Noone Expects the Tylon Inquistion

Noone Expects the Tylon Inquistion
Summary: The acolyte rescued by Talia and Savaric is brought to the Mother Superior for questioning and the Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard joins in.
Date: 24 May 2013
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Deidra Tylon 

Temple of the Four - Wolveshire Castle
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. The temple is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls emphasizing that neither direction holds value over the other. The architecture is immaculate and the building itself is crafted of lighter stone than most.

Each of the four corners house the altars to the gods: the north for Bornas - a tall effigy of a looming bear and a with an offering bowl filled with earth, leaves and nuts sitting at its feet; to the south a youthful statue of Ravas, the Fire god, whose bowl contains ash and bits of tinder; to the west the wise, old figure of Stilltha with river stones, fresh water, and the odd fishbone occupying her offering bowl; finally, to the east the young Altheara with windswept hair and fiercely beautiful features whose bowl is filled with bird feathers, bones, and carved flutes and chimes.

Fri May 24, 1329

Under the escort of a pair of Chosen from Haven, a young Acolyte of no more than fourteen summers arrived at the Temple the night before. Announced as the acolyte that had been rescued by Savaric and Talia a few nights before, she had requested an audience with the Mother Superior in Laketown and had been directed to Wolveshire because of the urgency of the matter. With dark hair and golden hair, she wears a dark robe and gown, decorated with flowing and colorful feathers, a sign of Altheara. Currently, Natalia sits in front of the same altar, her head bent in prayer as she pays service to her patron Guardian.

As she had said she would, Tylon had lingered that day in Wolveshire in case the Duke had further question or need of her. Though little time seemed spent at the actual Temple until hours before seeking to return home. Lightly padding into the Temple, wearing navy robes with the silver banding that marks her as a Temple priestess. Her bare feeting barely making a sound as she moves towards Natalia, a faint clearing of her throat before quietly speaking,"Guardians Blessing this day, word reached me that you were seeking me?"

Into the air of holy tranquility a knight enters, her polished steel armour and blue cloak seemingly a little out of place at a temple as this - as is the slightly sour expression on her face, for Sir Deidra, Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard has just returned on the evening before, from a mission that was not graced with much success. Although… noticing the soothing atmosphere of this holy place, she quickly shrugs all her disappointment off and moves towards the altar of Altheara, noticing the young girl a touch later than she usually would. After a short moment she kneels down beside her in not too close a distance, folding her hands before her for a short prayer.

The prayer is soon finished - Deidra never tarries overly long with those - and then she rises again and stands there for a moment, leaving the bare-footed priest and the girl a moment for their conversation before she will approach.

Rising to her feet from her kneel, the young woman turns towards Tylon. She carries the look of a young woman that was born into wealth and was urged into this life. She offers a proper curtsey to Tylon. "Mother Superior." she says with a lift of her nose and chin. "I am Acolyte Natalia Paggion of Haven. The Temple Priest of Haven asked me to come and speak to you after I told him of the night I was rescued by Healer Talia and her savage." Such high regard of the ranger, indeed.

Noticing the Blue Guard, the northern lass gives a slight wrinkle of her nose in disgust and turns to Tylon. "Though if my information will cause me to be held here against my will as others from Rhaedan who have come forward or involved with the Princess have been, I would perfer to return to Laketown before I speak freely."

A slight glance is given to the guard that comes and goes quickly, some never did need to linger long……others never seemed to leave. But then this wasn't Tylon Temple and the flock not so familiar to her. There is a calm and simple smile for the acolyte and a faint incline of her head,"A pleasure to greet you, Daughter. Ah, so you are the one Healer's letter spoke about." Tylon's calm gaze shifting back towards the Blue Guard a moment before returning to the young girl, noting simply,"As a charge of the Temple, you are in my care and are as neutral a figure as I, especially in these matters. I will not allow you to be detained simply for supplying information." She can wield Chosen, but better than a big stick. "What information is it that the Father Superior thought important enough to send you on such a journey?"

The young woman's wrinkling of the nose is met with a sour look and a frown. And a stubborn flicker appears in those steely green eyes when Deidra hears what the acolyte has to say. It makes her put her feeling of tact aside and step forward. "Who are you, girl? And what makes you think you'll be kept here?" While there is a cold glare in those eyes of hers, the Deputy watches both girl and priest with curiosity.

Tylon's remark has her arch a brow in incredulous yet respectful amusement. "I didn't know we Blue Guards have such a horrible reputation… 'detained'…? I won't detain either of you, that is if you're innocent. Holy Mother. Do tell me if you'd prefer to speak with the Northerner girl alone and wish me to leave." Deidra crosses her arms before her canting her head to the side, awaiting the priest's reaction.

"Only the Guardians can decide if we are detained… Sir." Natalia offers with a wrinkle of her own nose and furrowing of her brows in return. "And I have heard rumors of who you keep against their will around here. How is the Prince?" she asks as she turns her attention to Tylon. She may have stuck out her tongue at Deidra in the process, but the reaction was so quick it was hard to catch, really. "We are innocent. It is you and the sword carriers that bear the guilt and blood." she adds as she addresses Tylon again. "It is about the night I was rescued, Mother." she offers quietly.

"I had been in the woods looking for some wormwood for my healing kit and had come across a small patch of stinging nettles. I was gathering them when I saw a group approaching. They were not dressed as nobility or hunters.. they were probably bandits." she says quietly with a shake of her head. "There was three of them. Two of them were men, but they were clean and kempt. The woman with them, however. I thought at first it was the Princess. Kerilyn, that is." she says as she moves to reach into her pocket. "I was sent down here because I sinned, Mother. I did not turn over all of the evidence that the healer and savage had found." she admits finally. "I am here to present that evidence and beg forgiveness for my misstep."

The Laketown Temple Priestess' calm gaze does not even flicker at the interruption brought by the Blue Guard. "I believe it is more the Duke of Wolveshire and the Prince who have the current reputation. You may remain on, if you believe you are able to remember where it is you stand and who's domain. Since it seems I am required to point out that the girl is an Acolyte and not a Northerner, Sir." Green eyes turn back to the girl, a faint arch of an eyebrow,"My you do have a lot yet to learn. It is the Guardians that decide over us, but when you do not consider the wisdom of Stilltha or knowledge of Altheara enough to know the proper words, nor to hold your tongue, they will not help you from the trouble you get yourself into. You must earn rspect before it is gotten, Daughter, and it will be I detaining you for such disrespect. " Simply giving the girl an all to calm look for several moments.

A nod comes when she does go on to speak of the night in question, simply listening to what comes. Tylon notes,"We speak further of what you'll need to do to earn proper forgiveness for your many missteps. But why was it you did not turn over everything? And as I am sure the good Sir is also wishing to know, what is it you did not present before?"

Whether she did notice that stuck out tongue or not, Deidra doesn't comment on it at first, her gaze focused on the priest rather. Although the hint of a smirk shows momentarily in her dutiful expression. What she does comment on, however, are the words of the acolyte. "We are only guilty of stepping foward and protecting the innocent. And to protect the Royal Tanifords is the special task assigned to us, girl. If it takes bloodshed to achieve this, then so be it." the Deputy remarks coldly to Natalia, straightening her posture which gives her a slightly menacing presence. One hand, almost casually, resting on the pommel of the sword that hangs idly by her side.

"Certainly, Holy Mother.", Deidra nods, her gaze flitting respectfully downward as if in reverence to Tylon. "An Acolyte. She'll have nothing to fear from me. As long as she is inside of these walls." The words are uttered calmly, her voice devoid now of any threat. And the Deputy continues to listen in silence, as if finally giving in to sense. Steely green eyes studying Natalia attentively as Deidra waits for her reply to Tylon's inquiry.

"Great job you did with that.." Natalia mutters under her breath, before Tylon's words ring in her ears and she lets out a long-suffering sigh. "As you wish, Holy Mother.." she manages in deference to the punishment she is suddenly given, a cross look on her features. "It slipped out on my bed, and I had forgotten it, and it was just so pretty and perhaps well.. it was not missed." she shrugs her shoulders a little and looks down.

And from her pocket she withdraws a bookmark. "This was in the journal I was given." she says. Pounded down thin silver and gold, it has no disntictive markings, just horses running in a field. It is the tassel that draws the eyes though. Made of human hair, it is a braid of blonde, red, and brunette hair that spirals into a small knot.

A respectful incline of her head goes to Deidra when sense and wisdom are seemingly found again, Tylon noting calmy,"The young do often misstep and forget the lessons they should learn, a few reminders will be seen to, I assure you." A calm but some how pointed look going to the young acolyte on that particular comment. Shaking her head a moment,"Just because something is pretty is no excuse to keep it, a lesson I am sure you are going to remember well now, yes?" Looking to the item drawn out from the pocket as Natalia explains further, "It is interesting and pretty as you say." Tylon reaching to take it up and in the next moment offer it to Deidra,"I have the journal she speaks of to the Duke just a forenight ago. The hair is interesting, I have to say…."

Trying to keep to Tylon's rules, Deidra can't help but shoot a ferocious glare at Natalia, regarding her sarcasm, one of her hands instinctively clenching into a fist. "Don't forget your place, lass.", she murmurs in a voice loud enough for the girl to hear. But of course, the Acolyte is not completely wrong here. Exhaling deeply, Deidra's gaze shifts to the Holy Mother again and returns, more composed now, to the thing Natalia draws forth from her pocket. Eyeing the hair of three different colours with a sudden alertness, as well as the markings of horses on the bookmark, the Deputy turns her attention to the priestess then. "The… journal? Where do these things come from, Holy Mother?", she inquires respectfully, ignoring both the girl and her dislike for her, at least for a moment.

With Deidra and Tylon addressing each other for the moment, Natalia falls quiet and waits to be dismissed. "I should travel back to Haven soon." she offers helpfully.

A hand beckons to one of the Chosen not far off, faint differences in the marking denoting them as one from Laketown, Tylon noting to Natalia, "You will travel with us when the time comes." To the Chosen, "I believe there was talk to many potatos in need of peeling for the orphans evening meal, do see that the Acolyte helps with this work, and I believe there is some freshly made lye soap if her tongue needs a reminder to be silent and in its proper place." Ever calm, not even a hint of anything else as the direction is given. Perhaps a glance to Natalia to see if there is going to be any protest.

Tylon's gaze does get back around to the Blue Guard,"The Duke would have it, if you have not yet been brought up to speed about along with several drawing. They were found by the Ashlans the same night the rescued the Acolyte near Haven. They sent everything, along to me as they continued to follow the trail they were upon."

Deidra shoots the acolyte a glance at her remark. "You should… indeed return, girl.", she says softly and without any open animosity, before she turns her attention back to Tylon. "The Duke? I see, Holy Mother. And drawings, too. Those Ashlans, you mention… is this a pair, by chance, of a ranger and a healer? Pray tell me, that trail they are following… Did they mention in which direction it leads?" A most eager glow has entered Deidra's green eyes now, as she adds: "Further northwards?"

See, even the Blue Guard says she should go home. "You're not very bright. Are all southerners as dumb as you? I just said I came from Haven." Natalia says with an eyeroll at Deidra. "And that's where they rescued me." But then Tylon scolds and puts her on potato patrol, she blows an angry breath through pretty little cupid lips before the Chosen starts to lead her away. A few more mutters under her breath come forth with the walk, the young woman all sullen now.

Without even glancing again to Natalia, Tylon notes to the Chosen,"I believe the Acolyte is already forgetting the wisdom of the Guardians and is in need of a reminder on how to hold her tongue, please do see that she comes to understand this, Brother." And while Tylon is ever calm, the Chosen's eyes gleam. A mouthful of tasty soap is a certainy now, and likely every time the girl even so much as breathes funny.

Back to the business as hand…"Yes, Duke Pawel, he is the one who accepted my request for audience upon my arrival. So it was he I gave the items. But yes, it is a pair, those as you speak of. There was not mention of where from Haven theynwere heading, the note that came from Mistress Talia was also given over to His Grace should you desire to see it."

Were she not as intrigued by what appears to be a new trail in the mysterious case of one murdered princess and one that has disappeared, Deidra would grab that Acolyte, drag her out of the Temple and give her a beating she so desperately needs - and certainly one she would never forget. But instead she addresses Tylon, as she is the one in charge here. "…still has a lot to learn, that girl…", shooting a glance at the departing Natalia that would have her drop dead at once if looks could kill. Hopefully their paths won't cross again in the future - outside of protecting holy walls.

Given the new information provided by Tylon, the Deputy nods, a sudden smile now breaking through her usually sour facade. "I thank you, Holy Mother. I will seek him out and ask him about the note." Her eyes are gleaming with new confidence as she bows to the priestess. "I came here, without any hope, full of diappointment. And now as I leave, through the Four's wondrous ways I find my confidence returned. Praise the Four Guardians!" And with these words, Deidra turns and heads out of the Temple with hurried steps.

Poor Natalia is in for a day of peeling, soap and just.. homesickness. She totally brought it all on herself. And she's going to spend the whole shift praying that the horse manifestation of Altheara to come down and do bad bad things to Deidra.

The Acolyte will get beatings a plenty…just not all beatings need be physical. A dip of Tylon's head goes to the departing guard, "The Guardians blessing go with you."

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