Lord Lyam Varghem
William Moseley
William Moseley as Lyam Varghem
Full Name: Lyam Varghem
Byname: N/A
Age: 18 (Mar 27)
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Lord - Elenore's Wolf
Place of Birth: Wolveshire
Father: Wilhjalm Varghem(deceased)
Mother: Saraiya Varghem
Siblings: Duke Pawel Varghem (brother)
Lord Aethel Varghem (brother)
Lady Prada Varghem (sister)
Lady Carisse Varghem (sister)
Spouse: Lady Elenore Taniford
Children: N/A


The youngest of the Varghem siblings, Lyam is also the runt of the litter. Excellent at the social graces, he's more of a outgoing personality than his siblings, but isn't as strong as they are in combat.

Immediate Family

  • Dowager Duchess Saraiya Varghem : Mother
  • Duke Pawel Varghem : Oldest Brother
  • Lord Aethel Varghem : Older Brother
  • Lady Prada Varghem : Older Sister
  • Lady Carisse Varghem : Older Sister

Character Features

Physical Features

Standing at five foot seven, Lyam Vaghrem is not the most attractive or strongest of men in the kingdom, that's for sure. Pale skin is made to look even paler with the dark blonde hair that caps his head. His face is angular in shape, with sharp corners that still hold just a hint of baby fat to them. His eyes are a bright blue and and expressive, with dark bushy brows above them. A sharp nose sits over an expressive mouth that still dimples when he smiles.

His build is ropey, muscles made of sinew instead of steel. He is a slight thing, looking like he hasn't been fed quite enough, even if his clothing speaks to royalty, richly woven shirts and trousers being the norm of his dress. When he wears boots, they are soft leather, though he is more often than not to be seen with bare feet. Ever present with him is a leather-bound sketch pad and a small dagger carried for self-defense.


  • Bohemian - Lyam is very relaxed when it comes to dealings with the family and kingdom. He's hard to temper, quick to smile and more than capable of negotiation instead of combat.
  • Relaxed - Lyam just seems relaxed about everything. Nothing really phases him, it's rumored that he was the family's rock after the death of their father just because he seemed so unaffected by the passing of the man.
  • Fragile Constitution - Lyam is prone to sickness and has a rather fragile constitution. Because of this, he is trained more in the social skills than combat arts. If he's in a scene, he's prone to be chatty and bright, and not at all swinging a sword.
  • Artistic Soul
  • Honeyed Tongue

On the Grid

Known Associates

Pawel Pawel Varghem : Oldest Brother/Duke - I worry about him. He has had so much fall on his shoulders and had so much taken in his life, and now he seems to be cracking under the pressure.
Aethel Aethel Varghem : Older Brother/Knight
Carisse Carisse Varghem : Older Sister/Lady
Prada Prada Varghem : Older Sister/Lady

Recent Logs & Memoirs


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