Lady Morla Lohstren
Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam as Morla Elenora Lohstren
Full Name: Morla Elenora Lohstren
Byname: - The Younger
Age: 22 (Nov. 25th)
Kingdom: Taniford
House: House Lohstren
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Flower of the March
Place of Birth: Estermarch
Father: Count Dedrick Lohstren
Mother: Countess Elainia Lohstren
Siblings: Sir Eldrick Lohstren, Sir Moirae Lohstren, Sir Dalyros Lohstren, Lady Collette Lohstren
Spouse: None
Children: None


As the first daughter of the current generation of Lohstrens, there was an almost familial obligation to name her Morla. Countess Morla Lohstren was her grandmother — a mighty and formidable leader that, despite losing her own sons to the war of the two kingdoms, would be a promising namesake. Up to this point, Count Dedrick and his beautiful Taniford wife had given their family line nothing but sons. Their eldest Warrick held the position of Lord Protector and Heir of Estermarch. Second in line was Dalrick, and he acted as his brother's second in command. The pair were connected at the hip, protecting one another to the end. Henrick was the third, and he was a young and pudgy boy who was always ill, remaining indoors with his nose in books and lessons. Then there was sweet Eldrick. He was to be a Knight, and already bounced around the Summit Halls on his wooden pony with his play sword flailing over his head. Eldrick was two years old when finally his father could uphold the promise he made to his mother and young Morla was born.

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