Lucy Kemp
Lucy Kemp as Leof Eadberht
Full Name: Leof Eadberht
Byname: None
Age: 26
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: n/a
Title/Profession: Mistress
Position: Journeyman Falconer
Place of Birth: The Nothern mountains
Father: Abban Eadberht
Mother: Rhian Eadberht
Siblings: 5 elder brothers
Spouse: none
Children: none!


Born far up in the northern mountains and raised as a son same as her brothers.

Immediate Family

Five elder brothers, Her father, three nephews and a niece. (If you want to be one of her brothers, just ask me via page!)

Character Features

- Outdoorsy
- Generous

Physical Features

Somewhat tall, near white-blonde hair that is kept shorter than even most men go for with a feather adornment, thick legged with graceful arms. Generally in leather.


- Smart Mouth
- Likely to serve it up
- Cocky

On the Grid

Known Associates

Augustus Augustus Auldholme : Friendly. Overall kind but can be a bit unthinking. A good fellow to go on a hunt with, genuinely appreciative of fresh cooked meals and small gestures that show concern and thought.
Cassia Cassia Auldholme : Amazing as an archer, a bit cold. I suspect she's stolen all of her brother's height although he has a better personality.
Katarina Katarina Westmark : This woman is smart, intelligent and sees something in me. I intend to learn everything she'll teach me willingly. She has been an amazing patroness and is my biggest supporter, if a time ever comes, I intend to support her in anyway she'll allow.
Castor Castor Westmark : Cute and sweet. Started out pompous but took his loss at the archery games gracefully. He was kind enough to share wine even!
Guinevere Guinevere Rhaedan : Such a kind, gentle, beautiful woman. I am honestly ever in envy of her composition and grace.
Amira Amira Rhaedan : Like a rotten peach bitten into without attention paid - fresh and sweet at first but then a terrible sensation overwhelms your senses. I've met wriggling maggots with more appeal. I would never voice such opinions in public however, I'm quite fond of my head where it is.
Stefan Stefan Rhaedan : I've only met him a few times but I've found his company enjoyable but humorous, quite an odd man. If he wasn't such a flirt he'd be quite funny and entertaining.
Claire Claire Sollinger : I didn't think much of her when we met, as she did openly act rudely to Katarina in my shop, but I judged too quickly. She's actually quite sweet tempered from what I've seen without a Westmark instigating.
Jaren Jaren Cassomir : Seems very distant and strikes me as a highly capable man.
Gauvain Gauvain Tarris : I'm still not sure what he wants but I do enjoy his company. He actively listens when engaged in conversation - I respect him very much.
Bethany Bethany Ashdown : What a cute girl! I'm surprised she isn't already betroved to a rich man. I'm hoping to teach her how to properly hunt with a falcon.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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