Sir Malcolm Sollinger


Malcolm Sollinger is Dead

That has been cried out in the market place, and in various taverns around Eikeren, and whispered amongst Corsair captains and barbarian Lords. That one of the Sollingers, whose reputation as a killer and gutter of men, was finally killed. Said to have been taken down and drowned by corsairs after failed assassin attempts. Though if you want the truth of these tales, one merely needs to…

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

The man before you is a tall specimen. Broad shouldered and his body shows a line of muscle, which means his life's pursuits have not been those of comforts. He sports a crooked nose that is supported by a thick mustache which plays into a peppered beard. His hair is cut martially, though the top is left longer than the sides. His sideburns are thick, and his jaw strong. The tip of his left ear has been cut off, and he sports a thick scar on the left side of his face which ebbs from crown to chin-where as a thin line scrapes udner his right eye. Keen eyes are a light blue, and his hair is a dark, oily brown with waves of grey.

He is currently dressed in simple wear. A stained green shirt is tucked down into brown trousers which bloom from old cracked boots. Over his shirt a leather doublet is worn, and over that still a dark longsleeved surcoate which has been left open. A sword belt hangs at his side, allowing him for easy reach of the broadsword he carries, as well as a thick knife hangs lower. A woolen red scarf is worn about the neck and left to dangle.


  • Fond of Drink
  • Scarred
  • Old Ways
  • Veteran
  • Infamous


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