Nydan Krakensteel
Lich King
Lich King as Nydan Krakensteel
Full Name: Nydan Krakensteel
Byname: Krakensteel
Age: Presumably 20-24
Kingdom: Unknown
House: Unknown
Title/Profession: Knight
Position: Hedge Knight
Place of Birth: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown


A Mystery Knight, seen at the tourney hosted in Wolveshire. No innkeeper can tell of his whereabouts. A young girl, always hooded, has served as his squire. At the sword-fighting event he was bested by the Phantom Dancer, in a tied match, but Sir Nydan faced him again at the joust competition, defeating him and being crowned as the winner of the event.

The Kraken Armor

A full plate armor, tinted in dark sea blue. Its helmet, forged in the shape of a Kraken, lets four tentacles to fall - two on his chest, and two on his shoulders. The monster's eyes are open visors, matching perfectly the ones of the knight. Little details, patterns of what can be ships, tentacles, or both in a frightening representation, can be noticed when reflecting the light. Clearly, a careful and fine work has been made in every piece.

His shield showed a depiction of another ship, being drowned by the mentioned mythological creature. However, it was nearly destroyed in his fight with the Phantom Dancer, another mystery knight, in the tourney of Wolveshire.

Character Features

Physical Features

A tall man, wearing the Kraken's Armor at all times. No physical features are known, aside from that. Not even his eyes, always covered by the shadow casted by his helmet.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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