Dennis Storhøi
Dennis Storhøi as Macsen Bowman
Full Name: Macsen Bowman
Byname: none
Age: 43
Kingdom: None
House: None
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Sergeant, Laketown Civil Watch
Place of Birth: Moray
Father: Mathias Bowman of Moray (deceased)
Mother: Mathilde of Laketown (deceased)
Siblings: two brothers
Spouse: none
Children: none


After serving for nineteen years as a common knight to the Moray, Macsen retired and came to Laketown where he joined the Civil Watch as a sergeant. He is usually responsible for training recruits as well and directly commanding those men at arms on duty during a part of the day, duties that require him to be an administrator as well as a soldier.

Immediate Family

His older and younger brothers and their families still work on the ranch in Moray, which has passed from Macsen's uncle to one of his cousins.

Character Features

Physical Features

This main is above average height, with broad shoulders and an athletic but not heavy build. His square and weathered face is lined deeply around the mouth, and he has a broad and fleshy nose offset by sharply blue eyes under heavy lids. His hair and closely cropped though somewhat scraggly beard are still blond, though silver-gray looks to be overtaking that.


He's pretty fussy, especially about things with which he's less familiar (such as the writing desk). He also has been suffering over the past few years with encroaching osteoarthritis, especially in his back and left shoulder and elbow, and he does his damnedest to hide that.

On the Grid

Known Associates

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