Brother Michael Bornin
{$actor} as Michael Bornin
Full Name: Michael Bornin
Byname: Fang of Bornas
Age: 27
Kingdom: Temple of the Four Guardians
House: The Covenant of the Temple - Laketown Temple
Title/Profession: Brother
Position: Chosen
Place of Birth: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Ill-fated with his founding by those who know of it, of which there are few outside of the Noble House's Knights who did so and the Priestess of Stilltha that brought him to the Temple of the Four, Michael is generally a well mannered man or at least he tends to show such a front as a general rule. What's known of him is that he grew up in the Temple of Laketown after he'd been brought there at a young age and eventually fell under the wing of an older member of the Chosen who died not too long ago by the name of Marius Tavaril. His skill in martial weapons was honed in years to follow and some have found that the blade upon his back is rarely if ever drawn save for in dire circumstance or in defense of the Temple and the will of the Gods. He's a wanderer otherwise and has become known for travelling between Temples and practicing acts of a good samaritan to those who need it.

Immediate Family

None known. The only person he could have called family died. The Temple is his family.

Character Features

Physical Features

Unruly locks of dirty blonde hair tumble loose across the man's forehead, coming down to his ears at their longest with a look that's both well kept and yet still holds a somewhat wilder look to it. High, classically formed cheekbones and a squared masculine jawline lend a look of refinement to his handsome features lacking any true scars or otherwise to mar them. A faint shadow of stubble coats the line of his jaw otherwise, giving his appearance a slight roguish edge to his natural aesthetic. He's athletically built with a faint sculpt of muscle that leans towards a somewhat wiry look with lean muscle with a height that would put him a bit taller than average yet far from towering that some men would claim. Olive green eyes hold a sheen of intellect beyond this, accentuated by a studious perception occasionally distracted by the infiltration of an errant strand of hair should it prove unruly enough.

The blonde is most often found wearing little in the way of true armor oddly enough, forgoing it in favor of hardened leather and the faintest hint of a chain hauberk hidden by the vestments of the Temple of the Four Guardians often colored with pure white bearing the mark of Bornas proudly upon the chest. A pair of steel vambraces are bound to both forearms with his hands left free for movement, daggers worn at his belt and bound to a sheathe at the boot at his pants leg. A long sheath is slung across his back otherwise, rising just at the shoulder with a blade bound within its confines. The crossguard of a hit can be seen rising from it with a sleek leather binding with little in the way of asthetic design to mar the surface of the pommel.


Defender of the Innocent
Self Sacrificing
Too Curious

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