Summary: Deidra and Brennart continue tracking Savaric and his group and they have yet another misunderstanding.
Date: 5 June 2013
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Woods of Haven
There are trees. They have branches and leaves. Pay them no mind.
5 June 1329

It's been a couple of days since the meeting between Savaric, Talia and the two Blue Guards. The travels have taking the group back towards the south again, and while they haven't actively gone out of the way to shake the two Blues, they aren't exactly inviting them along to join their merry little crew. Currently on the edge of the lake, the three have pulled off into a small cove to set up camp, leaving Savaric with the duties to hunt at the moment.

The Blue Guards have done their best to keep up with the three, they managed remarkably well, given the trail the three others were following. But an hour ago the ranger, the healer and the girl seem to have left the path, choosing to move through the underbrush. It's the only explanation why they vanished from sight so suddenly. So Deidra had decided to follow them - not an easy task. Their movement is hampered by the undergrowth, and so they haven't gotten very far, probably lost their sense of direction on the way.

It's perhaps due to the fact that they have drifted off the path into a different direction, that Deidra suddenly pauses, her gaze locking onto Brennart's. "Be quiet." she whispers, her steely green eyes shifting into the direction from which footsteps now can be heard. Careful but swift footsteps moving towards them.

Brennart is following along like a good soldier letting the deputy commander take the lead as he watches the sides of the trail for the tell tale tracks when somebody has strayed from the beaten so to speak path… He glances at Deidra as they try to force their way through the underbrush until he's told to be quiet… Which he does fairly well for being a the size and armored man he is.

<FS3> Savaric rolls Hunting: Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Savaric=marksmanship Vs Deidra=marksmanship
< Savaric: Good Success Deidra: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Hearing a noise in the woods, Savaric at first tracks a deer across his field of vision. Or at least he assumes it's a deer. Bringing up his bow, the ranger notches an arrow and lets it fly towards his target. The metallic pang was unexpected. Since when does deer wear armor, after all? And that brings a frown to the ranger's face. "Told you to announce selves!" he snaps in agitation. "Chased off meal." Because well. That's all he's worried about.

Deidra shoots Brennart a quick glance, maybe to remind herself of his reassuring presence. The touch of a smile crosses her face as her gaze meets his for a fraction of a second - before it darts to the direction from where the steps were approaching. The hissing sound of an arrow is noticed almost too late. The Deputy moves swiftly to the side to evade it, but not swiftly enough. The loud clang of her slightly worn plate and chain armour announces she has been hit, the arrow luckily deflected. "Oh, it's you, ranger? We had assuemed you were running from us? But now I see you've changed your mind, to kill us?" she calls, brows raised in some sentiment of mockery and anger. "Fool. It takes more than an arrow to take down one of us." Savaric's short explanation has her chuckle though. "Then you came across us by mistake, Master Savaric? How ironic indeed." Her eyes flit to Brennart then, the expression in them still alert despite her enacted amusement.

Brennart just shakes his head after seeing the arrow glance off Deidra's armor, "Chased off meal? You shot at something shiny…" He glances around the woods, "How many meals run around on a silver plate?" He chuckles a bit as he slides his shield off his shoulder and graps the hand strap as he watches the direction the arrow came from.

Savaric gives a little grunt. Whatever the reason was for that shot may never be known. Perhaps there was a deer. Perhaps not. "Said you could follow. Not hide." the ranger responds as he shakes his head. "Idiots. Used to stand up fights. Terrible rangers." He spits into the brush again. "You want to continue to follow, suggest you get boat." he says cryptically, a glance towards Brennart. "Got in way of shot. Arrow always has right of path. Not idiots in plate." he says as he turns to walk away, though alert a bit more as he saw Brennart start to armor up.

A little gesture from her gauntleted hand to Brennart to hold him back, at least for the moment, while steely green eyes wander to Savaric. "We were following you, ranger. It was you who chose to shake us off. Knowing we are not rangers like you. It seems you did that on purpose, as if you don't like to be in our company." she says coldly. "And what do you mean when you say, we should get a boat?" Her gaze never leaving the ranger she takes a few steps closer now. "Savaric. How far behind are we? The girl… can she be trusted?" the Deputy inquires, studying him intently.

Brennart wasn't drawing his weapon so holding him back isn't very difficult but he does keep his shield between the ranger and himself… Perhaps a slight fear of being shot this close by a trained archer… "Eh I could have found him eventually."

"You stink. Chase off game." Savaric says casually as he starts back down the path to continue his tracking and hunting. "Too loud in armor. Announce presence all in woods. Clomp clomp. No sense of stealth. Not shaking, moving at my pace. You whine like child. Need tit to suckle? Maybe companion can provide." Commented finally as he says. "Crossing Lake. Princess and Prince. Head that way as well. Could be heading for Rhaedan castle. Could be heading south. Will not know until we cross and get back on trail. Trust child more than you." An honest answer is given towards the Blue Guard. "She provided the bookmark. Told us of the pretty Southern noble that seduced Princess. What have you done? Slowed us down. Annoyed me. If you cannot keep up, return home or to armies. This is my duty. Decide what is yours. They have crossed. Standing here chatting with you, eating up time. Boat for us almost ready. No room for you two with all your armor." he points out with a gesture of his hand. "Return to Haven. Rent boat. Meet us on other side. Weather and currents hold, should only be a few hours behind. Ask too many questions. Learn to trust instincts." Brennart's comment draws a small chuckle, but nothing more as the large ranger moves towards the woods again. "Will just have to catch fish or turtle to eat instead."

Deidra's head turns as she shoots Brennart another glance, indecisiveness reigning in her eyes as she seems to ponder something. But that expresion fades at once when Savaric graces her with his reply. She listens in silence, inhaling deeply which might announce an adequate retort. When Deidra addresses Savaric she does so with narrowed eyes, her arms crossed before her while she stares at him with hardly concealed indignation.

"Tis true, we're not the sneaky kind. But that is no reason to taunt us, northerner. And I don't recall of holding you back in any way. You hardly waited for us nor were explicitly generous with information." A pause, which is used for regrouping her thoughts. Eyes flit downward momentarily before they return to Savaric with a chilly stare. "I do care little if we have annoyed you. The fact is that I've vowed to return with much more information than you have offered us. We will not return before we know what has happened to Prince Darrin and that Rhaedan Princess. Where they are, what they're up to. If it is possible to bring them back to their senses. That is how the game will be played, Master Savaric."

Deidra shifts her weight slightly before she continues. "So… you're meaning to shake us off again? The boat you mention. Is it headed for Laketown or Brivey?" And finally she lets out a sigh. "Hmm, your boat. How much room is there? Probably for one more, I suppose?" Her gaze flits to Brennart, the expression on her face growing pensive.

"To you it is a game. Galavant in woods. Like child. Or you are in charge. Maybe are of him. Not of me. Not of her. Or of child. We handle ourselves." Savaric says, his glance and expression proud. "You want to play game, you and your companion play. Have work to do. No room on boat for you. Armor too heavy." he reiterates. "It is raft. Go take ferry. Behave like noble." he snorts. "If you get shaken, not my choice - yours. You keep up, or you do not. As much as you complain, surprised you are Knight. Would hve never been ranger." he shakes his head. "Not our boat. Child's. She decide who stays and goes. Good luck." he says as he turns and heads back into the woods from whence he came.

"No. It is you who doesn't understand. Master. Savaric." Deidra retorts, her eyes no longer cold and steely but with a dangerous spark that can be seldom seen within them. "Tis you who act like the child. Refusing our help. Not even understanding what I'm trying to tell you. And nay, this is not a matter of different accents! Rather different levels of understanding. And common sense. Master." Rolling her eyes at Savaric Deidra snorts. "'Behave like noble'? It is 'behave /like/ a noble'. And I grew up in the Corsair Wars, on the battlefield… How dare you voice an opinion about me, when you don't know me at all! You… piece of filth." Her voice trails off, as the Deputy realizes she has lost her temper. It takes her a moment until she has regained some of her composure. There is certain bitterness to her voice as she addresses Savaric again before he walks away: "Very well then. We'll move south. How will be none of your concern. For even if you behave like a prick, I have to believe your words. You may be a savage without manners or proper respect - but not a liar." Her hands comes to rest on the pommel of her sword. "If you'll get into trouble on your way, you may wish you've had us with you to help you out. Alas. You brought it upon yourself." Illogical in the end again. But she's a woman after all, with every right to leave the firm path of reason. At least now and then.

"You are following us like puppies. I will know you will help." Savaric calls out as he enters the woods, starting to disappear from view.

"You are knight, after all."

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