Krea of Brivey
Samantha Barks
Samantha Barks as Krea of Brivey
Full Name: Krea of Brivey
Byname: None
Age: 25
Kingdom: None
House: None
Title/Profession: Squire
Position: Squire to ser Maldred Corellan Westmark.
Place of Birth: Brivey
Father: Olgan of Brivey
Mother: Ylva of Brivey
Siblings: There is a missing brother.
Spouse: None
Children: None

„She does not have talent. She has a marble heart.“  (Ylva of Brivey)


There were a young woman Ylva and a young man Olgan. They were simple people of the town Brivey. They did not have money, they did not have posh home. However, they were in love. Love was everything they had. These two people married in order to follow their dreams together. The day came, than a first child was born from a great love. But usually, if you are just a simple penurious human of earth life is not very grateful for you. The baby did not wait the moment, than two joyful parents will give him a name. He just died. Tears washed parents‘ cheeks more than a few years until the second child was born. However, this one was the same: pale and weak. He just died. Parents tried to get their hope back, praying for Four Guardians. Loyalty and piety awarded them with twins: a boy and a girl.

However, they did not have money for four mouth. But there was another young woman. A sister of Ylva. She said „I will help you, my poor sister Ylva. I will take a boy. I will give him love and home. Don‘t worry.“ And she took him. A few years, they lived in the same town, but just a few years. Then two sisters split up. Ylva had a possibility to visit her son. She spend a lot of time with him, but her sister with each day became more and more angry about this. She started to believe, that this was a real son of her and Ylva wants to steal it. So, than the night came… Really dark night. The night, than people can become beasts. The night, which covers all the sins. This was the right night, the right moment for mad woman to take a boy and just run away. She used this chance. Nobody knew where she went.

Immediate Family

Olgan of Brivey (father) - He was a really good knight. The sword was like his arm. However, he was even better father. He cared about his child so much, that he forgot about his passion to the swords. However, the life was too cruel for this man. He started to drink too much. And finally, he was killed by a group of men.
Ylva of Brivey (mother) - Femous healer of the town Brivey. She was loving mother, but also she was madly in love with her husband. Than he was killed, poor woman became insane and died.
Twin brother - Krea does not remember how he looks. She even does not remember talking with him or playing. She just knows, that he is somewhere.
Sister of her mother - mad woman, who kidneped her brother.


Physical Features

Krea looks much younger, than she is. At first sight you could think, that she is fragile and exceptionally beautiful. However, she is not just bones and bright skin. The girl has strong arms and legs, although it looks like, that she will shear off through her incredibly slim waist as a thin twig of aspen. Even if her plump cheeks are grubby and her rosebud lips are chapped, and her eyes, green as a fresh grass in the spring, looks in to the world with a grain of sorrow, her face looks so pretty. However, if you look intently, you will see a few scars on her arms and legs, that ruins all her beauty. Moreover, there are hundreds of scars on her body under the girl‘s rags.

Krea tries to cover deformed body with a long tattared, muddy, dusty skirt, which was as bright as sun, before many days. Also, girl wears a linen shirt. A leathern belt gathers the shirt, emphasising the slender of her waist. But a scabbard on the belt with a sharp dagger inside attracts more attention. Also, the young girl has a small pack on her shoulder with a man clothes inside – one pair of rough dark trousers, leathern, but tattered cap and a blue muddy shirt. Sometimes she wears these rags.


There are rumors, that this young woman, who looks younger than 18 years old, has a marble heart. She does not care about people. She is not very talkative, she is loyal for what she does, she is stubborn and stick-to-it-ive and she can easily take a life away as she easily can heal the body or soul. However, sometimes a strange flame flashes in her eyes and you can not know is it some sincere feeling or is it just an irony or sarcasm. The real is just admiration in her green eyes, than beloved dagger is in her hands. She loves that thing with all her heart and she knows, that she can trust just its sharp cutting edge.


  • Marble heart
  • Stick-to-it-ive
  • Stubborn
  • Doesn't feel pain

Known Associates


Scenes and Events

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