How to Post a Memoir

To create a memoir, please use the module below to create the page based on the scene title; they should not include non-alphanumeric items. Please do not include semicolons or slashes. Spaces are allowed and will be substituted by a dash by wikidot. Do not include the date of the scene, as that will be added once the page is created. It will create the page, set the template, and even set the primarily tags. Once you fill out the required information on the template and post it, you will need to return to this page to link the log. Use the 'Edit' feature below and follow the format of the other posted logs.

Please do not forget to tag the log with the participating characters. The topmost memoir should always be the most recent.

Sample Link — IC Date of Memoir — Brief Description

The Infiltration of Fort Brenton — November 3, 1329 — Prince Samwell and Sir Jaren Cassomir lead a party to infiltrate the Fortress of Brenton. Here There Be Bandits.
Battle For Brenton — November 3, 1329 — Sir Gauvain Tarris leads an assault on the Fortress of Brenton.
Ashes — Winter 1325 — Sir Jaren Cassomir is faced with the last of a series of tragic losses.
Could Have Beens — Autumn 1324 — Shortly before Claire's next posting on board the ship Minstrel, she receives troubling, devastating news.
Protests Unheard — Summer 1329 — Victricia has a few words with her handmaid, while the pair agree to disagree in regards to her upcoming nuptials.
Down by the River — Summer 1323 — When Lord Xander sneaks away from his sister's wedding he has an adventure with a new friend.
In the Family Way — Summer 1309 — Baroness Katarina learns she's expecting and shares the news with Baron Paule.
First Kiss — Spring 1308 — A few days after their wedding, Baron and Baroness Westmark try to reach common ground with the Siege and each other.
Bonds of Westmark — Spring 1308 — Baron Paule Westmark is introduced to his new wife, Lady Sir Katarina Rhaedan during the Siege of Westmark by Corsairs.
Coin for Courtship — Winter 1327 — While Savaric Ashlan is recovering from injuries suffered in his training to become a ranger, he propositions his healer, Talia Neuberg, with a surprising result.

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