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Summary: Sir Jaren and Mistress Collette bear bad news to the Temple about Brother Merrick being detained in Estermarch, ends up, they run into Breanna - Wolf Fight!
Date: 14/11/2013
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Laketown - Temple of the Four
Once pristine like most Temples dedicated to the Four, this Temple has been the focus of recent destruction. The roof is completely gone and walls have caved at various places. While much of the rubble has been cleared, the scorch marks and melted stone that remains gives a grim reminder of the dragon that wrought the damage to the building.

Proof of the resilience of those who serve the Four, makeshift alters and bowls of offering have been placed within each of the four corners for them and all to yet come and offer up prayers and offerings to the Guardians of Four. To the north is Bornas, the south Ravas, to the west Stilltha and to the east, Altheara.

November 14 2013

Sir Jaren Cassomir and Mistress Collette have really only been in Laketown long enough to stable their horses and secure rooms at the Inn. Once that's done, Sir Jaren leads Collette straight to the Temple. After all, they should be informed of Merrick's situation. Assuming ravens haven't already dispatched the information to them, since they seemed so aware of the situation well before they arrived in Estermarch. Nevertheless, Jaren approaches the temple and passes within, flagging down the closest guard, priest, or Chosen he can get his hands on and first inquiring after Mother Tylon, but in her absence, simply noting that he needs to speak with someone about Brother Merrick.

The young girl follows Jaren carefully. She is dressed in her ridding uniform, which is a bit dirty, but it still looks like belongs to quite a rich commoner.

The girl is shaking and her eyes are wet, and red. She walks with some kind of fear, always looking back and avoiding to catch the sight of the Guardians' sculptures. Her dark serpentine curls are weaving crazily, forcing the girl to look slightly strange.

The young girl tries to be just behind the back of Jaren, as he would be her shield. Shield, which can not save her from sudden sobbing, when she dares to glance at the Guardians with mix of anger and sandness in her eyes.

While Mother Tylon isn't around there is someone there waiting for Merrick to return. Breanna is off sitting on her own working on a set of arrows that needed some tending too, though this is a normal thing for a ranger. She's been at the Temple for some time now, and it's taken a lot to keep her here instead of actually going searching for the Chosen. Few have done little to bother her, or ask her to leave, as long she doesn't do anything to cause a problem they seem content to let the Ranger stay. After all she has helped out with the temple in the past. At the moment she is busy with her work, rewrapping a set of arrows to the shaft to make sure it stays within the groove, the arrow heads look new as if someone perhaps gifted her them, one even dangles from her neck on a simple bit of leather cord. Clothing wise she has on a simple shirt, dark brown vest, leather pants and boots, her coat is hanging upon the seat next to her. There is a moment as her pale gaze flicks upwards and she lifts a brow hearing a sob? There is a ponder at something could be happening and she slowly stands letting her gaze drift over the room before catching sight of Jaren and Collette. The knight she has seen once before, along with the girl which she is giving a slight cold glare too at the moment, a glare she hasn't even figured out that she I doing as of yet.

Jaren seems inclined to wait for a Priest or Chosen to come break the news to, but it seems like people are busy at the Temple today. It probably doesn't help that unbeknownst to Jaren nobody at the Temple yet quite realizes what's going on with Brother Merrick. Finally, after several moments of waiting, Jaren shakes his head slightly, and looks around, eyes eventually falling on Breanna. He searches his memory for a moment, and recalls briefly glimpsing her during his time here after the Harpy Attack. More importantly, he remembers her speaking with Merrick. So he starts in her direction, tilting his head a moment, studying Breanna and coming to the conclusion that she's neither Priestess nor Chosen:"Your pardon, Mistress, but I believe you are familiar with the Chosen, Brother Merrick?"

When Jaren goes to speak with a mistress, Collette as she would be hypnotized, not giving any glances for a woman, walks near one of the Guardians and falls on her knees in front of its sculpture. She starts mumbling something under her nose. Obviously, a prayer.
When Jaren pronounces the name of Merrick, Collette flinches and a louder cry can be heard. Though, it is short and quickly the young girl once more keeps her crying silent as her prayer.

The temple is indeed busy, rebuilding still in different stages after all, along with everyday sort of work. Breanna is quiet for a moment a she sends a curious glance to Jaren, a slight nod of her head is seen more out of her being polite then anything. A soft huff soon escapes her while her gaze settles back on Collette. If she is here does that mean Merrick is back? She is about to question this before hearing the Knight speak and she looks back to him. "Aye.. We be friends." Close friends some might say around the Temple. "I know he had went out to Try and help deal with that one, so seein ye both back I hope that means his back?" The crying from Collette is clearing making her wonder and worry is running through her mind.

"No. He is not." Jaren says quite simply. "When we arrived in Estermarch, the Constables took him into custody, saying that the Temple sent word ahead that he had abandoned his duties as a Chosen. I attempted to have him released into my custody that he could return here with us, but Lord Eldrick informed me that the Temple would have to send their own envoy to negotiate his release, that he may return here and face judgment." He adds, "He was alive and well last I saw him, and I do not believe that Lord Eldrick would allow him to be mistreated, but we were

While Jaren explains situation, Collette manages slightly calm down. maybe it was prayer, which helped. The girl stands up and slowly paces closer near the pair. Her sad gaze finds Jaren first of all, then she glances at Breanna. The girl ponders a bit, before whispering, "Mistress, are you work for the temple? You…" Collette glances at the arrows and bow, then back at Jaren, "We should speak with mother Superior or another priestess… We could find Cafell! She could travel to help him…" Collette's amber gaze finds arrows again, "But they will be in the need of a warrior. My former brother was too angry, I couldn't… What if…" Her eyes fulfills with tears again and she mumbles under her nose, "I should jump into disguise and ride with priests back to… We need to do something and in a hurry. Lord Eldrick is not so patient, as far as I remmeber. We need to do something! I need to do something…" The gilr tugs the sleeve of Jaren.

Breanna frowns as she hears Jaren tell what has happened to Merrick. Worry crosses her face, fear also seen and her gaze flicks over the room a moment while her hand moves to lightly hold onto the arrow that is at her neck and she lets her fingers grip it a few moments. "How long before they do something?" Something could be anything, and she means Lord Eldrick. Her gaze flicks to Collette once she is over near her and she is glaring once more. "Do I look like I work for the bloody damn Temple?" She questions with a thing tone, her accent is clearly one from the north at the moment. She shifts forward towards Collette, her jaw tensing. "His yer brother, the one that did this to Merrick? Why in the bloody hell didn't ye stop him if his yer damn brother?" Needless to say Brea is beyond mad. "If he wasn't helping ye he wouldn't be in this damn mess." Once Collette talks about going back to do what, help? Cause more damage? "Ye've done enough, I told him helping ye would lead to problems."

"That is enough." Jaren speaks, his tone not angry, but definitely final. He does lift an arm to place in-between Breanna and Collette as he shakes his head slightly, "Mistress Collette, if you leave the Laketown territory for anywhere except the North, I will be forced to kill you myself." Again, no anger, just a simple matter-of-fact, as far as he's concerned, but this his attention returns to Breanna, "And Mistress Collette holds no sway with her brother, and I hold precious little, most of which was spent gaining her a measure of mercy…as Brother Merrick wished." He adds for emphasis.

"Now…Lord Eldrick said the Temple needed to send an envoy to deal with the matter, and that is the path I would suggest you undertake. I fear there is little else currently I can do to help Brother Merrick, but I will do whatever I can within those limits. Though I would note that Eldrick is not going to cause undue harm to a Chosen of the Temple without the Temple's consent. He's not a fool."

While Breanna is being a true commoner from rumors, who can shout and speak strangely, Collette still keeps her lady's manners, trying be politie. Or maybe it is not the lady's manners. maybe it is something deeper, something stronger, what makes her soft and sensitive as a child. She turns her amber gaze to the woman, listening intently all the shouting. Tears a rippling across her cheeks and falls on the ground to break.

When Breanna is finished, Coll nods her head, "I understand, that you are angry. I understand it is my fault. It must be me inside these dungeons, not him… I understand that and…" The girl takes a step to hide behind Jaren from a little bit scary woman, "You have all the rights to be angry. I /am/ angry at myself too… You are right. I might ruin things, if I will go back, but you can go to the south! Indeed you can!" The amber crying eyes are stabbed to the woman again, "Please, bring him back… I can give you my stud! He is the fastest one in the whole world," Indeed! Collette offers her treasure, with who she grew up - Arrow, "I will give everything to you, I have left, if you will correct my mistake, please, Mistress…"

Then Jaren is speaking and Collette turns her face to him, starting to whisper something without a sound to him, "I would give m…" But then she stops and lowers her head, peeking at Breanna, then back at Jaren, "If Mother Superior is busy, I can find Mother Cafell and Brother Cristof. They helped a lot and they have some influence. When Mother Cafell is speaking, everyone listens for her. She is so wise. Sir Jaren, we need them, if…" And Collette sobs a few times again, still hidding from the unpleasant woman behind Jaren.

Breanna doesn't even look at Jaren at the moment, her gaze is centered on Collette. "I'm beyond angrey Ye have no idea what Merrick means to me" There is a slight pause as she says that and hearing the rest from Collette makes her jaw tense and her fist balls up. "I don't want a damn thing from ye other then Merrick safe and away from the likes of /ye/. If ye wish to do something then stay out of his life once he is free." If Collette thinks Brea is scary at the moment then that is good. She may be a commoner but that has never bothered her in the least, the tears do nothing to stop her either. "As for Merrick I will go for him and do whatever I can to get him out." One best believe that she will do /anything/ in her power to see it happen. As for Jaren she doesn't care that he is there either while her attention rests fully on Collette. There is a moment and she shifts to turn slightly from the two before she turns and sends a fist flying back towards Collette, Jaren is in the way though so there is a chance he would stop it, and well the girl could just duck down from it as well.

Jaren's arm shifts and comes down in a hacking motion to cut off (so to speak) that punch before it can reach Collette, which also basically means he's catching Breanna across the body. "I said enough. This will not help Merrick, and Mistress Collette has her own burdens and punishments to bear." Now his tone is getting a little testy, though it has yet to mar his stony expression. "And if you persist in this pettiness, you may end up in far less suitable condition to be of any help to him whatsoever."

Collette freezes at the aggressive woman. When her words reaches Collette's ears, the girl's eyes widen and fulfills with more tears. She slowly starts pacing backwards. Coll opens her lips, as she would tike to say something, but no words leave her throat. She just takes one more step back.
A bit later girl mutters, pointing at the woman, "You… You are… You won't… You…" And Collette turns away from the pair. She starts running out of the temple, all crying and trembling like crazy. Her sobbing is loud and almost choky.

Breanna was expecting Jaren to stop her, and she is quiet as she just glares after Collette. "Ye right back.." Is muttered out before she looks over to Jaren now and takes in a slight breath while she shifts to try and pull away from him. "I could care less about what punishments that she has. A good man is in trouble because of her." She frowns, her eyes closing a moment before she turns to pick up her things, fingers gripping at the bow. "How do I get to where he is?" This questioned after a few moments, her free hand moving to rub across her eyes a moment.

"A good man wanted her to live, too. Do his own wishes bear no weight with you?" Jaren offers no resistance to Breanna pulling away, his arm dropping back to his side. "Estermarch is due west of here. Simply follow the road. A day's ride by horse, at least two by foot. It would be best if you received a letter of passage from the Temple. Barring that, I can provide you with one myself to help you traverse the March unmolested, but I cannot guarantee that it will be honored by the Constables and patrols…my mark does not hold much weight. Best of all would be to travel in the presence of a Temple Priest or another Chosen, but I somehow do not think you intend to wait."

Breanna looks to Jaren, a slight frown seen. "His wishes bear plenty of weight with me. I didn't continue after her now did I?" Breanna questions with a faint tone. "Ye might be a knight, but if I wanted to truly do her harm I would have found a way to do it." This said with a thin tone. "I have no bonds with the Temple, other then Merrick. I'm a Ranger I have wandered across borders and into lands many times without the need for a letter." A shake of her head is seen at the offer of such things. "No, it is aright ye have enough to deal with thanks to that one." That one being Collette and she refuses to use her name it would seem. "I won't wait, no reason to wait." This said with a soft tone while picking up her jacket and pulling it on. She hasn't travel in a while, at least on her own. No wolves at her side now, and even Merrick isn't able to give her help.

"You may not need the letter in the wilds between, but trying to get the Constables to let you see him might be another matter entirely, and…liberating him through other means is -not- going to improve his situation." Jaren warns. "I hope you can help him, but be cautious. Eldrick will not hesitate to throw you in the cell next to him if he so much as suspects that you might violate the laws of the March, and he's not likely to deal with an envoy that isn't part of the Temple proper."

Breanna pauses at the thought on the letter now it seems, her gaze drifts over the Temple slowly wondering who she could get to write such a thing.. There is a moment where she smirks and she glances towards Jaren. "Wouldn't be the first time we was in a cell with one another." This said with a faint teasing tone. "I want him out but I'm not going to break him out." She has her moments where she is good but she is not /that/ good. "I don't think the Temple would back me in any venture. As I said I do not work for them. Though… I have helped them in the past." Perhaps that would be the way in getting a letter out of one of them.

"I can only show you the paths. Can't tell you which one to walk." Jaren notes, "You know my recommendations. If you decide you want that letter before you depart and are not able to procure one from the Temple, I am staying at the Blue Duck Inn." He takes a step back and inclines his head towards Breanna, "And now, I suppose I should seek out my charge. Whatever you choose, I wish you well of it. If you are unsuccessful…I may be of more use once Mistress Collette is somewhat settled here. Or at least will have more freedom of movement and may be able to enlist other allies to help him. Let me know if it is required…" He concludes, "Otherwise, I take my leave."

Breanna nods slightly, working out a few things it seems. "If… Ye do have a few moment or two too spare I'll take the letter. Two may be more helpful then one." Her gaze turns towards where Collette ran off too and she takes in a soft breath before she looks back to the knight. "Aye, I shall remember that but ye have enough on yer plate. Just becareful around her, she should not be trusted." She does not think highly of Collette that is for certain. "Thank ye for wishing to help him, I know Merrick would appriciate it as well."

"We came to something of an understanding on the road, if not quite friendship." Jaren notes of Merrick, and glances in the direction Collette fled, "She is a bundle of chaos, it's true. I do not know if I will be able to help her find a more stable, honorable path…but duty compels me to make the attempt." He manages to flag down an acolyte to provide some parchment, quill, and ink, and takes several moments to scrawl the letter. He does not know how much good it will do, if any, but it's better than nothing at all. Once concluded, he rolls it up and offers it towards Breanna.

"The point of the matter is that even though ye are only at an understanding that ye are still trying to help him. That could be the start of a friendship." Breanna offers softly. As for the bit on Collette finding an honorable path she clentches her jaw, eyes narrowing a moment and she takes in a faint breath. "Perhaps the Four will help her find such things." This said with a bit more force that she would have liked but, it was said. Once the parchment is handed to her she takes hold of it and nods once more, a faint smile seen. "Thank ye sir for this. I can only hope that it will be helpful where I am heading."

"I wish I had less fear that a divine intervention may indeed be necessary." Jaren replies in regards to Breanna's comment on Collette, "But I would be lying if I said I didn't." A tiny trace of humor flits across Jaren's expression, the first since the conversation began. it's gone almost as quickly as it arrived and likely was very much "gallows humor" but it was there. "There is no need to thank me. I'm reasonably sure Merrick would have done the same, given opportunity. And I hope it will be of use as well." Another faint, polite smile graces his features, "And now I'll not keep you any further. Guardians go with you, though…" He chuckles softly, "I don't believe you mentioned your name, nor I mine. I am Sir Jaren Cassomir."

Breanna smirks a touch at the divine intervention bit though doesn't comment on though the 'gallow humor' does make her ponder the thought perhaps for a moment or two. "He would indeed do the same that is for certain. I know him well enough to say that without a thought of him not doing such a thing." It is afterall what got him into this mess to start with, trying to help Collette. There is a pause at her name and she lets her gaze linger curiously on Jaren, a soft smile soon caught and she nods slowly. "Well met Sir, I am Breanna Widdicoe, Ranger from the North." That bit said with a touch of amusement. The note is held up slightly and given a slight wiggle. "Thank ye once more for this, and I hope they do travel with me. I shall need all the help that I can possibly get."

Jaren nods once more, "Well met, Breanna." He gestures towards the pathway to exit the temple, "Best get moving while there's still a good bit of daylight left. I will prevail upon others here to make sure the Temple is properly informed of matters." And then find Collette. And then figure out what the heck he's going to do about this whole sordid situation.

Breanna nods at that and tucks the note away before she is moving off. "Aye that was my plan at least." She has someone to speak with first before getting her horse and taking to the road. "Thank ye for letting other's know of the matter… I hope they will send aid that could possibly be more helpful then me."

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