Duke Neale Riedel
Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman as Neale Riedel
Full Name: Neale Riedel
Byname: None
Age: 52
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Riedel
Title/Profession: Duke
Position: Head-Of-Vassal
Place of Birth: Brivey Keep
Father: Daveed Riedel
Mother: Leah Auldholme Riedel
Siblings: Lukas, Annessa, Nevaeh
Spouse: Krista
Children: Sammel, Paidrig, Guinevere, Ryleigh


Neale Riedel has been known for many years to be a master of himself and his House. Showing a penchant for a rigorous, disciplined lifestyle at an early age, he has devoted more time in his life to studying his duties as Heir than most in his position have even spent performing said duties. That study, of course, has been put to task in many ways over the previous decades, to strong effect.

Known as a close advisor to King Breac, Neale has continued the tradition of strident support of House Rhaedan from House Riedel, a tradition that has remained unbroken for centuries.

Character Features

Physical Features

Perhaps the most expressive feature of this man are his eyes. Cobalt blue in hue, they are capable of becoming hard as stone that Bornas would be proud of and as gentle as a summer tide to be coveted by Stilltha. Heavy brows rest atop his eyes, his straight nose forming a perfect 'T' through his face. Thin lips are framed in a carefully trimmed mustache and goatee, careful to keep his angled jawline free from any hair. This may or may not be due to the faint scar that runs along his jaw, a reminder of battles past. Age is not the only detractor present here; rugged features borne of too many hours in the sun and too many battles give this man's features a sense of someone who has definitely lived. Hair that was once fair but is now grey falls to just short of his shoulders, only the slightest wave to its texture, creating a frame for his face as well as hiding his ears from view.


Always In Motion - Neale is almost always constantly in motion. Whether it is the simple rubbing of his thumb and forefinger against one another, or outright pacing, something about him needs to always be moving.

Methodical - Neale has a daily regimen to this very day, and unless circumstances are dire, he follows it.

Fearless - It has been some years since Neale has been seen on the battlefield, but those who still remember have told stories. Fear stems from uncertainty. When a man is certain, he is immune to fear.

Pious - Whether out of propriety or truly out of faith, Neale is seen every week, rain or shine, at the Temple at Brivey Keep.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sammel Sir Sammel Riedel : Son and Heir
Ever dutiful, ever direct. I have no fear for my House, when he rules in my stead.
Paidrig Lord Paidrig Riedel : Son
He sees coins to be made around every corner. If I hadn't sired him myself, I'd think him a Westmark. Still, commerce is a source of strength, and so long as he can strengthen us without cheapening us, I encourage him.
Guinevere Lady Guinevere Riedel : Daughter
Duchess Krista Riedel
Lord Lukas Riedel

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