Lord Maxwell Hallstrom
Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Maxwell Hallstrom
Full Name: Maxwell Hallstrom
Byname: The Smart
Age: 18
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Hallstrom
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Engineer
Place of Birth: Kaphold
Father: Lord Niles Hallstrom
Mother: Lady Drewanne Hallstrom nee Rhaedan
Siblings: Kameron Hallstrom
Spouse: None
Children: None


Lord Maxwell Hallstrom was born on the lands of the Hallstrom family, at Caphold. Maxwell is the second son of Lord Niles Hallstrom and Lady Drewanne. Lord Niles is a vassal Lord of the Westmark house. Max's parents quickly realized something was different with this child. In stark contrast to his older brother, Maxwell began speaking sooner than most children. When he was a mere lad, the age of two, he could speak better common than some of the heathen men in the south. When the child was four, he began his education under Cordall Galminder, who some claim to be the wisest man that ever lived.

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Character Features

Physical Features

The young man standing before you looks to be in his late teens. The hair on his head is dirty blonde, almost a light brown, curly, cropped neatly and parted in the middle. His eyes are a smoky gray, and seem to be intently observing his surroundings. His cheeks are full, but not fat. His lips are thick, with the corners turned inward. His nose in straight, pointed at the end. He stands around six feet two inches, and looks to weigh in at a thin one-hundred and eighty pounds. His skin has a light tan. His right hand carries a scar, a nasty scar, obviously from burns. If one were standing close enough to him, they would smell the light fragrance of rosemary and lavender coming from his body.

Today, the young man is wearing a fine linen shirt, covered by a green tunic, with yellow trim. His pants are covered in matching breeches. His clothes are made from hand spun silk. A belt holds his breeches up, with a silver latch. Attached to his hip is a fine blade, a thin sword, about three feet long. Based upon his clean appearance and fine clothes, one could safely assume this man is nobility.


Adventurous - Maxwell enjoys a good adventure!
Brutally Honest - Don't ask his opinion, or you will get it!
Defiant - Maxwell doesn't care for authority.
Genius - Maxwell is very gifted in many areas concerning the mind.
Outgoing - Comfortable around anyone, Maxwell is often the life of the party.
Photographic Memory - Maxwell remembers nearly everything.

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