Of Fish and Friends

Of Fish and Friends
Summary: Two Cousins Kingdoms apart come together to settle a long standing dispute in a fish market surrounded by friends.
Date: 11/August/2013
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Laketown Fish Market
Empty back room of a smelly fish market
11 August 1329

Of all the places to have a secret meeting between the rival nations, the back of a fish market near the docks would have probably have never been the place expected or chosen by the King or Queen. But when you put someone else that is used to such clandestine meetings in charge, then well - next time, perhaps Breac won't make Paule handle this stuff. The back room of the market has been cleared out. A large room for smoking fish sit nearby and outside the shop, the barker is still hocking his wares, paid handsomely not to go inquiring about what's happening in the back of the shop as Paule does one last security check and dismisses the guards to allow them to show Breac in and waits for the arrival of the Taniford contingent.

The northern King enters the backroom without guards or fan fair. The tall, slightly balding man looks somewhere between bored and just plain tired as he barely arrived from Rheadan before he was told of where the meeting was to be, "At least I like fish Paule." Breac says to his councilman and doesn't bother with the typical noble scent oils under his nose. Seating himself the older man asks, "Did you think to procure me wine at least? White perhaps since a good red ruins fish."

The Summer Queen enters the backroom without the slightest indication the surroundings are less than suitable for her liking. In fact there is a bit of pop to her step as enters in silence. She pays little mind to those who were outside this room and quickly motions her personal guards away from the room. "Leave us." Is offered to the men as they turn to leave and her attention shifts to Paule and the King "Breac." No need formalities as both are fully aware of the reasons they are here then her eyes shift to the door to await the arrival of the others.

"You’re Majesty." Paule offers a polite, if brief, bow to the Summer Queen as he looks to his aging monarch. "Perhaps this will spur the idea of having a true embassy or consulate in Laketown so that such meetings do not have to be held in private and I have to go through such troubles in the future. However, I have made sure that your quarters in Laketown will be stocked with your necessities, my liege." the dark count offers before he politely pulls out a chair for the King first, and then the Queen.
Making his way in, Pawel looks around the area a bit thoughtfully. He doesn't say anything about the surroundings, before he offers a deep bow to Regina, "Your Majesty." A polite, yet not as polite as the last one is offered to Breac as well, and a nod to Paule, as he looks around for a few more moments.

Regina nods to Pawel and hand wave the chair away, "Far too much energy for sitting, though the thought is appreciated Count. And I do agree with the need for an embassy in Laketown. Perhaps we shall discuss it later. For now shall we get down to the nitty gritty?" Her attention turns to the King and for a moment she remains silent, only a moment as a perhaps teasing grin begins to tug at the corners of her lips, "I do believe old friend I have something that belongs to you. Would be I could have sent it to you on its own. But. It seems to believe you have no authority to control it, therefor I have chosen to keep it until you wish otherwise. I feared it would simply wander away, be a wild one, as it chooses to call itself, and never give you the chance to regain what is truly yours."

Paule gives a shake of his head at the Queen's pronouncement and slight taunting. "I am really beginning to think this current generation is far more spoiled and has forgotten the lessons we had to learn not so very long ago." the count offers as he lowers himself into a seat. "I suppose the old saying is true - history is bound to repeat itself."

"Or perhaps people need to learn the lessons the hard way," Pawel remarks as he lowers himself into a seat as well. Looking between the others for a few moments, before he offers a bit of a smile.

Fayre has followed along with her mother to this little meeting it would seem. Though even now she hangs off to the back merely watching and listening for the time being it would seem. She takes in a soft breath, a hand lifting to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear while her gaze flicks one way and then another. A bit of taunting here, a bit of talk there, all rolled into one and her mind is half way fleeing elsewhere even though she is struggling to attempt to look as if she was paying attention. She lets her gaze flick back to the ones talking once more; look she is totally paying attention.

"Perhaps they need a wooden spoon upside their thick skulls?" The Queen adds as she does at last lower herself to a seat, "Dear one?" the queen offers to her daughter with a wave of her hand to draw her closer, "What is your opinion of the situation? Lashings? Hard labor? Wooden spoon? Perhaps the denial of all liquor? Did we…” she continues with a wave of an elegant hand toward the others present, "Forget somewhere along the line to teach many of those your age of respect and honor? Or is there something in the water we need test for?" she asks her daughter as she looks upward upon her face with a wink.

"We could always just match them up and marry them off as we see fit - after all, that would be the way we had to do it during the war. Whatever would work to give us the best advantages. This wayward possession, did he have thoughts of visiting or staying in your fine land, Your Majesty?" Paule asks casually as he settles in his chair and folds his hands into his lap.

Breac barely contains a chuckle as he smiles to the southern queen, the animosity his northern nobles offer her not at all present on the old man's face. "Despite your claim of teaching my son a lesson Regina, I still want him back. And let us drop this word play; you know it only gives me a cruel headache." He still smiles though and gives Paule a slight look, "A marriage, perhaps my councilman has struck upon Pawel is unable to hold back a brief smile as he listens, turning to offer Fayre a nod and a quiet smile as well, before he looks back to the two Royals, studying them carefully for the moment now. "A fair idea for once."

"Word play? If you want it direct so you shall have it. Your son admitted to being in the south against Southern law because simply felt like it. And you my friend we made a mockery of by him. Laughed at to be exact. As for intent Count Paule I have no idea. Nor does he to be honest. Other than he will do as he pleases, when he pleases and his father is powerless to stop him. He spent more time bragging of this anything else. If this is the son you wish returned you shall have him make no mistake in that. If it is to be a marriage then it shall be as well, yet it will not be to that one. He knows loyalty to neither North or South." The Queen looks toward Pawel calmly before turning back the conversation, "And we both know there is but one suitable match to be found. Samwell and Niniane. If you wish for her to remain in the North during the betrothal period that is perfectly acceptable, however, upon marriage they must come South for a time. I have but one child aside from him left to me."

Fayre blinks at the question from her mother, oh dear nothing like being put on the spot. She moves closer towards where her mother sits, a soft slight smile seen to the rest before her gaze flicks to the Queen a moment. "I do feel it depends more on the person. Along with perhaps there upbringings and teachings." Nice safe answer, right? "Or, could just depend on the other person's outlook on how they have taken what the younger person has said. They could be in a foul mood that day after all so perhaps it is not the younger person's fault at all." Possible! Though the question deals with a punishment for such young people that do not mind their elders, which she is tiptoed around and just not answered it, for now at least. A curious glance is sent towards Paule at the thought of just marrying them off to deal with them, when Breac adds in he likes the idea she can't help but wince slightly at the thought. She catches the look from Pawel, a soft smile and slight nod is offered back.

Breac doesn't look phased at all by the queens words, "Yet Regina, he is mine to deal with despite his faults, and deal with him I shall." Running a hand along his short cropped hair the northern king looks to Fayre as if he has just noticed the girl's entrance, "Welcome your highness." He greets politely before looking back to Regina, "Well at least you do not propose to take my daughter away from me again so quickly, I say it requires a quick betrothal however, so there can be no meddling from either side and after they have spent some time south, I would wish for them to spend some time in the north. Your son and my daughter of course can leave south afterwards if they wish." He offers back.

Pawel raises an eyebrow a little as he listens, but keeps quiet for the moment, listening to what's being said. Fayre's answer to her mother's question makes him smile for a few moments, though. But expression is soon back to business again now.

"I have great ideas most of the time; this one just slips into the fine category." Paule says modestly as he listens to the conversation. "Considering that it was a daughter from the north and a son from the south that caused this current predicament that we are in, may I suggest that we change that, your majesties - a son of the north and a daughter from the south. It would be the best way to bring the… rebel son.. as it were, under control."

"Well-spoken my heir. Just enough to answer the question without being over done." Regina tells her daughter with a smile and nod, then her steel gaze returns to the King and Paule, "Yet that Count would mean giving up my heir. Not to be done for the North has no heir to give. Though Niniane and Samwell. Done. Perhaps an equal time yearly spent in each North and South is suitable." Is the only word Regina speaks as she draws from a large cloth bag a journal that is quickly tossed on the table, "I understand you Count have ventured to the Northern part of Ellowe as we have sent our people to Underlake. As you can see from their reports there are far more beasts to be concerned than we had originally believed. It would be impossible for any army not of the land to remain there for an extended period time. It is not just of mind they are changed, there are physical issues and this only being from a short stay."

Regina stands with the bag to remove a scroll of parchment that is placed on the table, she then looks to Breac and tilts her head toward it, "This is the plan of reinforcement for the Southern borders, I do not wish to have it believed we are setting against the North. We have begun work at the lowest point in the south and will continue upward and behind Laketown. This Count is where your idea of an embassy should come in handy. As you both are aware the Southern borders closest to the North are closed. This is not to prevent the North entirely from entering. The embassy if and when established could issue to those of the North and South official traveling papers of identification. You must understand my concern stems from the events surrounding the harpy. Guardians only know what else could come forth that we do know of yet."

Fayre is a bit quiet now that the conversation is going on. She is use to not being always seen so doesn't seem to mind the late greeting as it was from Breac. A polite nod of her head is seen along with a soft smile. "Greeting to you as well Sire." Her tone polite and soft, short and to the point as to not make things linger. She slips quiet at the talk of her brother to be betrothed. A soft smile is sent to her mother along with a slight nod in her thanks. At the idea from Paule there is a pause and she blinks while glancing towards him slightly while the edge of her jaw tenses slightly before she relaxes hearing her mother's words. Her gaze drifts towards the items that her mother has taken out and she curiously peers over them from her spot.

"Count your ideas are as always interesting, but Stefan should be home for the time with his sister." Breac says to the count quietly before turning back to the summer queen and her long speech, "Agreed then on counts, equal time north and south and an embassy needs to be opened. Count Paule I will be asking you to stay here to assist with its opening and organization, though I require you to be separated from his lady wife for some time." The King's eyes travel to his noble then, "I need one of you close to me still, and you are by far the mind more for numbers Paule."
Pawel listens carefully for the moment, nodding a little as he does. He keeps silent, looking between the people involved for the moment.

"Count your ideas are as always interesting, but Stefan should be home for the time with his sister." Breac says to the count quietly before turning back to the summer queen and her long speech, "Agreed then on counts, equal time north and south and an embassy needs to be opened. Count Paule I will be asking you to stay here to assist with its opening and organization, though I require you to be separated from your lady wife for some time." The King's eyes travel to his noble then, "I need one of you close to me still, and yours is by far the mind more for numbers Paule."

Standing himself as Regina pulls out a scroll Breac offers his hand to take it, "I am far more concerned with Kerilyn and Darrin's happening then I am with your army's Regina, I mean no offense but you understand our focus ought to be outside of our kingdoms and not this petty fighting we seem to have been stuck in a cycle of."
"Seeing as I have recently returned from the north." Paule finally comes over to look at the reports that are passing back and forth and looks between the two before he speaks. "As I said in the open letter to you both - most of those that serve the frontier know the risks. While I was there I learned of three soldiers lost. One of them was on a patrol. One of them took his own life. And one that had gone to relieve himself and just never returned. Two of those men were of Taniford, Queen Regina." he says simply.

His eyebrows go up at the mention of Underlake and he looks for that report in particular. And then as his idea is given merit and approved and then he's assigned to part of it, the Count gives a mild chuckle. "And who is the Southern representative of this endeavor, if I may be so bold?"
"As I am Braec. We both have long known this was a possibility. Unfortunately it would seem Prince Jerric was of another mind with his threat of war. Far too much time has been wasted in games of chance between the sides. It is time it ended. Which is why I have chosen to deal with the one of sound reason." She tells the King with a nod in his direction to indicate he is the one she speaks of. "We are no more a threat to the North than the North to the South. It is to the east the threat awaits."

Regina’s head turns toward Pawel with an arched brow, then the Princess. "At first I had believed Princess Fayre would be the likely choice, though she understands and has proven she is versed in the area. I have other things in mind for her. Perhaps her directly over-seeing the reinforcements and continued reports to both side would be good training? Fay? You could work with Gustuv again as he knows the lay of the land far better than most. Yes? Though Lady Morla Lohstren would be an excellent choice Count."

Fayre eyes the scroll a moment before letting her gaze flick up to her mother at the talk is directed towards her once more. She was thought of for that spot? A soft clearing of her throat could perhaps be caught before her mother goes on. As Gustuv's name is brought up she blinks a moment, a nod is soon seen. "Well yes, I could see that possibly working out well." She doesn't seem to have a problem in the least with working with Gustuv and going about over-seeing things it would seem.
"While I appreciate your ideas and wisdom dear Regina, I would appreciate if you would once in a while hold your tongue in your disapproval of my children. Do I stand here berating your daughter for threatening mine? Or your son for being so easily manipulated?" Breac says to Regina and pauses a moment before continuing, "No I hold my tongue and allow us to have a polite conversation without hostilities, or that is my hope." The northern King's eyes are far more icy then normal before he breaks it with a smile towards the Summer Queen. "Perhaps I am being too harsh on you my dear Regina but anyways, on to other matter for I do not have any wish to dwell on the shortfalls of our children."

Still standing Breac looks over the information, "We ought to address the high priestess and have her blessing for an embassy and perhaps a suggesting from the woman for a location."
"The Lohstren Lady would be an excellent choice for an ambassador, as she is easier to work with than some of the others I have met that seem far more.. Impervious." Paule says with a shrug of his shoulders as he has a feeling he might as well get a room and get ready for another long vacation.

Regina does not reply to Breac comment of children instead she looks to Duke Pawel and nods, "Send word to the South of the betrothal and the embassy. I will speak with my son. Perhaps Count Paule and Lady Morla would care to speak on behalf of both Kingdoms with the Temple? The sooner this is started, the sooner it can be done."
Fayre lifts a brow as she looks to Breac at the comments that are offered about her mother. A slight frown seen but that is all, no comment made back upon the matter. Her arms fold neatly in front of her, hands clasping hold of her elbows loosely while she goes back to being the silent listener. Best to take everything in while she can, and then think it over later.
"Well then that is settles, so about the eastern borders then your majesty?" Breac turns to Regina again and takes his seat, "Pool our resources, or protect our own?"

Pawel nods a bit as he hears the instructions from the Queen, offering a brief smile. "Will do, Your Majesty," he replies. Listening to Breac's question now, he looks a bit curious about the answer.

"I will make the arrangements with one of the Inns to set up accommodations for myself and an opposing room for Lady Morla to get things started for the embassy, Your Majesties." Paule offers simply.

"We have begun ours yet we should share the resources. Perhaps now would be a good time for Samwell to venture North to learn what is needed from us. He could spend time with you so may learn of the one intended for your daughter. Troops tend make both sides nervous, so resources alone for the moment. Unless of course something is to happen to either and then we share in equal protection?" Regina asks as she returns to her seat with ease.

"Fine with me cousin." Breac says simply and seems to be back to his agreeable self though as a particular large whiff of fish guts comes their way his nose wrinkles up in slight distaste, "And of course we will welcome my future son in law with open arms. Though I fully expect one of those blue colored guards with him."

"Fair is as fair does. Choose one and I shall see it done Cousin." Regina says with a smile as her nose wrinkles likewise, "Speaking of which I believe it is time we fairly saw ourselves free of this wonderful place. Perhaps a drink and game chess is order. I still have yet to beat you."

Breac nods his head and stands, "Well then let us go and fine some good wine. I do not think you will be winning anytime soon Regina though, I apologize for that." The older King winks almost playfully towards the summer queen as he offers her his arm before starting out of the fish market.

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