Moving On

Moving On
Summary: Finally moving on from the battle scene, the north and south part ways.
Date: 19/06/2013
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Blasted Fens
Away from the warm fires of Haven, where locals and traders finish a day of hard work, the shadows of the Blasted Fens grow thicker as twilight gives way to nighttime. Deep in the swamp, where darkness reigns supreme a path leads west and upward towards the cleft of the mountain region, and southwest toward the deepening of the Fens.

The path is steep, narrow and twisty, and combined with near gale force winds of the storm, a storm seemingly made for one purpose, the destruction of man. A narrow cleft half way up sparks of golden fire light and shadows of man can be seen. Here the land opens to an large alcove of black stone, the cavernous mouth of a large cave flickering gold and white in the firelight.

It is here they came to survive and learn from the darkness . It is here the end of the Kingdoms shall be decided.

Jun 19, 1329

Mid morning before Carisse comes out of the healer's tent again. She might look a little bit strained, but other than that, she's doing just fine. She's got her basket of bandages and salves, as she starts doing the rounds, checking on all the patients she's supposed to. First the soldiers on the list, and then she moves to go check on her brother. She pauses outside his tent, curiously.

Tamara is up already, having changed Pawel's bandages, helped out with others and started tea. Coming back from one of the fires the Taniford lady smiles as she catches sight of Carisse, "Hello lady Carisse, almost ready to go home?" She asks with good humor in her voice, obviously in a chipper mood.

Having been asleep for a while again, because there's not too much more you can do when confined to a cot, Pawel has stirred now, and is currently loking around a bit as his mind seems to wake up as well now.

Oh, it's not that Carisse is just getting up. She was up early, did her first rounds, and then returned after everyone else was out and about. She glances over towards Tamara and offers a polite curtsy. "Oh, yes, of course. It's horrible here, with all those spiders and such. We really should move as soon as we can, I think. At least get started on the way back, so we can maybe get out of this horrible place to more reasonable land." She shivers a bit, not at all happy with the whole area. "But - how are you doing? And have you looked in on Pawel?"

Waking up on one of the healers cots, Augustus groans as he is sits up.. "dang It I want my cot back.. " he chuckles looking over at its occupant. and wondering when his prince will revive and wish to move out so that he can return home safe and sound. Augustus slips out of bed with a wince and goes to his chest to pull out a shirt and slips it on, and notices the recently changed bandages and smiles.

Having woken up quite some time ago the prince's bed is empty. Soon enough there is another person moving towards Pawel's cot. In the form of the northern prince Stefan, of course. Leather gloves worn over both hands as he does seem to be doing better. Having been up since early morning and pushing himself a bit to try and keep people prepared. Making his way towards the tent in a slow movement as he sees those gathered outside. Though hearing Augustus, he does try to call out. "I am fine." He offers, not able to raise his voice too high. Eyes going to the two ladies. "My ladies. It is a pleasure to see you both." He offers with his right hand over his chest as he bows before moving past them to move into the tent to meet with Pawel.

Tamara nods her head to Carisse, "He was sleepy still but I checked on his bandages my lady." She smiles and nods her head in greeting to the two northerners, "Oh Sir Augustus and Prince Stefan, if I may still call you that, how are both your wounds faring?" She asks then notices Pawel stir and gives the duke a bright smile of his own.

Muttering something to himself, Pawel begins sitting up a bit more now, blinking a few times as he sees the people present. "Hmmm…" he begins, before he goes silent again, offering a bit of a smile, although the smile that's offered to the two ladies seem to be a bit brighter than the rest now.

Carisse nods to Tamara, smiling, though her smile falters slightly as Stefan comes by. She curtseys politely, eyes dropping demurely, and says nothing to Stefan, letting him go into the tent where Pawel is. She takes a breath, and then does peek into the tent to wave at Pawel, so he knows she's there. "Do you think we can start moving soon? It's not at all safe here," she says to Tamara, after a moment.

Augustus grunts in a teasing fashion as he hears his prince and grins. "good to hear it, wouldnt want you getting soft on that plush cot.!" he teases, stepping out of the tent now with fresh clothing and like his prince heads over to where the Southerland Duke his at and pokes his head in. "Greetings ladies, " a glance over at pawel… "your grace." he says with a youthful grin.

Stefan smiles to Tamara, "Wounds are quite well. And of course you can." He offers to the lady before glancing towards Carisse as well, nodding to her without a word. Then heading in and looking towards Pawel. "Your grace. Seems I came along at a good time." He suggests. As he did go inside he grins wide at Augustus wordds but for now not answering him.

Tamara returns Pawel's bright smile, obviously to his sister's words for a moment before she seems to snap out of it and sighs and nods her head to Carisse, "Oh I think your brother should be able to travel today if needed." She looks over to Augustus then, "How are your men doing?"

"Your Highness," Pawel replies, before he adds, "Please excuse me for not getting up. Last time I tried that, I got quite a scolding by the healers." Another brief pause now, before he adds, "And is there ever a good time these days?"

Carisse turns to Augustus, offering him a subdued smile. "Good morning, Sir Augustus," she says. "I was just saying that I thought we should, if everyone is able, pack up camp and start moving. Even if we don't get too far, I think it would be good to leave this place where we are entirely not welcome." She stops there, lowering her gaze to stare at her fingers.

Augustus nods his head to Carisse and smiles. "Well I can assign some men to escort you and the lady tamara and Duke pawel as far as laketown from there your men can handle the rest of the trip, but I have orders to get the prince and princess to Rhaedan and I intend to do that as they've been away for too long. " he glances at Stefan and says. "My prince we've some uniforms for you and Amira to wear so that you'll blend in with our troops on the Journey home." he can tell his words wont be well received but even he has orders he must follow.

"Getting away from this blasted place sounds like an excellent idea," Pawel mutters after a few moments now, as he hears what's being said, grimacing a little bit. "It might take a bit slower than normal, though. Unless we have a ship out there still." A grimace, since he doesn't really like ships, but at a time like this…

Carisse glances in, and she nods to her brother. "Either way, we need to get moving. We do not have the luxury to stay here until everyone is healed. I think we should pick up, and leave. As soon as we can. Sir Augustus, it's dangerous here, for your men as well." She bites her lower lip, and then she says, "The longer we stay here, the more people are getting bitten by spiders and - strange things. We should go, even if it's at a slow pace." Broken record, and even Carisse knows it. She glances only once towards Stefan, before she looks to Augustus and Pawel. "Someone has to give the word to move."

Augustus smiles softly to lady carisse and nods. "well if you all feel fit to travel, then I'll order the tents broken down and supplies packed up. I bet we could even convert a few waggons into mobile cots if his Grace isn't up to riding." he grins.

Augustus steps out of the tent and begins yelling for those not on active duty to bring out the unused cots and pack things up and once the tents are cleared to begin breaking down the tents and loading them up to travel south for those headed that way and home for the rest of US!"

"I'll be up to riding, Sir Augustus. Even if I was almost dying, I would still be able to ride, instead of being carted around like a cripple…" Pawel speaks quite firmly now as he sits up further, preparing to get to his feet now, while looking between the others now.

Tamara returns to the tent the nobles seem to have converged upon and is holding to mugs of tea. Seeing Pawel getting up she pushes past the say, "Here my dear. Drink this while the others pack please?" She gives him a touch of a wary smile and looks to Augustus and Carisse with confusing, "Did I hear tents taken down? Are we moving then?"

Carisse pauses, as Tamara returns. "yes, my lady," she says. "It's not safe here, we need to move, before we are overrun. There are nasty things out there, spiders and harpies and who knows what else. As we stay here, and one or two leave each day, we leave ourselves more and more open to another attack, without defenses. We have to move." She pauses, having already convinced the menfolk, to look at Tamara. "The sooner the better, because every mile we put between us and that - " A gesture to the battle field and Ellowe beyond - "is less chance that we will be attacked." There is even, according to rumour, a chaos bringer out there, watching. Waiting.

Augustus works hard to get things organized and his men working hard on breaking things down. The medical tent that auggy and stefan were in is the first done as slowly people enter the tent with pawel and the rest taking out things that can be moved. A lot of pardon us your Grace and my ladies are tossed out as men at arms and squires alike are working their tails off. getting things loaded. Horses being freshly groomed and saddled as well as fed. for the journey home. Sergeants are bellowing out orders for the troops headed to Rhaedan even as The Prince and princess are escorted to a smaller private tent where each takes a turn slipping into the Ironclad Heavy infantry uniforms and begin to mingle with the assembling troops.

Pawel nods a little bit, as he takes the offered tea, and drinking it a bit thoughtfully now, nodding a bit at what's being said. "Time to go," he offers a bit quietly now. There's a smile on his face as he says so, though.

"Yes I know you are of course right Carisse, I am just a worrier." She looks to Pawel a moment and bites her lip before smiling again to the man's sister and nodding her head, "Let's go home and figure this out there, to much has happened…" She looks about the scene, "Do we know if we have proper guards to go south left here?"

Carisse looks at Tamara, and then she chuckles. "More so than we do for staying here in a battlefield," she suggests softly. "We are in the way, let's get ourselves packed. It shouldn't take long." She smiles at Pawel briefly, and then she returns to clear her items, packing them, and getting the horse she's been loaned ready to go. In fairly short order, she's back, dressed to travell, horse ready, and her part of the tent emptied. She looks at the ironclad and all the comings and goings with some respect for them. "Sir Augustus," she says, as she arrives back. "I am ready when you are."

While the nobles are discussing this they will notice light coming in as the tent they are currently in is being rolled up, and the last of the heavy Items being pulled out Including the cot Duke Pawel's resting on as they need it. They make all the proper apologies as they hastily rush things out and into the wagons. Archers outside Fire at large flying things that seem to be wondering what going on Harsh screeches come from the creatures as they are driven off.

"I don't think I'll be wearing my armor for much of the time, at least," Pawel offers, as he gets ready for moving out now. "I'll just have to make sure the squires are taking good care of it, and keep it nearby for when I'll need it…" Looking between the others now, with a smile as he gets ready for the ride.

Tamara is by no means use to war, battles, or anything of the sort so the red heads lets the smarter more able individuals handle this situation. She sighs lightly and sips at her tea, wincing only when she hears all the noise from outside. Shaking her head Tamara dumps out the rest of her cup and moves to ready her back, which takes a matter of moments since she traveled only as a disguised healer, "Well I did say I wanted to go home." She mutters more to herself.

Carisse isn't spending too much time discussing things. She does smile at Pawel. "Are you riding a horse or a cart?" she asks him, straightforwardly, as everything gets packed up. She has a bow and arrows with her now, though those freaky flying things just make her even more sure this is the right choice. "Let's go, quickly now." She moves to Pawel to help him, as needed, onto a horse or cart, and then she moves to mount her own horse.

Augustus pokes in thru the poles of the nearly torn down tent and says. " you still here, Thought you left hours ago.. " he tone light as he teases the group. He looks to the ladies. "Seems those harpy things returned but our archers drove them off. Is there anything I can do to help you in a short time As I'm still directing troops and arranging your escort. As allies I need to make sure you safely get home. " his smile quite warm and affectionate. Oh and if you see collette let her know I'll be back once I get prince Stefan and princess Amira safely home."

Pawel gives his sister a look as he hears that question, shaking his head a little bit. "There's no way I'm going on one of those carts there." Stated rather simply now, as he gets to the horse, pausing for a few moments before he mounts up now.

Tamara looks a touch lost still but the horse she rode north is quickly found and the lady checks the saddle herself before pulling herself up onto the horse. She watches the men work with wide eyes and nods her head to Augustus as he talks. She watches Pawel for a moment but then just continues to watch the preperations.

And as everyone is ready, Carisse glances over at Augustus and she chuckles. "We were waiting on you," she teases back. "Come on then, before something else attacks." And with that, assuming Sir Augustus is okay with it, she starts Rogue heading off, for a moment leading the troupe. But only a moment, before some of the knights and such take over, and the entire group moves out.

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