No, not a Corsair!?!?

No, not a Corsair!?!?
Summary: Prior to the closing Tournament Feast, Elenore seeks out her most adored cousin Samwell for a quick chat in order to bring up the matter of Lyam seeking her hand and getting his insight on whether the matter actually has a chance to be approved.
Date: 05/May/2013
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Samwell Elenore 

Royalty Suite
Larger than the other guest rooms, this suite is reserved for visiting members of the royal family. An expansive sitting room with high-backed, cushioned chairs and Taniford-heraldry tapestries sports both a fireplace and a series of stand-mirrors to brighten up the room. Beyond the sitting room is a formal dining room, with a long table surrounded by high-backed chairs and portraits of famous Kings and Queens of Taniford on the walls. Finally, there is a bedroom with a wide four-poster bed in Taniford blue and silver. A floor-length tapestry hides the wall on one side of the bedroom, showing Queen Essemra Taniford escaping Rhaedan assassins.

A single door leads back out into the hall connecting the noble rooms.

Monday, May 06, 1329

With the castle all a flurry with the approaching feast, the close to the week long tournament, it seems there are other events yet trying to be planned. With narry an hour or so left prior to the beginning of the feast, Lady Elenore finds her way to the Royal suites seeking her most adored cousin. A light knock to being made as she inquires,"Prince Samwell?"

"It was curious. I was talking to Lyam and Pawel, the two wolves had so much to talk about. You know, yesterday's joust, safety, family. There was some moment about wines as well. Do you like wine, cousin? I tasted one of the sample casks, it wasn't too good. Well," the Prince shrugs, continuing his amiable, friendly, and relaxed talk, "It was really bad, but wine is wine. But that, as far as it is very unseemly in this place, was /not/ the curious part."

The fingers of the knight trail down his silver armor, removing a little dust in it. As shiny as it is, that sort of details are easily perceived. His eyes, dark and burning at all times, look at the Taniford Lady through the reflection of a mirror, the door was already open. An unworried, sweet smile is drawn. "Please, come in." he calls.

"Where was I? Oh, the curious thing. He was happy to ride with us to the Citadel to ask for your hand." The words stop at that.

A gentle bow of her head is given to her Prince cousin before she glides into the room, seeming semi-prepared for the approaching feast with hour her hair has actually been drawn up for once. It was not a common style for her. "I do enjoy a good wine, cousin. I admit, I have known Lyam to have much to talk about even if I have not known him long, though the Duek always seems to not be of many words. More waiting, like the storm that swirls around him seems to be waiting." A faint musing of her own for a moment. That man was an interesting swirl of colors to her. "I am sorry it was a bad wine to be taste though, it is never pleasant that. Sometimes the color can tip off it will not be well."

Canting her head a little when he says none of that was the curious thing, inquiring a little,"And what was it that was the curious part of what they spoke?" There is a slight blush that actually rises in Elenore's cheeks when Samwell speaks of what the curious thing was. "He had mentioned..boldly so…at the event the other day…that he was considering to seek permision to do such a thing. I see he is doing just that. " There is a slight pauses before she asks,"Do you think he would gain a positive answer? Or do you know if they already have planned for me?" She knew she was more than old enough to be matched.

"You are a Taniford. Love is not for us. You will be married to a Rhaedan, to ensure a long peace and prosper trade. If they refuse, maybe to a Corsair, because we want peace with those too." the Knight of the Citadel turns to look at her, smiling shortly afterwards. "Not really. Do you want some?" a bottle, almost finished is pointed out. For the look of Samwell, it wasn't drank recently, but there is an empty cup by its side.

"It took me half of the bottle to start to like it. It is a good vintage, very good. Not the best one, though, but I am sure you will like it. So, talking about that - you say you have not known him long. Are you sure of this? Marriage can last a whole life. I see he wants to do it, as you tell me, but please," the Prince grins, "I can stop it with a word to my mother. Do you want it? That is what I care."

The mear idea of a marrying such..things quite clearly mortifies her from the widening of her eyes and that mild look of horror that at first flickers. She even starts to stamper a moment but then he smiles, and makes it but a joke. Elenore takes a small breathe and gives a light smile,"After you trying to make my poor art stop, aye, I would like some. And truly, to say such things…even if they are often true, our marriages are not often designed for love. You cousin….we artists…do we not dream to least find it within them?"

Giving a glance to the half gone bottle,"What of it did you not like?" Asking curiously before returning to the more curious matter a foot,"I did say so, yet, cousin, it is as if I have none him much longer. So comfortable have I felt around him. We get along most well and have much in common, if I am allowed say in who I am matched to, I would wish him. " Giving a slight motion of her hand aimlessly as she continues, "I would wish this, cousin, to have him court me. It would give us better chance to know one another, to ensure that which we already feel is as true as we think it to be. And surely, he would be better for me than any Corsair or Rhaedan…..least he appreciates art."

Wine is poured in the cup, "I dream of it, yes. To fall in love and let the marriage be just a continuation of the most pleasant joy. Probably, when the time comes, I will fight for it. But, meanwhile, I will do it for yours." and the cup is finally offered. "Lyam is a Varghem, as our own King. He is, of course, a good political match. We want to stay close to the wolves, and you want to stay close to this particular one. I don't see why it couldn't work. And, about the wine, I have just… had better." a little laugh can be heard from Samwell. "Returning to the Citadel was not in my plans, as much as I love our city. I was going to return to Laketown, but, now that the plans have changed, I will ride with you two when the tourney ends and you are ready. Just promise me you will be happy, Elenore. And, just for your information, perhaps the Corsairs and Rhaedans have a heart too." a new friendly grin. "Perhaps."

"If it is I have come to feel in these past days, then I would wish it a thing everyone were able to have.To find someone whom feels as natural as to breathe, to miss it as I miss the feel of my paintbrush of the quill of the ledgers," both areas she was seemed ot unnaturally excell in. Elenore dips her head a little,"I would be forever indebted if you would speak well of it. For I do wish for it. " A slight pause is made,"If you wished a return to Laketown, I am certain I could tarry here until what you wished to accomplish there was completed, I would not be needed for a little while. But I would promise you, Samwell, I will be happy with him. " There is a light smile that comes,"Perhaps they do…but perhaps we could allow someone other than you or I seek to find the truth of that." Her head cants a little as announcements are made in the hall,"It sound as if they start to call for appearances to the Hall, perhaps there will be better wine for you there?"

And thus they depart and head to the ill fated feast….

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