Sir Moirae Lohstren


Younger sister of Eldrick and Morla, twin of Dalyros and older sister to Colette. Moirae, or Rae as she is called by family and friends, is a knight and member of her sister Morla's guard and is often her sister's eyes and ears in the daylight hours.

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

Tawny waist length hair is swept back from her face in a sleek yet intricate braid that coils the long length of her hair into a thick plait that is both efficient and flattering to her profile. Curling strands of pure blond entwined with pale red and auburn accented by golden threads that catch any available sunlight do tend to escape the sleek braid and curl rather madly at times. The force of her personality animates her face as she speaks, her expressions, emotions, thoughts playing across her face in the quirk of an eyebrow, the curve of her lips. Wide hazel eyes gaze from beneath delicately arched eyebrows, high cheekbones and a nose that is subtly to long for a classic beauty. A thin pale scar traces along the upper curve of her left cheekbone, the trailing edge leading perilously close to her left eye. Her lips are full, curving easily into a wide smile, though the warmth in her eyes and her smile makes her more appealing than beautiful. The angle of her chin and set of her jaw lends to the over all impression that she is one of those calm and level headed individuals, this impression is augmented by the challenge that can easily be glimpsed in her gaze.
At 5'9" she has a wiry and lean build that conveys a sense of strength and grace augmented by the sleek lines of a toned athletic body that conveys the further impression of compact strength and economy of motion. Tanned a deep golden tone that speaks to a life spent in the warm light of the sun, the color complements the tawny color of hair and the hazel shade of her eyes. Pale smooth scars trace along the back of her left hand and several of the fingers join the numerous small scars that are scattered along her arms and hands, a thicker scar runs up the outer curve of her right thumb. Wearing a light weight tunic of a warm cream color rich with embroidery along the piping, seams and collar. The sleeveless tunic is tailored to her slender form with a high cut neckline that traces along her collarbone and up across her shoulders before curving into a intricate series of silk lacing that snugs the shirt to her upper body and tied in a neat cinch at the small of her back. The exquisite tailoring of her shirt leaves her arms bare and displays the sleek strength of her arms and subtle curves of her feminine physique. Paired with leather trousers that emphasize her long legs, the trousers are bloused over a pair of calf-high boots that she wears. The boots, themselves, are of soft leather that are cinched tight and laced along the sides and add another two inches to her over all height. A hand-tooled sheath is tied round her right thigh, the dagger within easy reach of her right hand. Around her waist is a leather belt upon which the sheathed Falchion is set, the hilt of the weapon angled for a a cross draw that favors her left hand.


  • Artistic
  • Loyal
  • Morning Person
  • Rock Hound
  • Stubborn

On the Grid

Known Associates

All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring; renewed shall the blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.


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