Summary: Romeo is at it again! Dalyros Lohstren moves on to the next healer!
Date: 15/June/2013
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Carisse Dalyros 

A room on the Stilltha Dagger
A bed, trunk and dresser… and a nude man!
Saturday, June 15, 1329

Laying in the middle of the floor of his former room, Dalyros Lohstren lays on his back, passed out and completely nude. He may need to use the bathroom, or perhaps he is having a good dream. He doesn't snore, so he is dead silent. A couple of sailors are in the hall, laughing and drinking.

It's been a long night, and Carisse is somewhat tired. She's been helping out with an ill sailor, and he almost didn't make it. So it is, she's tired, and she doesn't even pay attention to those sailors in the hall, as she heads for the room that she and Amira have been sharing. She passes them by, opens the door, closes it behind her, and then continues on towards the bed. Only to trip as there is alas something on the floor.

Dalyros murmers something softly as Carisse trips over him. "There you are…" He grabs at her, attempting to pull her up next to him. "I've been here waiting for you." The Knight speaks in a drunken slur. He has a strong odor of mead about him. He opens his eyes, which are red with bloodshot. "I didn't think you were ever going to come back…"

Carisse hits the ground hard, with an oof, breath knocked out of her. She takes a moment to recover, eyes watering slightly, and then hears Dalyros' words. Her eyes widen and she tries to scramble away. "You are waiting for me? Dalyros Lohstren, you are drunk!" she says, though not too loudly as yet.

<FS3> Dalyros rolls Body: Failure.

Dalyros sits up, his body swaying as the boat rocks. He grabs at her hand, trying once more to pull her toward him, "You know I am drunk!" He laughs abit, his speech slurred. "Come here…" He rises to his knees, his hand catching her wrist as he tries to pull her close. Instead, she breaks free from his grasp. "Where are you going?" He asks, still not sure who is in the room with him. The Knight then flops over as the ship rocks hard to the port side. He lets out a loud groan, which causes the men in the hallway to go silent for several moments before laughter erupts.

"It would be hard to miss, Sir Lohstren," Carisse says. As he grabs her wrist, she yelps, the sound loud enough to be heard, and perhaps mistaken for something it's not. She pulls away and stumbles against the bed, then finds the blanket, with her feet. That gets picked up and tossed at Dalyros, except it's tangled, and so Carisse ends up tripping herself again, landing on the floor. "Ow. I was going to get some sleep." she says, with as much dignity as she can, all things considered.

<FS3> Dalyros rolls Body: Success.

Dalyros climbs back to his prone position on his knees. His eyes find Carisse, and quickly he tries once more to grab her hand. His grip is certain, but gentle, as he pulls her toward himself, meeting her halfway. After a moment, he leans over to plant a kiss right on her lips! His breath is warm, but emitting a strong odor, the smell of mead.

Thankfully, Carisse is all dressed, in armour no less. But still. Her eyes widen as she finds herself on the receiving end of a kiss, and her hand raises in an attempted slap of his handsome mug, pulling back as soon as she can. "Sir Lohstren, please!" she appeals. Though he might end up with another knot on his head if she can find something to crack him over the head with. She scrambles back again, nostrils twitching at the nigh overpowering scent of mead. "This is not right."

Dalyros takes the slap to the face, and a wide grin spreads on his lips. Maybe he likes it rough? His hand moves toward the latches on her armor, grabbing at a string he pulls on it quickly, "If this is wrong, I don't want to be right!" He laughs, "I won't hurt you… I promise." He almost falls over with another hard rock of the ship, but he catches himself, falling away from the Lady for a moment.

Carisse' about chokes with that reaction. Good grief. "You are going to regret this in the morning," she says. "If you remember." She kicks at the man now, pushing away with the chance she gets as the ship's rocking pulls him a bit away from her. And that is enough to get her to her knees, in preparation for stepping away. Her hands go back to the string that Dalyros managed to untie, as she means to tie it back up. Where'd the door go? Cause really? Escape! that's all she's now thinking about.

<FS3> Dalyros rolls Singing: Great Success.

Dalyros begins singing now, his baritone voice is amazing, in spite of his drunken stupor. "There once was a lassie named Abigail…" He moves back toward Carisse, his hand reaching once more for the string, "Don't fight it, my lady. We both want this. Why else would you be waiting for me in my room." At that moment, a huge rock of the ship sends him back to the floor, his head banging against a dresser with another loud *THUD!* He lets out a rather loud groan, and falls to his back.

Carisse looks somewhat startled, but at this point, she isn't going near the man. She winces as his head hits the dresser, and the loud thud sounds, but she takes her chance, getting to her feet, and making it back to the door. Out of reach, out of mind. And good guardians, that man isn't wearing any clothing! Her cheeks go totally scarlet, as she peels out the door, pausing in some disarray as she spies those sailors in the hall. Without a word, she takes off running for the deck.

Dalyros sits up, rubbing his head that bounced off the dresser. "Princess Rhaedan? Where are you going?!?" He calls after Carisse. After she is gone, he releases a heavy sigh. He grabs at the blanket, stuffing under his head, punching at it a couple of times to get it in the right form before resting his head heavily on it. "Damnit. She got away twice." Several moments later and he is back to sleep.

As the Lady exits to the hall, the sailors outside burst out into a huge uproar, laughing hard. After a moment, they begin chanting, "Lohstren! Lohstren! Lohstren!"

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