Laketown Blues

Laketown Blues
Summary: People meet accidentally at Laketown, engaging in conversations here and there. With tempers already slightly raised after Princess Aylanora's disappearance, Deidra has a not too pleasant encounter with Lord Antyllus, who questions her and other female Blue Guards' efficiency in the current search for the princess.
Date: 19/04/2013
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Laketown, Laketown
Laketown is a series of dichotomies laid out in the open. Grand cobbled stone boulevards feed into winding and cramped dusty alleyways and muddy side roads. The shimmering gleaming halls of polished stone that the merchants, guildmasters, local gentry, and nobles have built hide the dilapidated and grimy hovels and dirt and mud that seems to pervasively linger in a town always under construction. Even at night, the beating heart of the Laketown market square is filled with spectacles and merchants and the constant flow of money, although not always between buyers and sellers. All roads lead to the gold and marble pillars and bright cobalt tile roofing of the Blue Duck Inn, the unofficial hub of the business in Laketown set just across the way from the large, glittering temple. The town tapers towards the Deep Woods and Wolveshire to the south, the fertile Open Field to the west, Brivey Keep to the Northwest, and the expansive Docks to the east. Laketown never sleeps, the constant clang of blacksmiths, shouting merchants, and the thunder of heavy carts constantly moving about town.
April 19th 1329

Heading from the open field towards the woods, Kaelea is alone, she's carrying her bow and a quiver of arrows as she walks. Her head is tilted down and she's watching the ground where she walks, seeming to be unobtrusive as possible and unaware of her surroundings or the guard stalking her.

"Where?" comes the quiet question from Pawel to the guard that stepped inside, before said guard nods his head in the direction of the open field and the person walking there. The Duke of Wolveshire nods, before he starts moving as fast as he can, without being too noisy, over in the direction of the young woman, guard following a little behind him.

Continuing on her trek to the woods, Kaelea walks along, still unaware of anyone approaching her. Her red hair streams down her back glistening in the sun just before she steps into the woods.

Getting closer, Pawel waits until he's well within reach so he won't have to speak too loudly. "Going somewhere in particular?" he asks, relatively quietly, as he keeps on walking for now. The guards keeping their distance at the moment, but stays nearby.

Stopping when she hears a voice, Kaelea turns to face him. She tilts her head to the side and lifts her shoulders. "Home." Pointing towards the woods. "Why?" She asks suspiciously, not bothering to greet him properly.

"Where would that be?" Pawel asks after a few moments, stepping the rest of the way over to her now. "I've been trying to find you since… that day." The last part spoken a bit quietly, studying her for a few moments now.

Kaelea points towards the woods again. "In there." She still has the same suspicious expression on her face. "Why?" She repeats quietly, though hearing the mention of that day, she nods solemnly. "I've been staying home for now. Am I in trouble for something?" Looking like she'll bolt if his answer is in the affirmative.

Pawel shakes his head a little. "Not that I'm aware of, at least. Should you be?" Another brief pause, before he offers her a momentary smile now. "The last time we met, I might have been a bit rough with you, after all." Back in the fire. "I wanted to check that you were not injured from it."

Kaelea absently rubs the slowly disappearing knot on her forehead. "I'm not hurt anymore." Lifting her shoulders, she shrugs. "I didn't do anything wrong except try and get away from the fire. I scratched you and kicked you, isn't that enough to be in trouble?" While she talks, she continues eyeing him suspiciously, taking a few steps nearer the woods.

Near the woods, a redhead is speaking with a nobleman, there's at least one of his guards with them. Kaelea has a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back and she's speaking with the noble man, looking at him suspiciously.

"Under normal circumstances, I would think you would be in trouble for that, yes," Pawel nods a little as he says that, before he takes a few steps forward again, slowly, and holding his hands carefully to the side, so she'll see he's not trying to grab her at the moment, or anything like that. "However, what happened there was no normal circumstances, for any of us." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I want you to know that what I did there, it was to try keeping you from running straight towards those fanatics that was trying to burn and slice us all at the moment."

The door to the Blue Duck Inn opens and out steps two men, one having a more noble bearing while the other is in hardened leathers, looking more an armsman or guardsman. Both have sheathed blades at their sides and as they take a few steps away from the entrance of the tavern, Eldrick gives some final orders for the other man, "I want you to keep your ears open on what's been going on here in Laketown, apparently a /lot/ more has been going on than I had heard since the last update I received. Also, stay at my sister's side and keep her safe." The guardsman doesn't question the orders, or which sister, so apparently it was obvious who the Lohstren Heir was speaking of.

When he steps nearer, Kaelea steps another towards the woods, the wary look deepening at the mention of trouble. "It wasn't normal," she agrees, her voice quiet. Just as soon as he explains himself, his actions, she frowns, eyes moving involuntarily towards the direction of where the burning incident took place. "Why were they trying to?"

Near the woods, a redhead is speaking with a nobleman, there's at least one of his guards with them. Kaelea has a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back and she's speaking with the noble man, looking at him suspiciously.

Outside the Blue Duck Inn, a noble of Lohstren colors is speaking to an armsman of similar colors.

Hearing that question, Pawel lets out a bit of a sigh, expression a bit thoughtful for the moment. "I don't know," he admits, keeping his gaze towards her face for now. "I wish I knew if it was just to sacrifice anyone available to their chaotic beliefs, if they were just trying to scare people. Maybe they were targetting someone in particular, or if they were part of the same group that took the Princess, was this just a way to divert people's attention." Keeping his voice quiet for now.

With a bow and an "Understood, M'Lord," The Lohstren armsmen bows respectfully to the Heir of the House he serves before turning to carry out what he is tasked with. Eldrick watches his guardsman depart before turning to take a look at the town square, having arrived yesterday but didn't get the opportunity to look the town over during the day. Now he is taking a slow view, his gaze sweeping over the various buildings though the nobleman and commoner with firetouched hair catches his attention and from afar, he observes the interaction between the two, the girl apparently as jumpy as a surprised and suspicious feline.

From the Blue Duck Inn emerges a Blue Guard, as can be easily deduced by the shiny blue armour and the characteristic blue cloak. It is a female with a rather sour look - or is it just the sombre mien that fullfilling one's duty does cast occasionally? Dark brown hair is tied into a pony tail, the face not obscured by any helmet today, leaving those steely green eyes the freedom to cast an unhampered glance about the place. The slim sword secured in a scabbard by her side it is the eyes that seem the most dangerous about this woman at the moment. As the keen eye will surely already have glimpsed the slight limp Deidra the Swift is walking with.

When the nobleman stops his forward progress, Kaelea stops her retreat and at the truthful words from him, she seems to relax marginally. "I don't know who they are or even that a Princess was taken." Nosiree, she's not taking the fall for any of it. Transferring her gaze from looking towards where the fire was, she looks towards the other inn, noticing the other nobleman there who seems to have taken an interest in them also. Then a Blue Guard follows and her gaze moves swiftly back to Pawel. "I have to go home."

From the direction of the temple Marla emerges. Blue cloak and full armor today for the obvious Blue Guard member. The young woman looks dutifully solemn as she worries her lower lip and barely looks at the people she passes until she sees the other Blue Guard member and gives the woman a hint of a smile and questioning look, catching sight of the limp.

The Duke garners her attention then as she spots the young woman looking, not quite right, "Your Grace?" The red head removes her helm and bows to the man from the waist, "Any new news you may have heard?" Marla's light eyes travel to the young woman for a moment before looking back to Pawel.

"I didn't think you did," Pawel replies, offering her a quiet smile. "If you did you would have let me know, right? So nobody else would end up hurt." A brief pause, before he lowers his voice to offer some quiet words to the young woman now. Looking around very briefly, he spots Marla, offering her a polite nod in return now, "Sir Marla." Looking back to Kaelea again, he nods a little bit. "You live in there somewhere, then?" Another look back in Marla's direction, he shakes his head a little, letting out a bit of a sigh. "No more news so far, sadly."

It is said that Lord Antyllus Varghem never leaves his petty keep deep in Wolveshire without at least four, and usually more like six, riders about him. Why, is another question. Does his crippled leg leave him fearful of a lone road? Does he just enjoy command and the exercise of some minor power? Have his campaigns against the Corsairs left him with a morbid fear of assassins? Or do his men love him so, after all, that they refuse ever to leave him unprotected?

In any case, here he is well-accompanied again, and as ever under the banner of his House; a good horseman for a man in his condition, you might say. And certainly a loyal uncle - to more than one notable. For his retinue does not stop till he trots before the Duke of Wolveshire. "All hail, Your Grace. Still no news of your cousin that mine have procured. Trust her to vanish in time to upset that tourney you wanted, eh…?"

Eldrick's attention on the nobleman and commoner by the wooded area is distracted when he hears the door at the Inn behind him open up again, causing the Lohstren's gaze to shift to the new arrival. The blue armor is very telling, one he recognizes as the only other piece that would identify them would be the Band of Taniford. A brief look at the female knight shows that she is good at her duty and the Lohstren Heir nods his head respectfully at Deidra, the limp noted but not mentioned. "Good day, Sir."

Almost looking offended now, Kaelea frowns. "Of course I would let you know if I did." Glancing towards the woods when he asks about them she nods somewhat warily again. "I live in there." As the guard joins, she nods her head but shows no other sign of recognizing the nobility around her other than with that brief motion. When Pawel speaks quietly to her, she lifts her chin marginally. "Thank you, I'll remember."

A glance about the place, and those green eyes come to linger on the other Blue Guard, narrowing slightly for a short moment - maybe because of the sun shining right into her face. Pursing her lips Deidra approaches, as she now recognizes the Duke of Varghem as well - one of the men that were present during the inferno of the Bad Clam Tavern a few days ago. "Sir Marla." A quick nod is offered to her colleague, while the duke gets a deep bow as is required. "Your Grace." The other red haired woman gets a curious glance, that threatens to turn into a stare for a moment.

Deidra's gaze moves towards the woods then, and keeping it there she inquires: "Has anyone seen Prince Samwell?" Her voice is thoughtful, her manner controlled. And she really tries to hide that limp as best as she can. But alas, she fails - as she does at pretending to be in high spirits. When another Varghem arrives with his huge retinue of riders, Sir Deidra's eyes study the man intently but in silence, offering him as well the required bow, but nothing more. The Lohstren's greeting is returned, but perhaps not with much enthusiasm. "A good day to you as well, Sir."

Soon the door to the inn is pushed upon once more. Revealing the younger Rhaedan prince as he yawns and stretches his arms upwards. Blinking and rubbing his eyes a bit. Four guards at his side as he takes a moment to look around at what is going on currently. "Your grace." Comes a greeting from Stefan as he moves further out. Turning to nod to all others as well. "Sirs, my lords." He says and grins. Turning to Kaelea as well. "K."

OhmyGods. So many of them! All looking at her! Or that's how it feels to Kaelea with all of the noble people around. Very, very voluntarily this time, she takes a couple of steps backwards, putting a distance between herself and the gathering group. "Can I go now?" Somehow feeling she is being detained by Pawel.

When the Rhaeden makes an appearance though, Eldrick's facial features visibly tighten slightly, very slightly but it is there. With multiple guards in the area as well, with all the nobles having theirs with them, the Lohstren's gaze shifts from the various parties. His eyes does move back to the Rhaeden Prince who apparently throws a simple greeting to the commoner, a smirk appearing at the familiarity. With a slight shake of his head, Eldrick turns around and heads back to the Blue Duck Inn, more duties to take care of.

Pawel sees that frown, and hurries to offer Kaelea a smile now. "I did not mean to offend you, of course." Nodding a little at that last part, he keeps the smile in place. "Good," he replies. "And I'm glad to see you were not badly hurt…" Deidra's arrival earns her a momentary smile now, "Sir." And then the arrival of his uncle makes Pawel look in the older Varghem's direction. "Uncle." Looking back to Kaelea, he offers her a smile now. "Of course. I guess I will see you at a later point, then?" Waiting to hear her answer, before he looks back to Antyllus. "It seemed like she was taken out of here by boat. I'm sure we will manage to get her back as soon as we find out where the boat was heading." Shrugging to the part about the tourney. "It's more of what's expected of us, the tourney," he replies.

The flash of azure arms seems to distract Antyllus Varghem from his dutiful briefing of his nephew, and his dark, hard stare pinions first the limping lady knight and then the redhead one. "Ah, at last, the girls in blue. Your order has hardly been very talkative about your missing charge so far," he spits out bitterly - obviously taking the view that he, a blood relative, is entitled to know all, while they, glorified hirelings, are being either incompetent or obstructive. "Perhaps, though, we owe this …intriguing… information about a …boat, to your …vigils, sweet ladies…?"

Stefan is just quiet. Slipping past the people. Not wanting to take up their time. He does move to Kaelea with a smile and a nod. "All well?" He asks. They haven't gotten a moment to talk in awhile after all. "Are you heading somewhere?" He asks. Glancing towards the others though he won't keep anyone or disturb so for now he is silent.

Nodding her head to the other guardwoman Marla steps back from the duke and the other red head with a curt nod of her head before loking in the direction of the inn a moment, almost wistfully.

When the Duke declares her free to go, Kaelea steps a few more paces towards the woods. At the words from Stefan, she searches his expression and nods solemnly. "All is well. I was just going home." Hitching a thumb over her shoulder to indicate the woods.

Deidra surely hasn't been in the best of spirits today. The older Varghem's address makes her frown instantly, while her jaw sets as she tries to control her temper. "Sir Deidra I am called." she corrects him with an icy stare. "Of the Blue Guard. And I assure you, we will find the princess." It is clear that this particular disappearance is what causes her sour mood. The anger now showing in her green eyes, one hand is clenched to a fist, as her gaze drops for a moment of silence. One deep breath and her composure is back. And her eloquence as well. "We are known for actions rather, and regarding information, it is only for our Royal Tanifords, as I am sure you must know. My lord." Arching a brow in Antyllus' direction it becomes clear she does not know his name - one can't expect a Blue Guard to know all the relatives of important nobility.

And no, she does not ignore Marla, Deidra even watches her with mild curiosity as the younger Blue Guard glances towards the inn. The other red-haired woman is observed as well, and even Stefan earns a glance. Wasn't he another of those present when the Bad Clam went up in flames? Deidra studies him intently for a moment, but as he is a Rhaedan, she won't greet if not greeted first.

"Uncle!" Pawel's word is said a bit sharply now, as he looks between Antyllus and Deidra now, raising an eyebrow as he studies them both for a few moments. "Enough, both of you! We have to work together, not trying to make enemies of friends." A brief pause as he looks between them again, he adds, "I'm working closely with Prince Samwell, so we all get to work together now." A brief pause, as he looks over at Kaelea and Stefan, studying the Rhaedan prince rather carefully for a few moments. Then glancing over at Marla, he offers her a nod. "Planning on heading inside, Sir Marla?" he asks, after a few brief moments.

Antyllus reserves a cool smile for the defiant Blue Lady Knight - what in a more jovial man might have emerged as a derisive laugh. But his nephew's reprimand soon wrenches it make into a frown. "Your Grace, I do not aim at enmity here - nor do I crawl after friendship. I only hope for some measure of success. Who succeeds in finding the wayward chit, on the other hand, is quite immaterial to me, but she's of our blood," (obviously to him a much more important consideration than the business of royalty), "and must be located. Believe me, if one of these blue beauties manage it after all where you and I fail…I'll be the first to offer them congratulations."

Stefan grins and nods to what is offered from Kaelea. "Ah, I see. I don't suppose I can convince you to join me for a walk? Always fun to have company." Deirdra and all the others around getting nods. Though not wanting to intrude as it is Taniford business. He has offered his part after all. Turning his gaze to Pawel. "You know my offer." He tells Pawel with a smile.

Is there an annoyed glare in her eyes when the Duke of Varghem tells both her and his uncle to stop their little verbal skirmish? Deidra raises a brow, folding her arms before her, and relaxes her posture - a gesture that might be deceiving. "Certainly, your Grace. I did not mean to offend your uncle, some of the things he said deserved an appropriate answer." Inclining her head in a respectful nod towards Pawel, she shoots the older Varghem an even icier stare as she hears his reply, and especially the latter part of it. Where others would have given in to fury, the Blue Guard stays silent though, which is only achieved through the hard discipline that has brought her where she is today. Stefan's nod is noticed and answered with a bow.

Kaelea sneaks off while everyone is busy arguing.. she looks back to Stefan and mouths, "A little later." Then heads off into the woods.

Pawel nods as he hears that. "Just as long as none of us end up making enemies of the others. That might be a part of what whoever did this planned," he says, taking a few deep breaths now. Looking over at Stefan, he offers him a bit of a nod. "I know," he replies, before he looks over at where Kaelea headed into the woods for a few moments, shrugging a little bit. Looking back to the others again now. "Any other news from home?" he asks Antyllus after a few moments of pause.

Coming along from the direction of the Apothacary and docks, Tylon hums lightly to herself as she pads along, the bottom of her robes lightly dusting over the roadway as she goes. Eyes lightly drifting over the various people who come and goes in the every busy town. A faint murmured greeting to a few familar faces, a faint nod here or there as the priestess slowly works her way towards the Temple of the Four.

Looking astonished at his nephew's question, so little to the purpose as it is, Antyllus appears to wrack his brains in genuine difficulty to answer it. "Ahem, let me see…I think one of my sons…I do have more than one, don't I? - hard to tell with the girls, sometimes - was thinking of turning priest. Damned stupid plan if you ask me. The more in our pack that stand to inherit, the better for our House's surety. Oh look, speak of the Four," the veteran lord sneers as some pious anchoress or other joins the vicinity of their not so merry party.

Now that the business with the disappeared Princess Aylanora Taniford is not longer the topic, Deidra is remarkably less offended when listening to the Duke's uncle. And so she lets her thoughts wander off for a bit, her green eyes returning to the woods, in the direction of which the red-haired commoner girl has disappeared a few moments ago. Her attention drawn momentarily to the approaching priestess, the Blue Guard offers her a respectful nod in greeting. She turns to her colleague then to remark in a casual tone: "I don't know about you, Sir Marla, but I am inclined to ride out and look for Prince Samwell. He left some hours ago and still must be somewhere in the woods. And my horse will welcome the exercise." Turning to the rest of the group Deidra adds with a swift bow, that has her wince a little: "If you will excuse me. Your Grace. My lord. Prince. Holy Mother." And off she goes into the direction of the stables, not as fast as she usually does, and less graceful, as the little limp hampers her movement.

"I believe he is out together with Lady Collette Lohstren, having a picnic, Sir Deidra," Pawel offers, before he nods again at Antyllus. "A priest is far from the worst goals one can have, but I see your point there as well." Looking over in the direction of the priestess as she is pointed out, he offers her a polite nod and a smile now. "Holy Mother," he greets her, a bit quietly. He looks back to Antyllus, nodding with a bit of a smile.

With Temple of the Four so very near, it surely is not a surprise to see a priestess in the area. A hand lightly fingers the strap of her satchel. A nod going to Deidra with the woman passing by. With Tylon reaching a place nearer the small group of nobility, to be greeted by the Duke does have Tylon pausing to give the proper bow, "Your Grace, Blessings to you this day," along with one of her calm smiles. Before angling to give the proper amount of bow with greeting to the old coot, "My Lord, good day to you."

"You'll be wanting alms, I suppose," Lord Antyllus mutters throwaway towards the priestess, without any respectful address - not a very godly sort, is Antyllus. He motions with vague impatience to one of the horsemen with him, who offers the Holy Mother a pouch of copper, but he himself does not care to stay and survey its reception, turning with brusque respect to his nephew, "Time I was on my way too, Your Grace. I won't neglect the search…or the tourney. You'll be wanting your men well turned out, I expect. Good night and fair waking."
His little band are formed up again now, and it's the work of a moment to motion them south and away back to the Castle.

Pawel nods a bit as he listens, "Of course." It's offered to Antyllus with a bit of a smile. "Safe travels back home, uncle." Turning to look over at Tylon again, he offers her a smile now. "Thank you," he replies. "I hope this day finds you well?"

Green eyes blink a little at the mutter about alms, "No, My Lord." But anything else she might have aid on the matter get cut short as a pouch is offered to her anyways. A hand takes it up with some slight uncertainty, but there does not seem to be much way of really handling the matter as the Lord departs and Tylon is left holding the pouch of copper. Eyes flit down to it a moment before the hand just falls to her side with it.
The calm expression never does seem to fade, no doubt Tylon has had to deal with stranger people in her day. Her attention is quickly returned to the Duke,"It does, Your Grace. And it seems to be going a bit calmer than days of late. I do hope the same is true for you?" She had noted him around enough of the disturbances that occured lately.

"It has been a calm and relatively uneventful day, that's true," Pawel replies, with a bit of a smile. "There's a few of us just waiting for the next eventful day, if it'll bring us closer to find my royal cousin, Princess Aylanora." A brief sigh as he says that, nodding a little now. "And please forgive my uncle. At times he is troublesome enough to be around for us that are related to him."

An eyebrow rises just a little bit, "She has wandered off on her own then? Or something else?" Royalty have been known to have odd habits now and again after all. Then again, the same is true about noble in general. "Is there anything I might do to help you find her?" A glance goes in the direction of the disappearing uncle, "There is nothing to forgive, a misunderstanding and I fear he has had run in with others of the Temple who are perhaps not always so clear upon their path and purpose. Though I am sorry to hear is troublesome to family as well. I have heard most families have someone like that amongst them, a requirement of sorts."

Pawel pauses for a few moments, considering that a little bit. "We do not quite know," he admits, after a few moments. "There are too many things that seems like she didn't go off on her own, as she didn't even bring a cloak with her, according to her brother. And she had a few important meetings that she would probably not have walked out on. Yet there was no sign of a struggle." He sighs a little bit. "It was the reason for that little incident at the docks last night." A brief pause, before he adds, "But my uncle is right, this is too close to the upcoming tourney."

The situation surrounding the Princess is listened to and Tylon takes to lightly biting her lower lip for a few moments. "If it is out of character for her not to miss important meetings, and there is no sign of a struggle, could it perhaps be that if she was indeed taken that it was by someone she knew?" There is a slight hesitation before offering up another possibility, "Or a sleeping draught was slipped within her tea or wine? If my thoughts are not welcome, please forgive me, it is just I am often aiding those who have trouble to sleep and I had thought remedies there could be used for ill."
There is a slight, "Oh," and a blink from Tylon,"That was the reason for the interest in that ship then? The Acolyte was not certain. I had wondered a little at everyone crowding about the one ship like that." Nodding just a little, "It does seem to be odd timing, Your Grace. If it would not offend, I will make offerings to the Guardians for her safe return."

Pawel nods a little as he hears that. "I would think it would be one of those possibilities," he replies a bit quietly now. Keeping quiet for a few moments, he nods a bit as he hears the last part. "That was the reason for my cousin's interest in that particular ship. Although it seemed to be that we focused on the wrong ship, unfortunately." He lets out a bit of a sigh, before he nods to the part about the timing. "It was quite interesting as it seems to have happened at the same time as that attack to the Tavern." A brief grimace as he speaks, since he seems to remember being stuck in that burning building. The mention of offerings for her safe return makes him nod and smile a bit. "The entire Kingdom of Taniford would appreciate that, Holy Mother," he replies, quietly.

A slight nod occurs, "It is sometimes difficult to see beyond what immediately draws first interest, especially when someone cared for is missing. Though from what you say, it is almost as if the incident at the Tavern and perhaps the horses being loaded upon that ship, if she was taken, were planned to distract and focus attention there." Tylon bows her head when her offer does get a smile, "It would be my duty and honor to see it done, Your Grace. And would offer any assistance I may give to aid her return."

Pawel nods a little as he hears that. "It is quite difficult. I would probably have done far worse if it was one of my sisters that was missing. They say my temper tends to be a bit… unpredictable." He then looks over to where one of his guards are approaching. "Ah, it seems I will have to get going." A brief smile, before he adds, "I will remember that offer. It was a pleasure to meet you again." Waiting for a few moments longer now, before he starts heading for that guard.

"I think it is understandable for one to get worked up when a family member is missing." A gentle smile is given when he speaks of his own temper. "There are some I know of which I could say the same of their tempers, I do not think I would have them any other way, Your Grace." Tylon's green eyes glance towards the guards as well when they draw his attention. "Of course, You Grace. It was a honor to meet you again. May the Four watch over and keep you safe, Your Grace." Giving a gentle bow of her head to him as he departs.

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