both to him as a father and as a king. She can be considered a "daddy's girl," although this particular insinuation tends to annoy her. Kerilyn is apt to do nearly anything her father tells her, even if it goes against her own desires.
Silver Tongue Prone to delivering moving oratories to her people, Kerilyn is known for great speeches and inspiring words. This particular talent is useful within her own lands, and works well upon her own subjects. However, she has not explored whether or not she is able to communicate as effectively with Tanifords; in all likelihood, it would be akin to discussing physics with a cockroach.
Prone to Violence Like some traditional Rhaedans, Kerilyn has a very short fuse and her temper is molten. She is quick to anger, and in anger she is quick to draw a weapon and challenge the source of her annoyance. Although she has some skill with words, they tend to fail her in the heat of the moment, and she goes to her second best skillset: fighting. This has earned her trouble in the past and will likely do the same in the future.
Singular Vulnerability Kerilyn may appear hard-as-rock on the outside, and to some she almost seems utterly heartless and cold. Although frosty on the exterior, there are a few things that may strike a chord within the young princess. Her devotion to her family stands as a close second to her love of her father, and so any threats to her closest relations are considered threats to her person as well. She is not always known for being wise in these situations, and they may earn her quite a bit of trouble in the long-term.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Darrin King Darrin Raethkin : My Prince turned my Consort.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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