One... Two... Three... Four...

One… Two… Three… Four…
Summary: Guinevere tells Jerric the happiest of news. News she claims is 'Blessed by the Guardians.'
Date: 28/Sep./2013
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Guinevere Jerric 

Brivey Keep - Guinevere's Room
A spacious room where dark meets light. Dark fabrics of deep reds and stained almost black would take over the rooms majority. The tall windows on the far side, bring in the light of the day into the dark of the room. On one wall a high canopy bed stands, over stuffed and looking soft, the deep stained wood has been elegantly carved an in artful way. Streams of white see-through linen are wound around each of the four posts, large pillows against the headboard, the white sheets a striking contrast to the deep red blanket that is folded neatly atop the mattress. Night stands on either side of the large bed have large candelabras that light three candles at a time, on the right side table a small stack of books lie carelessly.
Two chairs are set facing the large windows, while a hearth burns bright just to the side of a dressing table not far away. Over the hearth hangs a painting of the families heralding. Another door remains open leading to a boudoir, peering inside there are seating for four comfortably, a small table and even a desk.
Sat Sep 28, 1329

There is a sound of pacing coming from within Guinevere's rooms, the audible clack, clack, clack, of her sandals wearing down the boards on the freshly rushed floor. Every now and again the sound stops and a giggle can be heard within and then, almost ceremoniously, the clacking starts once more. Perhaps it's not pacing, perhaps it's dancing, or moving of furniture.

It's not dancing, it is pacing, as Guinevere, resplendent in red and gold walks from the bed to the trunk at the end of the bed, then to the nightstand, then to the bookshelf, just everywhere. Her long, braided hair sways back and forth as she moves from this place to that, humming a little tune, apparently she did not wish the servants to tidy her rooms, idle work for idle hands. The light is low, as the princess oft likes it, though not as low as usual.

Jerric makes his way down the hall and turns to Guinevere's door. A puzzled look upon his face as he pauses hearing the giggling and the walking. Or what ever it is. Opening the door he first peers in and then makes his way inside "Guin!" he greets and makes his way to her "What are you doing? I thought I heard you giggling."

She jumps a little as the door swings open and she's questioned, shock goes is blinked back and replaced with pure joy. "Jerric!" she squeals, "I couldn't be happier to see you. I did not wish to bother you, so I busied myself until you returned!" She practically bounces over to Jerric wrapping her arms around him, planting a kiss upon his lips.

Jerric was just taking off his sword when Guin bounces over and kisses him. He gladly lets the sword and belt fall as his arms go about her and he returns the kiss. "Well, all I did was do some practice and then some riding and then some work. Which makes you so glad to see me and I shall have to do it some more?" He tells her with a grin.

"I was dealing with other matters earlier, Lady Collette has arrived from Laketown, she's under guard and in the care of healers. She's staying in the Falcon room." Guinevere shakes her head as if to put herself back on task. "So.. in short, I have not busied myself for long." She takes a deep breath and beams a smile. "Well. It started yesterday… but, well, anyway…. I went to see your sweet sister, Amira, convinced her to stay…. I was quite ill yesterday and everything… awful tired too… anyway, I gave her a gift, she loved it by the by…. ANYWAY, I fell a bit queasy whilst speaking to her… she was concerned, she made me /promise/ her to see a healer this morn if I had not gotten any better…. poor cook, I blamed her for my illness…." Guinevere rambles on, almost a run-on sentence.

Jerric rubs a hand over his face when he hears of the Ward of the North. "Any word what happened to her?" He asks but then his features grow worried "Guin," he starts and leads her to sit down "What is the matter? Are you ill? What cook? If a cook made you sick," his voice is one of threatening. "I shall send for the royal healer right away."

She stops rambling to consider his question but shakes her head. "I am still waiting for the healers to evaluate her. I will know more then, she was attacked, as far as I could ascertain." Guinevere shakes her head and laughs. "No, my love, no need. I saw the healer this morn. Cook caused me no harm, her ox-tail soup was perfect, it was splendid… I'm with child." Guinevere beams a smile, unable to contain her joy.

A look of concern passes over Jerric "Attacked? Where?" Yes, full of questions. Then he turns and listens to Guin "Not the cook, then we," his voice trails off as she continues. There is long silence, then all the color drains out of his face "What?!?! You are with what? How did that happen?" Now his urging to get her to sit becomes even more frantic "You must sit down Guin!" He nearly stumbles over the sword belt as he clearly has no idea what to say or do.

Guinevere shakes her head. "In the woods, I suppose. She went for a ride on her own, her horse is missing, 'Arrow' was its name I believe." She giggles a bit as he makes her sit, patiently waiting for him to finish speaking, giggling fiercely when he asks her how it happened, still, having the decency to blush. "With child…" she stares at him for a long moment then laughs, "you'll be a father, you silly fool." She giggles hard as he kicks his sword belt, nearly stumbling over it, even tears up a bit from laughing and joy. "Guardians have blessed our union, my love" she giggles out, "your father will be most pleased." She bites her lip as she waits for him to speak. "Do tell me you're pleased, if not then I…" she trails off.

The thoughts of the Ward are lost, forgotten, as he kneels beside Guin, now his eyes are wide and he just smiles, looks at her belly, then back to her eyes "Guin! I mean, you are sure, you really are?" Then when her words hit him he rocks back a bit "A fa-fa-father? Me? And you. Well you won't be a father you will be a mother. I will be the father but," he laughs "Oh by the Four you know what I mean."

"Unless you wish to question the healer herself…" she grins, "I am more than sure, my love." She puts a hand to his cheek after he fumbles through his words, running a thumb across it lovingly. "Yes you, and I will be a mother," Guinevere laughs a bit and nods, "I do. I have been waiting all day to tell you. I've never been happier."

The love that Jerric feels is clear in his eyes as they meet those of Guin's. "Oh, Guin! You have made me so so happy!" He laughs and runs a hand through his hair "You will be a wonderful mother, you know that?"

"You know why now I've been giggling, my sweet, and I am so glad. Your father had me most worried. I thought I'd never live to his expectations, but here I am, with child and sending your sister off with wisdom, and a guard of my choosing that will report to me everything." Guinevere grins, bites her lip even at her craftiness. "I do not, no, but I will do my best to guide my daughters, as you will for your sons. That is a promise. I am just… I'm happy you are. I was so worried I wouldn't be a good enough princess. The Guardians sure have a way of reassuring one, do they not?" She leans in and kisses him once more. "It has been a long day," she laughs, "agonizing, even."

Jerric can't stop grinning "Oh Guin," and clearly he has lost his tongue. No mean feat for the Prince. "I, I just don't know what to say, my love. This is such blessed news. Yes, not only are you a great Princess but a great mother as well. A son, really, you think it will be a son? And what does my father have to do with this?"

"A son, it could be, it could be more than one. I am, well formerly, a Riedel, after all." Guinevere shakes her head and moves to sit on Jerric's lap. "One could hope for a son, no? Anyway, a son needs a fatherly hand, I can teach him etiquette and things of that nature. I could even spar with him on occasion, but that is for you to do." She beams a smile and curls up on his lap placing her head to his shoulder. "Your father called me to the palace this past week, my love. He questioned me about children, of course, and asked if I could prepare Ami for the South. I did not have much time, unfortunately, but it would seem that I have taken up the most of my duties. A child.." she says in a singsongy sort of way, followed by a sigh.

"A son," Jerric says softly, sits back on his knees "Wait, you said two? What? You can have two? I didn't know." Again the color drains from his face as he stares at Guin. Then after some time he blinks "Father, he did that to you?" A shake of his head "He never said anything to me."

She nods as he speaks of sons and chuckles at his next. "It is tradition in my house, or did you not pay attention to your heraldry teacher." She kisses his cheek and smiles. "Yes. Two, I can have two, or three, or more. I wouldn't know that for some time yet, my love." She bites her lip as he stares at her, grinning widely. "He did," she nods, "he said nothing to you because it is not your duty to have children, it is mine. You did your part," she raises her brows and giggles, "and now I have done mine." She nuzzles her head into his neck landing soft kisses as she does so. "Or a daughter… or both," she muses in-between kisses.

"A tradition? How is having more than one child," then he does stagger when she starts counting them off, totally overwhelmed. "Three?" he asks weakly. Then he just sighs, then sighs with pleasure as she nuzzles her head into his neck. His own head leans onto her's as his hands seek her out and holds her. His voice comes softly "You are wonderful, my love."

"Aye," she says more amused than anything, "or four," Guinevere chuckles. "Do not fret," she purrs, "any and all of our children will be happy," she looks up at Jerric, "no matter what." She is contented, quite obviously, in his arms. "We must tell your father… Guardians," she sits up, "we must tell the kingdom. I will leave /that/ to you, my love." Once again, Guinevere rests her head on Jerric's shoulder, watching the hearth as it pops and sputters into nonexistence. "/I/ am most blessed…" she sighs out taking his hands and tucking them around her stomach.

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