Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains
Summary: Lady Guinevere meets the road weary priestess, Mother Cafell. A conversation about the road and the dire straights that will soon follow for trade.
Date: 23/August/2013
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Brivey - Town of Brivey
Much like in other townships, the center of Brivey's square is marked by a large, tiered fountain. The fresh water gurgling over dark stone is provided by a spring discovered long ago around which the town was first built. Neatly constructed buildings of wood with stone facades encircle the square, and colorful signs hanging from wrought iron posts over the doorways advertise the wares sold within. The space between the buildings is portioned out evenly and house iron posts with hooks for hanging lanterns.

A wide, cobbled path leads northwest into the housing district, while to the southeast the Oldstone Bridge is visible. The eastern horizon is dominated entirely with a view of the walls and crenellations of Brivey Keep set atop a hill to overlook the town.

August 23, 1329

Market day, always a fine affair for the town of Brivey. Carts from all around the outlying townships come to sell their wares. Local shops are opening their doors for business as the bell in the nearest tower chimes the time out, marking the start of Market day. The smells of bread from the bakers and spices from the spicers waft through the air as any number of people move from shop to shop. A man shouts out the sale of fresh cooked meats and holds a tray with skewered meats and meat pies.

A Maiden clad in red velvet comes down the street, guards and handmaids in tow. She talks to the merchants as she passes, smiling to those who smile at her and talking to them about where they come from and the quality of their wares. Her violet eyes scan the products and produce alike, holding a hand up to the man who asks if she wish to sample the meats on his tray. "No, good fellow, but I have already eaten and I would hate for your goods to go to waste." She smiles politely and moves along dragging her companions as she goes.

Down the street a woman rides, she is dressed in a travel worn robe of a priestess, her robe is dusty and stained. A wide brimmed straw hat covers her face and protects her from the sun. Her horse is a solid bay in coloring and by the looks of her gelding he would appear draft in his blood lines. Behind her she is leading a Mule that is burden with pack. When it begins to get crowded the woman brings her horse to a halt and she dismounts. Running up her stirrups and loosing her gelding's girth is the first thing she does. It is then that she sees the Maiden or Noble maiden as she is dressed in red velvet and with her are handmaidens and guards. She pauses and offers a nod of her head in greeting to the noble woman then she moves to lead both horse and mule out of the way.

The maiden palms a bolt of cloth of gold, "This is a fine cloth, good woman, may the Guardians bless you with good patronage this day," she smiles to the woman selling cloth and walks on. She comes across the priestess and sends her a wave, catching up with her in a few long strides. "What brings you into Brivey this day, Mother?" Her guards fall inline behind the priestess's mule and the hand maiden follows obediently behind her lady. "I am Lady Guinevere Reidel, if you are in need of any help, I will see to it that it is granted." She beams a smile to the woman, swiping one of her long brown locks out of her face.

The very tall Priestess responds with a nod of her head and she is quiet for a long time as her kind sea green/blue eyes study the Lady. She smiles warmly but no words are uttered and just when the silence starts to give birth to awkwardness a breeze dances around them and then the woman speaks. Her voice is quiet and she stutters. "Gggood day to you LLady." She takes a deep breath and she lets it out. Her words seem to grow stronger and her stutter less. "III need no help, there is a tttemple here. IIIt is a kind offer. I am just waiting for my chosen to catch up to me. I am on circuit." She explains her voice is still quiet and her words are warm.

Guinevere blinks back a bit of surprise as the woman speaks, but in an instant her shock is soften to a look of warmth and comfort. "Ah. Well, even if you need no help, perhaps a bit of companionship until you reach the temple, then? It has been awhile since I've spoken with anyone of the faith. And I'd like to hear of your travels." Guards relax as the breeze comes sweeping up the road, a well received breeze it was, sending the maiden's braided hair swaying in the breeze. Another lock breaks free of it's plaited hold and flies impolitely in her face, a practiced hand slides it away and tucks it back in place. "I hope the road was kind to you," Guinevere says as she eyes the road weary robes the woman is wearing.

"Nnay it is not tthese days it is kind to none." The woman responds. "II am Cafell, healer and priestess." She tells her gently. "Ccompany is ggrand but I am not a good conversationalist." She says with a chagrined expression. Once again the breeze playfully tugs and twists around them. She laughs warmly and suddenly. "Oh whatt of my travels would you like to hear lady." Her voice remains quiet though the stutter is starting to iron out of her words.

"Well met, Mother Cafell," Guinevere smiles softly, only a hint of disappointment on her delicate features. "Aye. That is what I've heard, though if there is a solution, I know not. Is it bandits, the usual road issues, or something far more sinister afoot? What have you heard of the troubles of the road, Mother?" She looks around the market as she strides along with the priestess, "I know the participations in market day have dropped over the last few weeks. A shame, really. There should be more attendance, but fear is a strong thing."

"Trouble with the borders and trouble with the bandits, it makes difficult travel. I am surprised trade has not come to a halt." Cafell points out. "Sssolution would peace between the two kingdoms and then both sides can deal with the bandits, but that would mean that both sides would have to keep that peace and be able to look past the now rotten blood that has developed between the two. The bandits are a symptom of what is brewing between the two countries, the flesh I would say is gggangrenous." The last word is stuttered out. "We the Temple need to be neutral between the two countries or there would be nothing left." She adds.

A knowing nod comes from the Reidel woman. "This is true, but not even I can ensure peace between the kingdoms. Try as I may," Guinevere sighs lightly at this and pulls her long, heavy braid over her shoulder as it sways again in the breeze. "Rotten flesh, indeed. Perhaps something can be done, at least a joint effort to rid the bandits. I will speak to Prince Jerric on this issue, he will know what to do. Trade has, indeed, slowed. Which is good for no one, and only serves the bandits in their cause. Especially the brave few who do venture out and test the trails to Market day. I suspect no one is willing to risk the trip to Laketown, at present."

Guinevere shakes her head in displeasure. "You are right, though, the temple is all that stands between existing and ruin. Let us hope it holds together under the strain of rising tensions, hmm?"

"Do not bind our hhands tttogether and have both sides stop asking us for aid via arms. We will always refuse. Try and work together and stop acting like petulant children the only thing that will remain if this continues is ash. Both sides are like squabbling children who have not learned to work their issues out in a peaceful manner, instead they resort to hitting." The priestess tells. "Also forgive me for I am tried and I have been on the road a while. I am tttactless these days." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. There is an underlying tone of frustration in her voice. "Famine and pppesttilence will follow; they are true companion to war or fighting as the case may be." She takes a deep breath and lets it out again.

A small chuckle comes from the maiden. "Aye. You are quite right, Mother Cafell. Squabbling children, that is. Though yes, I suspect the faith will do nothing between warring lands. They do not choose sides, from what I know. I cannot fault them for it, though others will." Guinevere smiles as the priestess apologizes. "No worries. I know what weary bones can do to a person, the result is almost always blunt and a touch ornery."

A nod as Guinevere walks along side the priestess. "Yes. That is what worries me the most. The people should not suffer, though, I cannot stop it. Pride has a way of putting itself in the way of all good things, no?" She smiles lightly at the older woman beside her.

"Pride and Anger will lead to our downfall. We are nothing in the grand ssscheme of things. Sssometimes all it takes is one voice willing to ssspeak up and to plant a seed." Cafell tells her. "Kingdoms of Ash and Kingdoms of Bones is all that both sides will have left. If it cccomes down to it and if the Guardians and the Temple need to ssstep in, it will not be pretty, pray that we remain as we are. It is not a threat, it is just the ttruth."

The priestess's words brings a chill to the maiden, goose-pimples rise up on her creamy flesh, she visibly shivers. "I… well, I cannot disagree. I will keep trying, Mother Cafell, but I cannot guarantee…" an audible and heavy sigh comes from the girl, "I cannot guarantee they will listen. My Prince, well, he may well sympathize, but it does not mean that he will do a thing about it. I do not wish for ash nor bones as you do not wish for that as well." Guinevere looks down to the hands in front of her and worries the ring on her finger.

"As long as one does not wish it and ccan see that it could happen, then that is a beginning." Cafell points out. "The thought should make others ppause and ssshould make others ssshiver as you have done." Her words are soft and quiet. "But those who do not hear or listen to wisdom usually learn the hard way; there will be nothing but ash here." She looks up at the sky then back down at the Lady. "I should write something about a Kingdom of Bone and a Kingdom of ash, it may help your cause. Now as for ppride it really does, but it is a mark of a good person who can see their folly and see that it is not wisdom ruling their actions but their pride. Then if that person sees what has happened and is able to take responsibility for folly and those prideful actions, they will be better for it."

"Mother Cafell, you may as well ask me to move mountains. I could not bear weight so heavy, but I could try and chip away at the glossy facade, " Guinevere smiles, "even the strongest of peoples, have a limit, Mother." She sweeps a hand along side her, gesturing to the peoples around the market. "But. They are worth it, no? The effort, it could hurt none, but it might well could save many. I will direct counsel for a joint effort, or… or at least an understanding, to rid the lands of bandits." Her perfect posture slouches just slightly before immediately adjusting with a wiggle of her shoulders. "Pray for my efforts, will you?"

"I am not asking for you to move mountains, you are not a Guardian but what I am asking is that you plant that seed my child." Cafell says to her. "Yes they are; none should suffer from starvation and pestilence and or survive with hidden scars. I will pray for them, for you and I will write. It is time." She adds she looks to her. "Seek wisdom and healing from Stilltha, and have faith in yourself and in the guardians. There will be those who will have you think otherwise, but remember who you are and what you stand for."

A smile spreads across the maiden's milky features. "What if I were, this would be much easier. And please, do write, kindly written or powerful words are just as powerful, at times, as words that are spoken." Guinevere smiles at a passing merchant, an idle thing, as she is lost in her thoughts momentarily. "I will do as you say and seek the wisdom I so do desire. I always have faith, Mother Cafell, I would not be who I am without it. Sometimes I just need a little help, and to know you will be praying for me is all I need. Who I stand for, it will always be the people. Never you worry about that." She smiles crookedly, almost looking uncertain of herself before straightening her facial features.

"That you will have my dear, but also those moments of weakness make us all the stronger. Remember it takes courage to rebuild or admit to a folly. It takes less courage to follow orders blindly." Cafell then pats her horse on the neck and she murmurs something softly to the gelding. The horse turns his head and sniffs her but he does not do more than that. His ears are flick towards her like he is listening to her. "The dday is lovely." She adds as she changes the topic. "I should introduce you to Daisy," She points to her mule and then she points to her horse, "and Wwren."

A solemn nod comes from the Reidel maiden. "Aye. There too you are right." A sigh, her smile no more than a stationary object for the public to see. "Do you think the faith would help with the bandit issue? I know they wish not to interfere in inter-kingdom quarrels, but this benefits us all, no?" Guinevere smiles at the change in topic, and runs a hand over the horse's mane. "They look to be loyal beast, Mother Cafell. A Rarity these days. Loyalty, that is, for anything… man or beast." She untangles her finger's from the gelding's wiry mane.

"The two kingdoms must first open a dialogue with each other and work together. Ddo not wwory about the ttemple for nnow, hhave faith in us and in the Guardians." Caffell says after she lets the silence grow between them again. When she tries to speak again it is in that same halting quiet and pensive voice that was first used to great her. "They have been my constant ccompaions for a mmany years."

"But…" Guinevere stutters herslef, "but, I have nothing to bring to the Prince to make it worth… Yes, Mother Cafell. I must remain in the faith." Another sigh from the usually confident woman. "I will appeal to the prince when next I have a chance to. He's been quite busy as of late, as you know." She smiles and looks to the woman. "It must be grand to have such fond companionship, Mother Cafell, I hope that I can have the very same in those who choose to surround themselves around me."

"Respect is earned not given freely, show them that they can trust you and can trust them." Her gaze rests on Guinevere for a moment. "You have something to offer the prince; if he and the other kingdom work together then they will have trade back, until that time, his trade and their trade with dwindle until there is nothing. Pppestilence always follows famine, use logic with him and not emotion."

A nod as Guinevere worries her lip, thoughts clearly racing as her face has a slightly worried look to it. "You speak true, I will speak to the trade and lack thereof. It might buy a temporary peace at the least, or extend it, rather. The bandits may be taken care of then." She pats the horse once more and leans to her handmaiden that whispers in her ear.

"Many thanks, my lady," Guinevere says to the girl and turns to the Priestess before her. "I shall see to speaking to Jerric, voice my concerns. For now, I must away to ready for my meet with him." She nods to the priestess, "I thank you. Truly. Sometimes we must clear our minds of the doubt that fogs it. I will still hold fear, but I will walk much stronger, thanks to your help. May the Guardian bless you for all your days, Mother Cafell."

"You hhave my prayers and bbblessings." Cafell then offers her a respectful bow of her head. "Be at ppeace and know you have the wisdom of the Guardians with you. You are strong." She tells her gently and with a smile. She then takes her horse and mule and leads them towards the temple.

"Thank you, and you as well." Guinevere dips her head again in kind reverence and turns away from the soiled-robed priestess with her horse and pack mule, giving the former a pat on the neck before leaving and heading back towards the castle. Retinue in tow, she greets the merchants and shop owners as she goes, politely declining those who offer their goods with a kind word and a smile.

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