Oh Brother...

Oh Brother
Summary: Early morning before the Joust, Cassia speaks briefly with her brother Augustus on matters of the heart and family, before heading out for the long, hurried ride to Laketown.
Date: 19/July/1329
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Cassia Augustus 

Malgrave- Augustus' study
Bookcases, a desk, and some candles make up this room. A place where thoughts are processed and plans are born.
July 19, 1329

While in his study, Augustus sits behind his desc with a map of the river separating Taniford lands from that of Rhaedan and speaks to a few people whom he trusts implicitly. "This here is the narrowest part of the river at the bend. I think this is where we we should hit the ship. Now I've secured a ship and its being fitted to appear as a Corsair vessel and I've assembled the crew all we need to do now is wait for our scouts to report its departure so that we can set up and strike. " the man next to Augustus nods his dark head and smiles. "yes my lord I'll head out now to make sure all is in readiness. " as he flips up his hood on his cowl to mask his face as his hands cloved make it nearly impossible for anyone to recognize him as he slips out the door.

Slipping inside her brother's study, Cassia turns sideways to let the other man pass, her purple satin skirts swirling as she does so. "Brother," she looks over his desk, brushing a strand of blond curl out of her face, "do you happen to have the tome on Catapults and Scorpions. I was speaking with the master-at-arms today and had a bit of an argument about pivots and trajectory and…" She eyes her brother a bit and the map at the table. "What are /you/ planning, hmm, brother?" Cassia says as she sprouts a grin.

Augustus looks up from his desk and smiles as he see's you and jerks his thumb back to the books on the shelf behind him. "Should be the third shelf up on my left. He then looks to the map and says," Just something Jerric asked me to handle. Why you interested in joining. " as he's all smiles at seeing you. " Could put that bow arm of yours to some use. " he says in a brotherly teasing fashion.

Cassia nods and walks over to the shelf, thumbing the bindings until she finds the one she's looking for, pulling it down carefully and setting it in her arm like one would a child. "I could, but I'd be more useful placing your warriors than being one," her tone is nothing less than serious but then she turns to Augustus with a smile, though it is less than sweet. "Besides, I intend on speaking with father to see if I can clean up your mess. I would better serve the house in this manner." Even her grin is lacking in humor.

Augustus sighs and shakes his head. "I see my mess, yes.. interesting how something goes from being simple to a mess. " he is none to happy. "well go do what you want you always do. " as he marks something on the map before carefully rolling it up and slipping it into a water tight case.

"Cut them off further down," she says as he rolls up the map, "with archers. Confuse them if you wish to have an advantage." But that is all Cassia say on that matter. "It starts out as a drop in a river, insignificant," She smiles crookedly, "but it ripples and grows until it reaches all the way across to the shore on both sides."

She speaks calmly. "That is the way of love, and that is the way of war, brother. I do not do what I want, I do what I must. There is nothing more important than this house to me, some have lost their way and forgotten that, it seems." Cassia nods to her brother and heads to the door of the study. "For what it's worth, it wasn't too bad of a plan," she tilts her chin to the tube he places the map before opening the door to his study to leave.

Augustus snorts a bit and says "of course it wasn't a bad plan, " his voice filled with amusement "I've had scouts and spy's keeping an eye out on that river for a week to find the best places to strike. " he watches Cassia for a bit and cant help but grin. "Since when did you become so keen on military tactics hmm?" he says teasingly.

A riotous laugh comes from Cassia. "You were never one to pay attention were you. Since I could read, dear brother. Though, I suppose that's not to hard to miss, you were busy training. Not to mention, I didn't really use my voice until the battle…" she leaves it at that. "Anyway, I will also be asking if father would give me my old Archers to command. Just in case my efforts fall flat, I will fight in this war if needs be. I'd rather it didn't happen, however."

Augustus looks up at you and for an instance there is complete joy in his look. "You and me sis. You and me. This mess, as you call it, was supposed to bridge that gap to where war wasn't needed but as you say It got messed up. Well it doesn't matter now, All I can hope for is that Collette gets cleared and I as well so that in time my hope is that Jerric will allow Collette to be ennobled just a bit so that we might marry. The Lohstrens have abandoned her and she's got information that could seriously cripple them, if only we could get Jerric to just take the time to listen and understand she wants to be with me and here with our family and not her own. Right now Jerric's so obsessed with crushing the south he's not willing to listen to anyone who might aid him in this. "

"It is my hope that by doing this task for Him he'll maybe calm down long enough to listen and realize were trying to aid him. " he shrugs and lets out a sigh.

"What if I can get father to send her back home, or something, if she wont be welcome at her home? Would you give up this quest for her hand? It would make the king happy, to be sure, father too if you would. Love. We all cannot afford it. I do believe you meant well, and perhaps were extra foolish because of that thing that beats in your chest, but when will sense come to you? Do you wish to be disinherited? If you do, keep this going. I can only help you and Collette so much.

She ponders on the information Collette has. "If Collette would be willing to write it down, I might be able to get it to the king or one of his sons, perhaps a daughter, though I can make no promises." Cassia sighs, "He doesn't trust us because of /you/ no one else, you. I will do what I can to fix this, but there can't be anymore shoved into his ear about Collette." A frustrated look crosses her face, almost as if she knows this is a waste of hot air.

Augustus shakes his head "What good would sending her back do dear sister, she's already been disowned by her family and kingdom sending her home is like a death sentence. At least here she might have a chance at happiness. " he shakes his head. "You know I have no wish to be disinherited, granted Im sure Julius would love to be announced heir," he snorts. "Only time will tell on what happens and This raid will be a large part of that. I could no more tear Collette from my heart than I could you or anyone else in this family. Which is why both of us are trying to prove to Jerric and father she belongs and would make a great ally.. " as he tries to reason with you.

Cassia stomps her foot, "I like her well enough, I do. I do not, however, like what she stands for. Father will not have it, you marry her, you will no longer be heir. Consider yourself warned." She deflates slightly, "You will be disowned yourself, as well, and that would break mine own heart. You don't have to forget her, nor do you have to stop caring about her, but her hand, it cannot be yours. You will lose our allies, no matter how well you do on this raid, they will leave when father is dead and gone. She is of the /South/ brother. It just doesn't work." She waves her hand in dismissal at Augustus. "Do what you will, I cannot stop you, but I cannot support you in this either. You walk your own path, when you see reason and sense and wish for my help, I will be there, but not until then." She looks to the door, "I have coin to collect, brother. I'm about to prove this Master-at-Arms wrong." She grins slyly and even chuckles lightly.

Augustus laughs and its because he miss's the fighting, yet he always listens even if you don't think he does. He stands up and moves from behind the desk to take the book from you briefly as he hugs you. Even if you are taller than he himself. "Tis good to have you back dear one. Even if you are a preverbal pain in my backside." he tone light as he teases you.

She hugs her brother back, "Tread carefully, brother. My travels have taught me that. It is good to be back, and it's even better to be a pain in your backside." She takes the book from him and hugs it tight to herself. "Take care of yourself and watch for my arrows," Cassia smiles crookedly before heading back towards the door once more. "Good day, brother," she says with a nod.

Augustus chuckles. "Aye just make sure they are in the target or your enemies hmm? And not my posterior like last time," he jests.

"Hey!" she shouts, "I never actually hit you, if I wanted to, I would have. Just wanted to frighten you a little." Cassia winks and goes out the door, humming a tune to herself as she goes.

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