Not Quite an Inquisition

Not Quite an Inquisition
Summary: Questioning a red head turns into a pissing contest
Date: 09/May/2013
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Room 1 - Golden Crown Inn
This room is open, airy, and well-appointed. Made up of multiple rooms for stately guests, it is finely carpeted and the walls have been painted over. The scheme of colors is largely naturalistic, with hues of green and brown. The furniture is the same dark woods as the rest of the Inn. The main room is set up as a sitting room, with a pair of low couches facing one another and a small table with four chairs. A large window opens onto a small, narrow balcony that faces a yard next to the Inn. There are two bedrooms: a master chamber as well as a smaller room for attendants. The master bedroom boasts a large four-poster bed with plush coverlets and pillows. There are several tables and bureau for longer term guests. A few doors lead into other parts of the suite, including a small linen closet and a bathing chamber. A heavy oak door leads out into the hallway.
Thursday, May 09, 13

The room has been prepared to receive more nobles for an important meeting, the servants dismissed once everything is set. Dismissed from the room to be exact as they are waiting outside in case anyone has further needs for them. Wine is provided as are empty goblets, there is also two platters, One with a nice spread of cold meats, cheeses, and bread. The other holds an assortment of fruits. There is another table that holds two items, one is wrapped carefully in two sheets of wax paper, the other is bundled up in white cloth for the time being.
The man who sent the messenger to both Samwell and Pawel is none other than Sir Eldrick, Lord Protector of the March. At the moment, he is seated in one of the comfortable chairs, goblet of wine already in hand as he waits quietly.

Willingly, Kaelea had surrendered her weapons and Eldrick has them put to the side. At the moment, she's sitting at the table with a goblet of wine and she's making liberal use of the fruit and meat and cheese, having a regular feast of things. She's not said anything much since they returned and he had sent for the others, except to thank him for the wine and stuff. She's still dressed in her tunic and leggings, her boots are actually not boots, they are furs around her feet and tied on with pieces of rope. Popping a strawberry in her mouth, she follows it by a gulp of wine. Yeah, she's drinking a -lot- of the wine.

Having made his way down from the castle, followed by a group of five Varghem guards, Pawel's expression is quite neutral as he steps over to the door of the room from the outside, knocking on the door now. Waiting there at the moment, he looks to one of the guards. "You follow me inside, the rest of you stay out here in the corridor.

"I—" Samwell Taniford clears his throat, staring curiously at the redheaded woman as he enters the room, "I think I know this one. She was at the gates of the castle, with the strange one and the northerner ranger. I think she is friend with Prince Stefan. A curious guest today." is said in soft voice to Pawel and Eldrick, offering nods to the three of them and letting two Blue Guards by his side to take seat first. "Welcome to the Wolveshire Castle, Naelea." but there is more curiosity than a grin. No food is taken, for now the Prince is just expectant to see what news are awaiting.

Eldrick isn't consuming his wine at the rate that Kaelea is enjoying hers, and for now, the platters are safe from the Lohstren. When there is knocking on the door, the Lord Protector doesn't call them in like he would when summoning a servant or guests of lesser standing. But since it is the Prince and also the Duke coming, he rises to his feet himself to open the door. "Your Highness, Your Grace. Thank you for coming."
Walking back to the seat, letting one of the guards close the door behind them, Eldrick nods his head at Samwell's words. "A guest of mine, nonetheless, Highness. This is Kaelea Steele, and she originally hails from Estermarch." Letting the other two nobles know who the red head is before continuing. "I was out with my men to take a look at the ruins for clues when I found her. She was also heading there to search for clues as well, so I enlisted her assistance. One of the clues came by her sharp eyes." With that said, Eldrick walks to he table holdin the clues, unwrapping the one in white cloth to reveal the silver clasp, with a horse etched into it.

"Noble. Pawel. What's going on?" As if she didn't know. Kaelea doesn't even manage to smile at the Naelea confusion like she had before. "Guest." The red head mutters.. but she continues gulping down the wine in alarming quantities. Reaching for the more, she pours it herself. "Thanks, I was just going to Laketown when I got.. delayed."

"Sir Eldrick," Pawel offers to the Lohstren, before he looks to Kaelea, offering her a quiet nod now. "Kaelea." If there's a reaction to the lack of title, he doesn't show, as he turns to nod to the one guard that followed him inside, letting the man take up a position near the door, he turns to the others again. "She's not only a friend of Prince Stefan, cousin. She's also a friend of mine." A brief pause before he looks to that silver clasp, studying it for a few moments. "Hmmm…"

Samwell continues to stare at the redhead, with a brow slightly arched, but a little smile escapes him at the light usage of titles just shown. "I am fine. Not good enough, but you must be better, being a guest" he repeats, just a little curious of the remark she just made, "in this beautiful suite, a friend of my cousin, and I am sure you are enjoying the wine." the words go out smoothly, and the items at the table are not noticed at first. Until, that is, the Lohstren heir starts his speech. And then, his whole expression changes.

Silver and a horse, the eyes of the new Commander of the Blue Guard open for an instant, and then just narrow. The clasp steals the breath from him, and then just three words are faintly heard. "What is it?" the question may be rhetorical, or perhaps just an honest asking for more information, but trying to speak any longer is far from what he can do right now.

"We're not exactly sure for certain but it was something that we found by the ruins. The clasp appears to be too large for a woman, and the etchings are very faint. It is hard to make out what it is in detail but it appears to be a horse." Eldrick picks up the silver clasp and offers it to Samwell after Pawel has finished studying it. "We picked up what we found and brought it back. Whether it is relevant or not and points to the guilty party… only time will tell as we learn more."

When the clasp is called into view, Kaelea picks up another strawberry and pops it into her mouth and follows it with more wine. It's obvious she's feeling no pain really, but she's not over the edge, she's still very coherent. "Right. If you're asking is he bedding me the answer is no." Giving Eldrick a thoughtful look she smirks. "Not yet." Taking another drink of her wine to hide the teasing smile, she just watches them.

"Hopefully others can bring more in, and we can manage to put together a picture in time." Pawel offers a bit thoughtfully, glancing over at the clasp, before he adds, "What was the other thing you brought back, Sir?" Looking over to Kaelea again for a few moments, before he looks back to the others.

The Knight of the Citadel takes the clasp carefully, examining it for a long time, trying to touch it only by the edges, to have a better vision of what it is. "What?" he says, very distractedly to Kaelea, "Oh—Sure." most likely, he didn't even hear what she said, and he is not worried enough to try to hide it. The silver object is all there is in the room for him.

After many heartbeats, he returns to the Lohstren. "What more did you find? And, where were you exactly? Have you deployed guards on the area, or should I?" one question after the other, and the gaze of the Prince remains in the clasp all the time.

At the casual words that Kaelea offers, Eldrick smirks but it appears that when he is speaking business, he does not react to the teasing banter as the smirk is the only reaction that the red head will get. For now, he focuses on the Prince and the Duke in case they have further questions. "We found a second clue, this clasp was found on the east side of the ruins. I had my men search around the north side and this is what they found in the brush." He unwraps the wax paper and inside reveals a couple strands of long red hair, some call it fire-touched. And it is also now evident why Eldrick had brought Kaelea back with him though for now he still considers her a guest according to his words earlier. The question from Sawell causes the Lord Protector to hesitate, "I did not post guards at the ruins, Highness. The guards that accompanied us, I assigned to the protection of my sisters."

Kaelea finishes off the wine and puts the goblet aside, clasping her hands on her lap now that the other is called into question. When Pawel looks at her, she steady returns his look, but Samwell seems to be distracted. "We were near the ruins. I found the clasp just east of them." The hair is red… long and red, but she doesn't even look at it. She'd seen it already.

"Red hair. Quite a few people with that color." Pawel glances to Kaelea, then over at Samwell, "The northern ranger, and his wife… They were there, right? And she has red hair. As does at least one member of the Blue Guard." Shrugging a little bit, before he looks over to Eldrick as well. "And doesn't your cousin, Sir Caerwyn, have red hair too, Sir Eldrick?"

"We will do something later." Samwell says to Eldrick, regarding the deployment of guards in the area, turning to look at the red hair of Kaelea, comparing its color to the one encountered at the ruins. "Oh, a guest." he mutters, without any coldness for the moment. "Duke Pawel has a good point there. If we are to suspect about any person with red hair, I would even have to look at one of my best Blue Guards. But please, continue, Lord Eldrick. Tell us more about what happened, and the decisions you made."

As more people who have red hair are mentioned, Eldrick nods his head, "Indeed, Your Grace. As I said, we will need more clues before we can paint a clearer picture, an accurate picture." The Lohstren then turns to Samwell, "Of course, Highness, it is too early to suspect anyone. As for anything more, that was it, we were able to find those two items for now before we returned here. I just wanted to share what was found thus far, in case anything else was discovered in other avenues and searches."

After a couple of moments of silence, Kaelea rises. Sways more like it. "So can I go now? I want to get to Laketown so I can further my tracking. I may have to head north to pick it up again with so many guards trampling the area and molesting it."

"Were you ever out by the ruins before this, Kaelea?" Pawel asks, as he steps over to the woman. Glancing back at Eldrick and Samwell for a few moments, then back to the woman, as he moves to put a hand on her shoulder, studying her carefully now.

"Perhaps you should finish your wine, or take more, Kaelea." this time the Taniford knight says the name correctly, in a slow but gentle tone. "Cheese? Maybe some fruits? You can ask for anything, and I mean /anything/. I would just ask in return some more information, as much as you could give us. Please." it is not a threat, not even slightly. Just a truly courteous asking for cooperation.

As the Duke advances on his guest, Eldrick tenses up slightly, "Your Grace, I am sure she will provide all the information she can to us, red hair is red hair, looking at her closer won't give you any other clues." He then looks towards Kaelea and shakes his head, "Before heading north, I will want to speak with the Rhaedens, perhaps to ask for permission to venture into their lands if that is where the tracks lead." Politics and diplomacy forever on his mind.

Dropping back into the chair, Kaelea sighs heavily but she voices not a single objection, nor does she reach for any cheese or fruit. Instead, she pours herself more wine and wraps her hands around the goblet, not drinking. "Yes." That's her answer when asked has she ever been out by the ruins before this. "I have." Lifting her gaze to Eldrick, she nods grimly. "As I thought." Disappointment tinges her tone and she places the goblet back on the table.

Pawel ignore Eldrick's words for now, staying nearer to Kaelea at the moment. "Tell us more of that, please?" Words kept quiet, just about loud enough for the others to hear, he keeps his attention on her now. A brief glance back to Eldrick at the mention of asking permission. "I think there would be a greater chance of success if she gets the permission to go there alone," he remarks. "Besides, they might decide they like you enough for an extended stay up there."

Glancing towards the southerner nobles at first, Samwell decides to pour some wine in a coup, for himself. Drinking slowly, and watching Kaelea as the Duke asks again, he just nods in acceptance. "Please." he says after Pawel. And then, as he speaks about the travel to the north, a little hint of a grin can be seen. "Lord Eldrick, I think my cousin is right. Do you think they will take well a southerner lord in their lands? But, somehow, I think we could use more people there, that is true as well." sipping a long sip, he returns his thoughtful gaze to Kaelea.

"If we stop when the tracks lead on, then what's the point of searching? We need to find out if the Rhaedans played a part in this or not, and I'm not going to stop just because I'm afraid they would try to detain me. With permission from the royals that are staying with us, they will have their orders to allow me to pass. Otherwise they risk not only war, but worse." Certainly worse at Eldrick's blade and his men as well, he is certainly not going alone.

Looking between the three, Kaelea begins feeling boxed in and she rises, moving to the window and sticks her head out it, breathing in the air. While there, she looks down. Second floor, no easy escape. Turning to face the Duke, she sighs, her shoulders slouch. "What do you want to know? Which time?"

Glancing over at Samwell for a few moments now, Pawel lets out a bit of a sigh. "Cousin, you will handle contacting Count Lohstren when he's lost his fourth son, right? Tell him he died valiantly trying to do the job he probably had better people suited for, and ended up provoking that ass they call a crown prince over there, who for once in his life actually did what he was threatening to do." Getting himself some of the wine, he shrugs a little bit. "You are the heir to your House, aren't you, Sir Eldrick? Then remember sometimes you need to do the safe thing, and not behaving like an arrogant adventrous little boy." Looking over to Kaelea again, he takes another sip of the wine. "Any time recently? Before or right after… the disappearance?"

"He won't die, cousin. But if he gets imprisoned, when we release him I will receive him with a big 'I told you.'" the Taniford just sighs. "If you are going to go yourself, then I will have to assign you men. More than you already have. It would be irresponsible to let you risk your life, and the fate of your House as Duke Pawel said so lightly. /Or/ we can find another way to get a southerner there, someone more… trained in this specific art of being anonymous. But, whatever the case, it is something we all have to think carefully. It is not about your honor, but about the fate of two Kingdoms, but I, with all my heart, value your will to help and courage." and the wine is drained, waiting for what the redhead is going to say.

Pawel's words only causes Eldrick to smirk further, as he shakes his head, "This arrogant adventurous little boy was able to best quite a few or yours in your House, what does that make your 'boys'?" If the Varghem is interested in penis measuring contest, the Lohstren certainly isn't going to back down against a rival House, "I'm not one who hide in fear and rage inside their rooms, when there are things that need to be done, especially when it involves the ones we serve." When Samwell mentions more guards, Eldrick nods his head as if that would be more than agreeable, knowing it would send a clear message to the north that they are serious. "I understand the fate of the Kingdoms, Highness, and if we do not resolve this as quickly as possible… I'm afraid the path that lies before us would be a dark one."

" Yes and Yes." Straightforward, Kaelea doesn't deny it, her expression is almost stony, definitely defiant, but she continues to tell the honest truth. "I've been to the ruins a lot. Here, in Brivey. Everywhere." When it comes to the battle of wills between the others, she downs the whole entire goblet of wine and strolls directly to the door, preparing to see herself out. After gathering her bow and other items first.

"Tourneys is one thing, kid," Pawel replies, with a bit of a shrug. "How did your older brothers do in the war against the Corsairs? Unlike most of my family, who actually manages to survive when there's reality happening." A brief shrug to Samwell again. "Have you had many dealings with Prince Jerric, cousin? If the man ever ascends to the throne, we're all in deep trouble." A brief pause, before he takes another sip of the wine. "Wars are never won by skill at fighting alone, Sir Eldrick. It takes brains as well."

Samwell nods slowly, perhaps to himself. "If you are going to depart, Lord Eldrick, please visit me first. We will send a group North, and another group East. A clasp and the hair are clues, but I think we have to be sure there is nothing more there. Now, I hope you both realize it leaves us more vulnerable here, in Wolveshire. So we will need men and weapons here, all we can get, and perhaps some diplomatic approach to the Rhaedan — I have never met that Prince, cousin." serves as an answer as well.

"So, leaving the discussion about what House is better aside," a glance is given to both nobles, and then the dark eyes move to the lady, "Would you come with us to the ruins again? I will lead the expedition personally, but as you said, you know it better than us. Be sure all your help will be rewarded, in any way you want. Everything would be little, given all we have to stop right now." is said gently, softly, but it is evident he is in need.

When the Duke speaks of his fallen brothers, that is when Eldrick's eyes flame in anger, narrowing as he focuses his gaze on Pawel, "They fought, unlike yours who enjoy waiting until the moment is ripe before marching in." It looked like the Lohstren would have spoken further but with Samwell heading the discussion off, he drops the issue, turning to the pitcher of wine to refill his cup. "Highness, I suggest when there is light out again. And if House Varghem needs more men to help cover the vulnerability, I can send a message home for men."

Almost at the door now, Kaelea looks at Samwell, offers him a scowl for calling her out. "Can I just go. I'm not used to all this." Looking around the room. Her eyes are sort of glazed a little from the wine and her cheeks are pink and she speaks louder than necessary. "You men are just so full of yourselves. Every one of you. I've been commissioned already to track down the Rhaedan princess and you're stopping me by flaunting how brave and noble you all are and who has better favor with the crown. This is why I left all this behind in the first place, I'm not interested in hearing about your stupid, noble issues on what tunic matches your cock better." Plowing ahead, she shoulders her way to the door if necessary, preparing to leave.

"Go!" Pawel says to Kaelea, before he offers a brief nod to the guard he left near the door. "Just let me know when you find out more." Since he was one of those who mentioned actually rewarding her for her help, a few days ago. Looking back to Samwell, he offers the man a brief grin. "Let us hope you won't have to." He then shakes his head at Eldrick. "Like my father and uncles before me, I was on the front line," he remarks, before he adds, "Save your people. They're going to need it to try get that shit for brains heir of theirs back from the north. If you should send one person from your house anywhere, send your sister, Sir Moirae. She's the only Lohstren I've ever seen make a difference anywhere."

Shaking his head, seemingly more desperate than before, Samwell gives a sad, resigned look to lady. Perhaps shame, as well, for all the scene that is developing. "If you have some time before leaving, I would be glad to have a talk with you, Kaelea, but, if not, I hope you have a save travel." turning bad to see, regretfully, the pair of nobles, he speaks in solemn and upset tone. "We have enough problems already. This is nonsense, both of you. We should be trying to plan something to end all this, but instead you argue about things long past. And, as far as I would love to finish this discussion, I think there is nothing I can do with it. So do whatever you want, if you end up taking your blades out, be sure I won't stop you — as long as you cool down, one way or another, and sit to talk what we're supposed to figure out."

"Doubtful, with your poor skills you've displayed, you would've been one of the first to fall, Varghem. The only thing you're known for is yelling behind closed door at your lacking." Eldrick is unable to hold back as the Duke of Wolveshire chooses more words, "Sadly, you've only sat around and have done nothing during this time where sa some of us are actually trying to accomplish something, just barking loudly and uselessly. Feel free to show yourself out of my room, Duke." The Lohstren does incline his head to Samwell, "Apologies, Highness. I had invited the Duke here to share our findings, but he sees fit to focus on insults than a solution. I regret sending the invitation to him now."

"Tell me, Sir Eldrick. Have you ever had the need to kill someone in real combat? Because I have done that not too long ago, being one of those that actually helped keeping your sister from being killed, possibly by fanatics having part in this." Pawel speaks this quietly, before he adds, "And go off, hurry to meet your fate in the north, because if I see you in my town longer than a few days more, I will have you thrown in the dungeon until we can tie you up and ship you home to Estermarch." That said, Pawel turns and heads for the door now.

"This is enough." the Blue Guard commander raises to his feet. "Since I didn't hear any opposition, I will get ready the two groups as I told you. One to the North, leaded by Lord Eldrick, with a Blue Guard and Taniford men, and one to the East, leaded by myself. Duke Pawel, I'm sure you will manage anything that can happen in Wolveshire meanwhile, and that's it. The next time you want to discuss which House is better or worse, I just ask you to do it outside of serious business. And I am thankful for your hospitality, my lord." a nod is given to the Lohstren, "And for your help, cousin." one to the Varghem. "If any of you needs me, I will be at the castle, and, for the record," he finally lets out a little grin, "Taniford is the best House. I hope you both have a good night."

And with that, Samwell makes his leave out of the suite.

Eldrick can't help but laugh at the threat of the dungeons when there are other more important matters to focus on but the Lohstren holds his tongue as it would just be circles they end up talking into. Instead, the Lord Protector nods to Samwell, "Hopefully we will find more information, both to cut off false trails from certain clues and to find the one true path that will lead us to the guilty party. Good night, Highness."

Pawel doesn't say anything, just heading out the door before Samwell, fully ignoring Eldrick as he walks out.

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