Grace Holly
Grace Holly as Marla Mentros
Full Name: Marla Mentros
Byname: None
Age: 24
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Blue Guard
Place of Birth: The Summer Citadel
Father: NPC - Martin Mentros
Mother: NPC - Margret Mentros
Siblings: NPC - Sir Jonn Mentros and 3 other brothers
Spouse: None
Children: None


Born to a blacksmith and his wife on June fifth of the year 1305, Marla is the youngest of five and the only girl. Having so many older brothers, the youngest five years older then her, led Marla to not act much like a female growing up, one to rather run after the boys then be left behind to help her mother. Her father constantly encouraged the young woman as she grew, giving her equal training in his smithy though he pampered his only daughter like a princess. Her family is very close and all her brothers were fond of the youngest, teaching her whatever she asked to be taught and letting her get away with probably too much.

Immediate Family

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Character Features

Physical Features

A graceful tall woman. Her hair, red as fire, falls when let down to the middle of her back in sharp contrast with her pale and delicate appearing skin. Her eyes, light green, hazel at the right choice of light, are the ever difficulty to read set below perfectly arched eyebrow and above a aquiline nose. Her lips are fuller and her jaw is square playing contrast to her otherwise delicate appearance. The woman's movements overall denote the discipline of her training.

Her attire is none other than a silvery blue armor of the Blue Guard. Full plate, although letting her move with elegance and grace, protects her at all times. It is not common to see her, on guard or otherwise, wearing anything but the distinctive seal of the guard of Taniford royalty. Custom made, it emphasizes her slenderness and height, cut by the royal blue cape she always wears with pride.


Flirtatious: A flirtatious women but shy on any follow through.
Gambler: Always one to play at cards and dice if the opportunity arises.
Headstrong: Headstrong in nature, Marla is not one to back down.
Loyal: Fiercely loyal to the royal family and The Queen in particular.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Samwell Samwell Taniford : He is the prince and Marla would die for him. It doesn't hinder the fact she at least respects the man for his kindness while also thinking he is a bit of a hot headed fool. She has been recently assigned to protect the prince.
Deidra Deidra "The Swift" Vangoriel : You have to respect the woman, she is good.

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