Meeting the King of the North

Meeting the King of the North
Summary: Baron and Baroness Westmark meet with King Rhaedan
Date: 20 June 2013
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Royal Chambers — Brivey Keep
A big room.
20 June 1329

The King of the north is looking tired beyond his years today as his squires attend to him in his study this evening. A whisper in his ear and the man nods his head to the young boy before picking up his wine and taking a slow sip, "Show them in." He says and takes a sit at the table where a map of the realms has been unrolled and tiny markers indicate various happenings throughout his kingdom.

Katarina precedes Paule into the room by no more than a fraction of a second, but it's as much out of familial fondness as it is out of wanting to be the first person in the room. "Your majesty," Katarina says with a smile as she enters the room, one hand resting on Paule's arm as she lowers to a curtsy, "Good eve to you and thank you for taking the time to see us," she adds as she straightens.

Allowing Katarina to enter first, Paule follows half a step later and makes his way to his wife's side. "Majesty." the Baron of the Shadow offers as he bows low and tugs back his hood to expose his features as he leaves his other arm in place for Katarina to use as a rest. "We of Westmark are honored for the chance to speak with you."

The King stands up as they enter and smiles to his cousin, "Cousin, always a pleasure for you and your husband to visit. I hear this is not just for the pleasure of my company however." He runs a hand over his mostly bald head and indicates the seats at a different table, away from the precious maps. His page and one of his squires rush out with drinks for older nobles as Breac takes a seat, not seeming to be in a overly formal mood and looking strained despite his pleasant words.

"Nonsense," Katarina counters as she steps forward and indulges familial ties to offer a hug to the king who happens, not so incidentally, to be her cousin as well - and she his, of course, "there's no reason we can't knock down several birds with one stone." She leans back slightly, blue eyes studying Breac, "You aren't sleeping enough," she chides gently, speaking as cousin AND in the same tone that only a mother uses to adeptly. "But then, there aren't enough hours in your days, I know," she says after she takes a step back.

As Katarina handles the more familial accents of being the King's cousin, the Baron of Westmark folds his arms behind his back, taking a look at the map and his expression darkens for a moment as he studies the troop markings and then his attention returns to the King and Katarina as he lets the pleasantries be dealt with at the moment. "And we made sure to leave you some of our new vintage down in the pantry, Your Majesty. Along with several wheels of aged goat cheese."

Breac does return Kat's hug with a smile for his family member, "I will sleep when my children are home." He answers to her scolding and looks in the direction the Baron of Westermark does, "Looks grim doesn't it?" He asks and nods his head at the offer of finer wine as he offers a cup to Katarina, "I know this I am sure will have to place on your palate but it shall suffice at the moment." He then does now take his seat and indicates the others across from him once again, "So since as your beautiful wife has pointed out I am tired Baron Paule, what can I do for you?"

Katarina accepts the offered cup of wine, takes a taste of it as she moves with Breac to where Paule is standing over the map. "We've come, in part, to speak with you on that, to offer our help if there is some what in which we may aid in this hour," she says simply, gently handing the conversational hot-potato to Paule.

Paule nods his head slowly. "Tanifords to the south, Ellowe to the north. And it seems that in the three years since the end of the last war, people have forgotten that our kingdoms are seperate entities." the Baron offers as he glances towards his own lands on the map, and moves one of the markers. "We plan to introduce Lady Coriaria to the court as the heir of Westmark, Your Majesty." he offers finally. "And as part of her coming into her own, we are placing her guidance in charge of the defense of the coastal borders of our lands against possible Corsair or Sollinger incursion. As such, we are taking more of a guiding role in her development, which allows us to offer our services to our King, should he require them, Your Majesty." Spoken finally, he reaches to accept the goblet from Katarina to take a drink from it after she does.

The King nods his head at the words from the two and clears his throat before taking a larger drink from his cup and holding it out for a refill from the waiting page, "Well if she is a daughter of Lady Katarina's I am sure she will handle it." Obviously the King has a high opinion of his cousin from the smile he gives her. Breac then runs a hand over his head again, "I am sure I can think of something useful for you Baron, it is not like there is not enough work to go around." Relaxing the tall man then does look annoyed again, "Bloody south, it's not enough that we have issue with these strange creatures but now I have accusations that my own daughters are nothing but a northern whores." He says coldly and slightly out of the blue, a man with a hint of a temper it seems.

Katarina studies their King for a silent moment, weighing his words - then, in return, her own words before she speaks them - with care. "Does the throne view this courtship, potential courtship, with favor, your majesty?" she wonders in a tone of voice that is quietly gentle. There's a hint of irony in her gaze as she glances to Paule, "We ask, and forgive me for sharing, but we've just been through a round of potential courtship inquiries for our Coriaria and it caused a bit of consternation on behalf of Cricket, some vexation on behalf of Paule and I'm not entirely sure that my daughter isn't inclined to beat the man about the head and shoulders with the first handy bit of improvised weaponry that she can devise."

As he was about to say something, Paule pauses as Katarina speaks. "I do not think he is speaking of your cousin's advances on our daughter, my love." he says to the Baroness, before he glances towards Breac. "I assume then that you are displeased as I am with the current rumors of Princess Amira and her daliances in the South? Then again, I am also confused as to how a heir of Auldholme was allowed to court a Lohstren, but it is not my place to question the whims of House Auldholme."

"Kerilyn was lead astray by that southern prince…" The northern king says as if it was a fact, "And if Amira thinks she has a chance of convincing me his brother or cousin is no better, she will run into a wall very quickly." It is clear the King is not lacking in knowledge of his realm and his spies in the south are up to date. Her presses his lips together before sighing and taking a deep breath, "Alas you have caught me in a foul mood, I do apologize for being so blunt." The king smiles then and it looks genuine, "How quickly do the young forget the deaths of the past." He says before raising an eyebrow to Katarina, "Do you speak of my newphew's interest in Lady Corianna?" He asks.

"Is your daughter free to freely return, if she so desires?" Katarina wonders, giving another subtle nod to Paule as she picks up the thread and wonders this question. "I believe that if the Taniford monarchy has any ounce of honor they will return your daughter, unharmed, unmolested, with all the dignity that she deserves, and they should apologize at the same time. I don't think, my king, that they're going to apologize, it's.. unlikely, at least, that they will, in my opinion. But, my liege, have you had any correspondence with your daughter to discern her wishes on this matter?" is wondered before she feels her lips curve in a small smile. "aye, that we are. He has expressed his interest. I'll be speaking with him myself," and if there's a touch of humor.. well, she's allowed to be amused, "I stand by my statement that Coriaria could beat him about the head and shoulders with a chair with exacting skill, should she decide to. She's capable of saying NO, as are we."

"Does that also mean that there will be need for a new Ambassador to Taniford - if we plan to continue relations with them? The child voice of the Queen seems to mewl loudly for attention and speaks bold words for such an infant." Paule says with a small frown. "And there is always the idea of Stefan's visits with Lady Carisse." he says as he lets out a breath. "If it weren't already a proven fact that Rhaedan and Westmark were tied by marriage, I'd suggest a match between our daughter and Stefan to discourage such.. behaviours." he shrugs his shoulders.

"Personally, your majesty, I think that many of our peers need to be reminded of not only where their loyalties lie but also the reality that continuing to draw breath is a privilege," Katarina replies with a touch of a smile, "not a right. Nor are their titles firmly attached, let alone finger nails, skin, or heads to necks," she suggests with a small tilt of her head to accompany her words. Then.. she fixes a long look at her husband, "Perish the thought," in a terse tone of voice, "followed by - and forgive me your majesty, but absolutely not. As his majesty has just explained, Prince Stefan is still very young and it will be several years longer before he is .. adequately seasoned to be a suitable match to any well bred young lady."

"I was not making the suggestion, Your Majesty.." Paule looks amused for just a moment and then shakes his head. "As will our daughter." he points out to Katarina as he lifts his gaze back to his King. "Your Majesty, seeing as we are handling the defensive point of entry for Taniford should an attack come, I found it.. disconcerting at times that it seems that there was very little planning in the way that the Tanifords just were allowed to come here. It is not you I hold at fault for this, but a lack of leadership amongst the Houses. We are just a Barony, so our voices are not so very loud, but what we lack in voice, we will always back up in support of our King." he says finally, firmly.

"A trait I well appreciate in you Baron Paule." The king inclines his head before he raises an eyebrow to the Baroness and hides the hint of a wry grin that touches his lips, "As you are well aware my dear cousin, a king's strength is deeply invested in the wealth and happiness of his noble's. As much as I would enjoy the torture of some of them, I am not rich enough or strong enough in army to upset their delicate sensibilities so. Well not all of them." He strokes his beard again and it's hard to tell if the king is joking or not.

"Well now, your majesty, if you have a short list of those that you could afford to upset the delicate sensibilities of," Katarina interjects with a mild curve of a smile, "we'd be happy to take that list off of your hands. For the good of the kingdom, of course. Just think of all the revenue that you'll generate by reabsorbing the lands, redirecting the revenue and tariff from their chests to yours. It's a win win situation."

"That is why you have those that handle such things for you, Your Majesty." Paule agrees easily with his wife as the Baron gives a grin as he looks back to the map. "And as Katarina said.. we can take care of certain things if you need taken care of.. we are loyal to you, of course." he doesn't add anything else at the moment, as it seems that Katarina is handlig the.. negotiations.

The King rubs his beard once again in thought, though the darking of eyes speaks of his thoughts, "I am not ingorant man my friend. One does not give unless they wish to receive. I have a steward, as little as he does it is so. Though to be certain I would I am greatly in need of one to shall we say, Master the Coin?" The Kings eyes shift between the pair and he taps his hand once upon his seat, "So be it. Your House has show its ability in matters of finance. You shall do the same for the crown. Ensure all are being taxed correctly and said taxes paid. If not I trust you deal with them in the manner you find suitable."

"Hmm, I believe that the math genius in the family - that being Paule and, respectively, Coriaria - will excel rather nicely in this position, but also because both of them know how to squeeze a coin until it squeaks. Once it squeaks either one or both will sell tickets to see the coin dance and sing and bring in coin in the same process." Katarina glances at Paule with a smile, "I will sharpen pointy things for those who try to dodge their responsibilities in this area," before she turns back to the King, "and we are, and this is not just pretty words, always happy to serve. Our house will always serve the crown, from first to last."

"As we are already the Provost House for the Merchant's Guild, we welcome the extra responsibilty." Paule adds in his own comment on the matter. "I will make sure that Coriaria is also aware of this new task, and hopefully she can join us as well on this matter." he says with a small smile. "And I am sure that Baroness Westmark will make a fine enforcement marshal on such matters." he says with a light laugh.

Looking tired still Breac nods his head to the pair of nobles and waves a hand, "If you will be around tomorrow I know the queen would love to have you to break our fast, but for now I think I had best finish this work and take my cousin's advice. We shall discuss the particular of your new role tomorrow."

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